Aik Nayee Cinderella Episode 18 – Roman is back!

The show is nearing towards its end now. We saw the second last episode this week. We got to see a lot of different genres in this one show; first we saw comedy and romance then the show turned a little serious and we saw sorrow and gloominess and now it has turned into a thriller with lots of suspense to keep the viewers hooked. Every week we see something new which manages to shock us. This week we saw what a weak character Mayer is. At first, I thought he acted the way he did because he was rich and spoiled. But now we got to see a side of him which was very shocking. Mayer gets trapped when he overhears Shah Baba revealing his true intentions of getting Meesha married to Farjad. He now knows Meesha has no relation with Shah Baba and he brought her to Shahabad to trap her. Now Mayer wants Meesha to get married to Farjad so that he can go home safely. The way he was pleading with Shah Baba to let him go was just pathetic. He just does not care about Meesha and what Shah Baba would do to her. He is not even trying to help her and instead he is following all the orders given by Shah Baba. How pathetic! Mayer is the biggest disappointment in this show for me.

Roman has finally arrived to save Meesha from Shah Baba’s clutches. He pretended to be a close friend of Farjad and managed to convince Shah Baba that he knows where Farjad is and he can help him to bring Farjad back. The scene where Roman convinces Shah Baba that he knows where Farjad is hiding cracked me up big time! Roman is the true savior of Meesha. I also liked the scene when Meesha is crying and Roman comes and gives her his shoulder to cry on. Meesha soon realizes that she is supposed to be angry at him and becomes rude to him again and tells him that she does not need him anymore. It was obvious that she is tired of being angry at him now. She only starts listening to him when he says that her Dado has sent him.

Roman finally reveals the truth and tells Meesha about her parents and how Shah Baba killed them. The whole episode was based on how Meesha slowly starts to realize that all is not what it seems like. There is something fishy and upon investigating she gets clues in the form of a prisoner who used to be her caretaker when she was a kid. The past few episodes were full of suspense. It felt like I was watching a mystery show and all the mysteries were slowly being uncovered one by one.

The preview for the next episode seems very scary. Shah Baba is desperate to get his son married to Meesha and since Roman lied to him and he does not see Farjad coming back home anytime soon, he decides to get married to Meesha himself! I really did not expect anything like this. I have full faith in Roman and I know he will save Meesha from Shah Baba’s evil plans. But it would be interesting to watch how he does it!

Haissam Hussain has done a wonderful job and has made this show a masterpiece. All the beautiful locations and costumes never cease to amaze me. The scenic beauty, the mountains and the greenery are a treat for the eye. Maya Ali and Faizan Khwaja were the stars of this episode. I am really looking forward to its last episode. We can expect a lot of drama and suspense in the last episode.

Do not miss the last episode guys!

Mariam Shafiq

Fatima Awan

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  • Wonderful review Marium, thanks.
    Yes, the show has gotten pretty interesting. I'm anxiously waiting for the climax as well.
    All these young actors did an amazing job. It was good to see fresh, young , talent in this show, than the usual faces we are watching in every third play.
    I do have to disagree with you in something that you said. The character of Mayer is very well written by Faiza Iftikhar. It tells us that young men we think are ideal candidates or prospects for a girls rishta, may not be Prince Charming in unbecoming circumstances.
    As soon as Mayer got out of the comfort of his home, he totally lost all his cool & calm persona
    Whereas Romaan who is street smart, knows how to handle difficult situations.
    I just loved it.

    • Thankyou. :)
      Yes, Mayer's character is well written. The writer has tried to depict a realistic character. But its just that his character managed to get on my nerves at times!
      Yes, he is not the Prince charming, for me its Roman. :)

  • Wonderful it..the locations used in this drama is so beautiful, subhanAllah…I'm glad roman is back to help meesha coz mair is not able to coz he is thinking only about himself…I did miss aimee n farjad in this epi coz I think they look cute together.

  • It really is a good show. It sweet, innocent, fun to watch, no tension kind of show. I wonder how Romaan is going to help Meesha bcoz Farjad is not coming back to Shahbaba. I'm sad it's ending this week.

    • Yes, its a great show. Even i am curious to know how Roman will save Meesha. We need more fresh shows like these.

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