Dramas Online Awards 2012

It is the season of awards; time to appreciate all the outstanding dramas that kept us enthralled all through the year 2012, the performances that left us spell-bound, The writers whose inspirational and in depth stories kept us thoroughly entertained and the directors who impressed us with their abilities. The Dramasonline team has thought these nominations through over and over again before finalizing them and we are leaving it up to our visitors – the viewers, to decide who deserves these awards the most. Vote for your favorite dramas, actors, writers and directors here and help them win these awards. It is a way of letting them know how much we appreciate their hard work and a good way to pay tribute to all these talented people.

Best Drama 2012

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Best Actor in a Leading Role 2012

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Best Actress in a Leading Role 2012

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Best Supporting Actor 2012

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Best Supporting Actress 2012

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Best Dialogues 2012

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Best Director 2012

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Best On-Screen Couple 2012

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Best OST 2012

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Note: Voting Ends On The 5th Of April.


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  • I honestly have to say whoever made these award choices should be working for HUM awards instead of whoever they have now.
    These are very realistic and include all the major dramas…I can't believe Dur-e-Shehwar and Bilquess Kaur are left out as option .

  • Awesome choices…I do feel that all awards should have 1st and 2nd place winners just cuz we all know who will take the award in every single category (all Humsafar related…) so ya, otherwise all realistic nominations

  • main kab say vote vote daba rahi hon magar likha ata ha kay

    [ your last request is still being procced please wait a while………….]

  • I thnk i story and dilouge writting and Sanam bloch gifted and natural acting she is great versetile actress ithink whole drama durr e shehwar is world class drama which every educated like,i dont think Mahira and other drama actress has talent like Sanam Baloch talent but uneducated people always decider,thankyou

    • well who are you to decide about what Educated people like and what Uneducated people like?If someone likes something else thn He/she is Uneducated o.O waahh hats offf to your logic.Your comment proves that how biased your opinion is :)

  • Sorry please put the time period because air time is different of dramas you need to think about every drama is aired different time

  • Bushra Ansari (Bilqees Kaur), Mikaal (Des), DeS(drama), Sheh re zaat (OST), Haissam (Dir), Dialogues (Umera for DeS)…
    Humsafar comes second

  • Congrats Pakistani Television your dramas are more powerful than the ones we are producing here in India. Humsafar is the first drama serial which we had seen and later we have been following all your serials online. So that is the reason I have selected all the characters of Humsafar.

    • There is a proverb in English “Grass always greener on the other side.” In Pakistan there are so many die hard women who just want to watch Indian dramas whether on online or on i phones. I have watched many Indian dramas and the problem with them is that lack reality and

    • There is a proverb in English “Grass always greener on the other side.” In Pakistan there are so many die hard women who just want to watch Indian dramas whether on online or on i phones. I have watched many Indian dramas and the problem with them is that they lack reality and they are full of glamour. I think if Indian dramas are based on reality then they can also be good.

  • HY! we r against the thurkish dramas. pakistani dramas r the best dramas in the whole world. humsafer is the great drama serial of pakistan. i think F.M KHANS fawad and mahira make this drama owsam. otherwise umera u r greatest writer of pakistah……………………. and at the end i think we should bycott the thuekish dramas.

  • I think they were definitely right regarding not including Humsafar :P Because it's on top in every category.

    • i kind of agree ..they shud have a bunch of exclusive humsafar awards :D..and then let others compete

  • With all due respect to the team of Humsafar, I'm glad Hum tv sidelined the show in general for its awards. At the end of the day a lot of viewers vote blindly. I find it hard to believe that Humsafar was the best in ALL categories. People become too emotional while voting and are quite often biased. Your favourite actor/actress or show isn't automatically the most deserving. Just look at this online poll, the voting is ridiculous! Looks like people are simply clicking wherever they see humsafar.

  • Durr e shehwar was the best show in terms of content and acting! Sanam Baloch gave a superb performance, much better than Mahira Khan in Humsafar. Log pagal hain kya?

    • I voted for Bushra insari here but If others are voting for mahira its their personal choice ,calling others "PAGAL" just because you dont agree with their choice is not a sensible thing i guess :) It looks like case of sour grapes :)

  • Dur-e-Shahwar best drama and Sanam Baloch best actress. log srf famous drama ko vote krhe hain.

    • wrong..log apne fav ko vote kerte hain..DeS is a flawless drama but humsafar is more thn tht for us……

  • guys ap log dur e shahwar ko kaise bhol sakte ho … her aurat new shadi k bad ye halat dekhti ha usko kaise manage kerte ha … plz justice karein sanam k sath .. we all know humsafar best tha per Dur e shahwar k dialogx , sanam k acting , mikaal ka attidue ,, sanam k father ka saber , devar ka sath dyna , sas ke zulm k bad pachtana ….. ye tha sab khuch is drame main ….. me aj b ye drama dekhti hu ,

  • Good voting list. Keep it up HUM TV. Congratulationnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn to all participiants.

  • I think best dialogue keh ilawa best writer ki category bhi honi chahiye thi……bcuz log humsafar ki wajah se Farhat Ishtiaq ko vote ker rahe hain halan keh Shehrezaat and Durreshehwar dialogue and story wise humsafar se behtar hain…infact DeS and SZ keh votes collectively Humsafar se ziada hain best dialogue mein…i think UA ko DeS and SZ keh liye ek hi nomination di jati…….i think yeh UA keh sath nainsaafi nahi he logo keh UA keh hote howe aap Farhat jee ko vote ker rahe ho jst bcz u love humsafar alot…thora sa neutral ho ker sochna chahiye logo ko i think…..

    • I agree with you. Shehr-i-Zaat was best so far as dialogues and OST is concerned. Not only dialogues its story was unique.

    • People aren't thinking neutrally at all here. Humsafar's dialogues were nothing. You see those kind of dialogues in every other romantic drama.
      Umera Ahmed hands down, but of course why be fair ever.

    • phir naval ka b sara maza jata rahy ga,plz dont do bcz the novl is very cloz to my heart,

    • I agree with u. 7th sky should make the drama on novel peer e kamil and sarmad khosat or mehreen jabaar should direct this drama. Sultana siddiqui is another name for director

  • all the nominations are from hum and geo drama.thr should be m chand si of ary…..thakan….umm e kulssom….meri ladli thy all were a big tym hit…thy shuld be in the list too

  • there must b more dramas added,,…many of the 2012s plays were good…i must say great

  • Why u havn't put here Drama Maseeha, the best dram of 2012 is Masheea and the best actor is Ayesh khan only.

  • i think hamsafar and sher e zaat are the best drama serials of all.story of SZ was totally different and nice as
    compared to others and the acting in hamsafar was amazing.

  • oh for God sake hamsafar ki jaan chor do ab kitne saalon tak uske peechay parein ge ham log. i think shehr-e-zaat was the best serial. 2nd durr-e-shehwar and 3rd bilqees kaur.

  • these awards will be really very great and i hope these start after olevel exams so that we could also enjoy it.i request humtv to please give award to fawad khan.

  • Ek nazar meri taraf was an absolutely phenomenal drama! Alishba Yousuf as best actress and this drama as best drama! Her acting was impeccable in it and every time she cried, I cried with her.

    • they r the HUMTV Dramas where as Kaafir is from ARY :) but no doubt Kaafir is extremely good drama

  • Where is drama Kaafir??? best drama of 2012…. n best actress Ayesha khan , best acting in kaafir/…. ???? unfair :/

  • ARE THESE GOOD DRAMAS ???????????????
    WHERE IS MAI NEEE ?????????
    WHRE IS KHUSHI AIK ROAG ??????????????????????????????

    i know most of you will disagree
    But just rate The drama humsfar having any other actor instead of Fawad Khan.

  • humsafar itna b zabardast nai tha ab kya hogya hai atleast dialogues story ost aur best actress mae umera ahmad k dramas achy thy durreshahwar and shehr e zaat. Hadd hai….

    • mmmm — you are wrong … Yeah itna he zabardast hai … that is why this Drama is top in all the Rating .. atleast this drama can really show to outer world that .. there is Luxury living in Pakistan :)..
      Plus the charming actress and actor …

    • i totally agree with you…. it was a typical story.saas bahu larae n all that…bus actors famous thy nothing else..story typical the….. shehr e zaat was the best serial with a very different story. i wonder log kiss base py voting kerty hein… love or romance ko dekh k shayad. thts y humsafar top py hai……else in my opinion shehr e zaat and durr e shahwar were best dramas of their time. q k un mein bht kuch seekhny ko tha….sb k liye..kissi khaas age k logu k liye nahe balkay sbhe k liye….no offense

  • Oh God , this Humsafar saga …when will it end?

    Mahira Khan best actress, just look at those nominees ..lets all take a moment to laugh.

    • sanam baloch is the best actress because she perfectly played the role of durr e shehwar. itna mature role tha wo and sanam ne utni he maturity se uss role ka haq ada kiya…she indeed z da best actress…. and mahira tou baki k muqablay mein bhe itne ache nahe hai….bus shehr e zaat mein he acting ache the mahira ki wo bhe just iss liye k wo role umera ahmed k drama ka tha jo k bohot khoobsurti se likha gaya tha…..but sanam ne sahe maano mein durr e shehwar k role ka haq ada kiya hai…..

  • Ohhh waaooooo … Humsafar .. is the no1 in all categories .. Best ever drama ..must to give them all the awards….
    I am from pakistan living in UAE .. but lot of my indian male/female friends love this drama .. as per them this is better then their Hindi movies .. i am 100% agreed on that …. Proud to be pakistani and proud to have such a lovely telent ..

  • Ek nazar meri taraf was outstanding. and acting of Alishba Yousaf was just out of words. i really loved that

  • Humsafar was a very big blockbuster no doubt about that,it was a beautiful serial but it was not hit because of it s story or dialogoues,it had a typical story with no big dialogues,it was hit because it was beutifully directed,the characters were presented perfectly,and the charisma of ashar and khirad sticked the audiences till the end.Mahira is not a good actress,she acts like a child,but khirad had the innocence and simplicity of a child so therefore she was fine.My point is that just because we loved humsafar doesnot mean that we vote for it s nominees whether they deserve it or not.I mean mahira doesnot deserve the best actress award,neither does humsafar deserve the best writer s award!so we shud not be biased in voting……

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