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Dramas Online Awards 2012

It is the season of awards; time to appreciate all the outstanding dramas that kept us enthralled all through the year 2012, the performances that left us spell-bound, The writers whose inspirational and in depth stories kept us thoroughly entertained and the directors who impressed us with their abilities. The Dramasonline team has thought these nominations through over and over again before finalizing them and we are leaving it up to our visitors – the viewers, to decide who deserves these awards the most. Vote for your favorite dramas, actors, writers and directors here and help them win these awards. It is a way of letting them know how much we appreciate their hard work and a good way to pay tribute to all these talented people.

Best Drama 2012

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[poll id=”5″]

Best Actor in a Leading Role 2012

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[poll id=”6″]

Best Actress in a Leading Role 2012

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[poll id=”7″]

Best Supporting Actor 2012

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[poll id=”8″]

Best Supporting Actress 2012

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[poll id=”14″]

Best Dialogues 2012

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[poll id=”10″]

Best Director 2012

[SlideDeck2 id=4377]

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Best On-Screen Couple 2012

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Best OST 2012

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Note: Voting Ends On The 5th Of April.

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