Kaash Aisa Ho Episode 6 – A New Entry!

The pace of this show has become steady now. Initially, it was very fast paced. We got to see the entry of a new character played by Sana Askari in this episode. She plays the role of Maleeha who is a spoiled, rich girl and likes to flaunt her money and order people around. Well, she found the perfect match in Shayan. Shayan is an extremely rude and outspoken guy and gives Maleeha the cold treatment. The scene where they first meet was brilliantly executed and the other scenes between them were just as entertaining. They started off on a bad note but it did not take much time for Maleeha to start appreciating Shayan’s talent. She tried to be polite to him but his attitude towards her never improved. The scene where she comes to him when he is painting and he clearly tells her that she is disturbing him cracked me up! Maleeha wanted him to make her sketch but he blatantly refused and she went and complained to her father about Shayan’s behavior towards her. Just what you can expect from a spoiled, rich girl!

Shayan finally agreed to accept the job offer from Adeel Farooqui when he saw Irfa upset because of Mahjabeen’s taunts. Irfa wants to see Shayan becoming successful in his life and hates it when people talk about his joblessness. She tells Shayan that she has dreamed a lot on his behalf. She wants Shayan to reach the heights of success. I loved this dialogue spoken by Irfa ‘Mein Chahti hun ke Shayan ka naam Irfa ka guroor ban jaye’. She badly wants to see him making a name for himself as a renowned painter. Shayan also compromised for her and agreed to sell his painting to Adeel Farooqui who will sell the painting in his art gallery with his own signature, the one thing Shayan was completely against. This shows how much he loves and cares about Irfa. All their conversations in this episode were very heartwarming to watch. I love the way Irfa cares about him; she can do absolutely anything to make Shayan happy.

Now we know why Maleeha or Millie acts the way she does. She has been through a lot in her life which has made her stubborn and spoiled. I could not help but feel bad for her when her father Adeel Farooqui was narrating the incidents that occurred in Millie’s life to Shayan. He wanted Shayan to understand how sensitive she was and how upset she gets on petty things. I have a feeling Shayan has started to like Millie. His comments on her looks were evident of this fact as Shayan is a person who appreciates beauty and it holds a very special place in his life. On top of that, he did not answer Millie when she asked if he was married or not. Why did he not tell her about Irfa? Millie wanted to see her wife as she wanted to know what an artist like him has chosen for himself. I had this strong feeling that Shayan was ashamed to introduce Irfa as his wife. I remember this conversation between Irfa and Shayan when he asked her if she would be jealous if girls run after him and in reply Irfa told him that I would not be jealous if girls run after you but I will be jealous if you run after any girl and when she asked him to deny this, he said he was not sure himself about this then how can he say no! I could not help but feel bad for Irfa!

I felt that Mahjabeen-Shayan scene was not needed. Shayan excused his behavior in his own style. He told her that they would not have been happy together as they want different things from life. I do not think Shayan needed to give Mahjabeen any explanations as she had left him first and used him as a substitute when her engagement broke off.

Sana Askari is seen in the same kind of role once again. I am personally tired of watching her in the same kind of role. Mohib Mirza and Saba Qamar were at their best!

Keep watching this wonderful show!

Mariam Shafiq

Fatima Awan

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