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Dil-e-Muztar Episode 2 – Keeping Me Hooked!

This is what I call a full package! This show has a brilliant cast, superb direction, an outstanding screenplay and lastly beautiful background music. This show keeps you on the edge of your seat because of the emotionally loaded scenes, the smooth pace, the twists and turns and the mind blowing acting. Every actor in this show so far has done a wonderful job.

We finally got to see everyone’s reaction when Silah announced that she wants to marry Adeel. Adeel and her mother were shocked and taken aback as both could not have even imagined of such a thing. Safeena, Zamaan and the rest were shocked, upset and angry all at the same time. As predicted they blamed Zehra and Adeel for trapping their daughter to make their conditions better. Adeel blatantly rejected Silah and announced that he would never marry her. He was extremely angry at Silah’s foolishness and it is evident that he dislikes her immensely now.

Adeel was blamed yet again when Silah left her home. He looked for her far and wide to get her home safely and remove the accusations that Safeena and Zamaan had blamed him off. He was successful in finding her and took her home immediately just in time to see Muneeb insulting his mother and he gave Muneeb the slap he rightfully deserved. Adeel’s one weakness is his mother and he could not stand anyone misbehaving with her. I had a huge grin on my face when he slapped him! Imran Abbas was the star of this episode!

The Silah leaving home fiasco led to Adeel and Silah’s Nikkah. Zehra coerced Adeel by emotionally blackmailing him and he did the Nikkah just to make his mother happy. According to Adeel ‘He cannot live with an emotional girl like Silah’ and every time he sees her he will remember the humiliation he suffered at the hands of her parents. Silah, on the other hand, was ecstatic as her wish was finally coming true. Silah should have atleast asked Adeel about his opinion. It was a very selfish and immature decision of her to announce her liking for Adeel and expect everyone to agree wholeheartedly and on top of that, leave the house without telling anyone. She should have thought about Adeel and his mother as they would be the first ones to be blamed for her sudden disappearance. Adeel agreed to the Nikkah to make Zehra happy but he is no mood to accept Silah anytime soon.

Silah has no idea what she has signed up for. Adeel hates her and she is no more than a burden for him at this point. She crushed the one thing that he was proud of; his self respect. He is in no mood to forgive her and a rough time is ahead of her as his treatment of her will be very bad initially. How will Silah win Adeel’s heart? It will be interesting to watch the upcoming episodes. It seems like Adeel and Silah will move out of her house and Zamaan and Safeena will disown them.

I would like to specially mention the lyrics of the OST which was spoken by Imran Abbas himself.

Dil e Muzter ko samjhaya bohot hai
Magar is dil nay tarpaaya bohot hai
Qayamat hai ye tark e arzoo bhi
Mujhe aksar wo yaad aya bohot hai
Magar is dil nay tarpaya bohot hai

dil e muzter 1

Hearing some of these beautiful lyrics in Imran Abbas’s voice made my day. It was played in the background during the emotionally charged scene when Adeel finds Silah and he looks at her with hate and anger in his eyes while Silah looks at him lovingly. They had no dialogues but their expressions were enough to show their emotional turmoil. It was one of the best scenes of the episode for me! Sanam Jung is doing a great job as Silah. She has not disappointed me so far. I hope her performance will not disappoint me in the future either. Imran Abbas is perfect for the role of Adeel as he depicts all his emotions very well. His expressions in today’s episode were too good!

Keep watching the show! A lot of things are coming up!

Mariam Shafiq

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