Dil-e-Muzter Episode 21 – Affan’s Secret Out!

We got to see another engaging episode this week as there were a lot of twist and turns that left us all in shock. The first shock was when Zoya went to Silah’s office and created a scene there. When I saw this scene in the preview last week, I had a fair idea of what she would say to Silah. What I did not expect to see was Silah’s self control, she did not raise her voice or even blink at Zoya’s accusations; she just answered Zoya in an even tone when Zoya told her to leave Adeel alone. It was after Zoya left that we saw actually how angry Silah really was. I loved her even more for not arguing with someone like Zoya because she is just not worth it and I am glad she realized this too. Zoya also got the desired response from his all drama as Silah finally fired Adeel from his job.

photo(203)    The second shock was Adeel’s misunderstanding about Affan being Ahmer’s son. I agree Adeel does not know about Affan being his son and he would never have guessed it either but his jealousy and accusations on Silah were unjustified. He went to Silah’s house and accused her of having a relationship with Ahmer and that too on her face! I wish Silah had slapped him right there and then. Silah then finally cleared the air and told him that Affan is his own son and her most prized possession. Sanam Jung and Imran Abbas both were absolutely brilliant in this scene. You could just feel the raw emotions just around the surface. Adeel’s expressions after hearing this news were mind-blowing; first he resorted to pleading with Silah to let him meet his son and then he started threatening her that he will take his son from her.


The third shock- more like surprise – was Silah’s obvious reluctance to sign the divorce papers. It was evident that she did not want to sign the papers as she was not ready yet but Safeena kept on pressurizing her and Silah tried to avoid her as long as possible. Silah even told her to let things stay this way but Safeena wants Silah to make a decision once and for all. The irony in this whole situation was that Affan ruined the divorce papers and while Safeena was angry at this, Silah looked relieved and a little happy about it. To me, it looked like some kind of a sign. Another surprising thing was when she scolded Affan on his messiness by saying ‘Bilkul Apne Baap Per Gaya Hai’. She then got stunned for a second when she realized what she had said!


Even after the papers got ruined, Safeena did not give up and told Ahmer to get the divorce papers made because their lawyer was away. Silah could not help but say that the divorce can wait but this led to another lecture by Safeena on ‘Kiya abhi bhi tumhe umeed hai Adeel se’ and this time Silah finally agreed on signing the papers and it looks like she is going to sign them.

Zoya was happy that her plan had succeeded and now Silah would be out of their lives. But she was totally wrong; Silah was never out of the picture and after Adeel got to know about his son he got pretty restless and remembered Silah even more now. Adeel will do anything to get his son and according to the preview, he will go to the court and even end up pleading Silah on the middle of the road.  Affan can be the only reason for both of them to get back together at this stage.

Even Zoya’s mother is telling her to come out of her fantasy now. Its time she accepts that Adeel never loved her and she was lying to herself all this time. She thinks all her problems will be solved if she has a kid but this is yet another lie that she has been telling to herself and even her mother pointed this out. Will Zoya ever realize that she has no place in Adeel’s life?

There are only 2 episodes left now and let’s see how the ending will be. I am still confused about Silah’s decision because a part of her still does not want to divorce Adeel and she is doing this mostly under pressure and surprisingly, Baba is the only person who realizes this.

I am totally hooked to this show and I simply cannot wait for next week now!

Share our views about this episode? Were you guys just as shocked as I was?

 Mariam Shafiq


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  • Thanks for the review but it was just a filler episode. Why they drag and drag and drag the story to limits of tolerance.
    I hope this ordeal is over soon. Perhaps Silla is intellectually challenged if she is still unable to make her mind about

  • I thought Silla would have matured in last five years and learnt the lesson. But no she is still thinking! Perhaps Silla and Adeel deserve each other. Perhaps we need four more episodes to bring these two together.

    • Thankyou for commenting Farah. :)
      Its not easy for Silah to make the decision and I know they're dragging the show but i am really enjoying these episodes. I have a very strong feeling Silah will go back to Adeel because of Affan.. Now let's see…

  • silah is the person who have a positive perspective towards her life,and that is what she is liked for..her nature,her attitude,her patience.Soon adeel will realise that zoya is not what he deserves.I still feel sorry for silah,where she's hiding her emotions whenever she sees adeel.I hope next episode should be a turning point in silah's life.She deserves to be happy. :)

  • The whole drama would be a waste of time if she goes back to adeel and leaves ahmer. Ahmer was the one who was there for her in difficult times. And what did Adeel do? Sila sacrificed everything for adeel and what did he do?

  • I want Silla and Adeel to patch up .. they really make a cute couple!! Plus story should have a happy ending after all the sorrows … and Zoya should get out of their lives .. :)

  • I think Silah should have told Zoya about Adeel pleading with her in her office……………….. it would have shocked Zoya and she would have realised that Adeel does not love her and she is lying to herself all this time………………..and it would have ended up with Adeel and Zoya having a huge fight………………………….I always love to see them fighting :D
    ………………………..What do you think guys…………..? Tell me about your opinion…………………………….

    • Yes maybe Silah should have but she did not want to create a scene. She is not ill mannered like Zoya, she has higher standards.

      I think Zoya has realised now that Adeel never loved her. If you notice in the latter part of the episode you will see her mother saying this to her in an indirect way and she was also shown pondering over it. So yes, i think she knows now that Adeel never loved her.

      Thanks for sharing your views. :)

      • Yes but when Zoya was arguing with Silah in an insulting way and Silah was'nt saying anything i was like Silah just slap her and kick her out………………….because Zoya was arguing in such a way that she is the"mazloom, bechari" and Silah was the theif all this time………………..

  • I don't think it is being dragged as such, these episodes are quite engaging and make you intrigued into the plot. Any idea how many episodes are left, Maryam ma'am?

    • Thanks for commenting Sabreen. :) even I am hooked nowadays to this show. Every episode is better than the last one.
      As far as i know two episodes are left.

  • Umm only two episodes, the ending seems unpredictable enough, I just checked on wikipedia and it says the number of episodes is 28! :)

    • Wikipedia is mostly wrong. I got information from the official facebook website.
      There are 2 or maximum 3 epsiodes left :)

  • I really hope Silla stays as an independant mother and goes neither to Adeel nor Ahmer, it will give out such a positive message towards feminism! She is successful, intelligent and an amazing parent, without a husband by her side as is the cliche. A really great drama that is highly underrated in my opinion!

  • Imran Abbas cannot act out the rotu and threatening scenes at all! Throughtout this drama, he's been awful as an actor.

  • I don't know is it just me or everyone is willing to see Sila go to Ahmer.Okay i agree that no one was responsible for Affan's death but Adeel did not even waste a single second before Marrying Zoya.When he heard the conversation of Zoya and her mother about Zoya narrating her love For Adeel to her mother,i thought he will realize that Sila was right about Zoya.But instead he propose her.And i think Zoya is the only evil character that i have felt sorry for lol! Through out the ending,the drama is becoming more interesting but for now,i'm team Ahmer.And it is a good suggestion that Sila chooses no one but Ahmer's character will be wasted if that happens!

    • Well, next week is the last episode and we will finally get to see who she will choose.
      Yes, even i hope she chooses no one and decides to live alone..

  • Hey the title of this article is wrong. You seem to be implying that Affan had a secret which got out, when he was the secret himself. So you should have gone "Affan Revealed" or if you wanted to use the same format then "Silla's Secret Out".
    Also, please do post the review for the last episode which has sparked great debate. Some people wanted her to chose Ahmer in a non-conventional ending based on logic while others are happy with her choosing Adeel, saying that it truly shows the essence of the meaning of the word "dil-e-muzter", that love is blind. What do you think???

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