Dil-e-Muzter Episode 19 – Ahmer or Adeel?

The show just got more interesting! All I can say is that I am totally hooked and I was hanging on each dialogue in this episode. Sanam Jung just keeps getting better and I even liked Imran Abbas in this episode. He never stood out in this serial because of Sanam and Sarwat but since the past 2 episodes, he has been difficult to ignore.

At the beginning when the episode started, I was in favor of Silah marrying Ahmer. I was surprised to know that Silah already knows that Safeena and Ahmer’s dad wants Ahmer and her to get married and she also knows that Ahmer has feelings for her. Ahmer finally opened up a little and tried to tell Silah to move on and look around her and notice people who love her immensely. He said it in an indirect way but his meaning was clear and Silah also understood what he was hinting at but she did not respond to it and kept silent. Ahmer, Silah and Affan looked like a perfect family when they went for shopping together. They all looked so happy but then Silah saw Adeel there and all her happiness went down the drain. Silah tries so hard to show that Adeel’s presence does not affect her but it is obvious that she gets disturbed everytime she faces him.

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The old manipulative Zoya is back who knew how to fool Adeel with her words but this time surprisingly, he does not get fooled. Five years are enough to judge a person and he now knows the real Zoya perfectly and when she sweetly asked him to get Silah back and that she was ready to accept her in this house, he did not believe a word of it. He used to be a very bad judge of people but now he has learnt his lesson, at least in Zoya’s case.

Uske Dil Mein Ab Mere Liyeah Koi Jagah Baqi Nahi Rahi

Aur Tumhare Dil Mein?

I liked this exchange of dialogue between Zoya and Adeel. He kept silent when she asked him if Silah was still in his heart. Zoya is just deluding herself when she says that Adeel loves her when it is apparent that he does not.

Zoya and Adeel scenes just manage to crack me up at times! I was laughing so hard when I saw Zoya with that dark red lipstick and a plastic flower in her hair and Adeel’s comment just made me laugh even harder! Why is Zoya so obsessed with orange and red lipstick anyway? I may hate her but I must admit that she entertains me a lot with her antics.

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By the end of the episode, especially the last 10 minutes my opinion changed a bit and a part of me now wants Silah to go back to Adeel. When Adeel went to Sami’s house and confessed that he still loves Silah and has never been able to forget her, I softened towards him. I was glad that Silah heard this confession but Adeel ruined it by adding Ahmer’s name in the end and voicing his disgusting views about Silah and Ahmer.

There is a huge misunderstanding between them and it really needs to get cleared but how will it get cleared when they are not even ready to speak to each other! Adeel is going to try in the next episode to talk to Silah but it does not look like Silah is ready to speak to him anytime soon. Silah is trying her best to take a professional approach when it comes to Adeel as she did not refrain from praising Adeel’s work in front of Sami, though she refused to call Adeel in her office and appreciate his work in front of him but Sami did tell Adeel that Silah liked his work in an indirect way.

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The last three or four minutes of the episode when the title song of the show was playing were superb! It was just beautifully directed and edited. Hats off to Shehzaad Kashmiri and the editing team! The extremely awkward elevator scene was emotionally charged because even though there were no dialogues, it was full of emotions and the expressions of both the actors said it all.

Now I am really looking forward to the next episode. I cannot wait to see Adeel trying to explain himself to Silah. Safeena also got to know that Adeel is working in Silah’s office and now she is going to take strict measures to end their relationship.

So what are your views on the episode guys? Do you guys want Silah and Adeel back together or do you guys want to see Silah with Ahmer?

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  • Thanks for nice review. My view is that it is filmi story yet slow and dragging. If drama begins to pick up after sixteen episodes then it is a bad news. Unfortunately drama is the only available entertainment and that's why we discuss even substandard dramas.

    • But Farah if you watch other serials like Kash aisa ho (i don't mean to hurt anyone……….no doubt it has very beautiful dialogues and great actors………..) you will know what slow pace and dragging is………………………I like DeM so much because of it's fast pace and unpredictible twists and turns……………………what about you guys………………………?????

      • Thanks for the comment. If you watch Aunn Zara, or one or two Turkish dramas, you will know what fast pace is.

    • farah if u hv so much problem wid this serial then u hv other choices as well
      n its a li8 hearted story y u calling it filmy
      n i will agree wid sparklingstar tht its a fast serial wid unpredictible twist n turns

  • great drama (Y)
    n its title song is superb
    buh i did'nt get it tht if people think tht its a filmy n slow drama then y do they watch it
    they hv other choices as well

  • I have had no issues with the pace of the drama or anything else because it's still a reasonable entertainment for a Saturday prime time but one thing that really seems hard to digest is everyone's utmost attention to Silah in this drama. I know she's the main lead & her character did need some support at the beginning but now every time they emphasize how every single conversation or the scene involves the name 'Silah' sounds superficial.

    Ahmer & his father are constantly talking about Silah. Sami & his wife are literally worried to such an extent that even talking about what meals does she take won't sound unusual. & now Zoya & Adeel are mostly seeing conversing about her too. Ohkay, I understand that the ball is in her court now but the only few people who seem suitable speaking about her would be Safeena, being a mother & Adeel/Zoya considering the guilt that haunts them.

    I must say Sami's wife (don't know the name) looks really odd, even thought as an actor she has been doing some wonderful characters like Riffat in Bari Apa but here she seems really (uh! What's the word?) weird. I don't know if it has to do with those fringes or her dressing OR those mean looks she keeps on exchanging with Adeel but c'mon she does not sound so reasonable being so loud in terms of Silah's defense. We do get that she has all her sympathies with Silah but by the end, she is obviously an outsider & to add more to my point her phone call was definitely uncalled for.

    Anyhow, I can't wait to see Adeel & Silah get back together because Zoya still has to taste her fair share of misery for what she has done & also because they both are bonded by something which can not separate them & that is Affan.

    • Yes i agree! Nabeela is just too nosy! She needs to back off a little. Though she does have the best interest at heart but still she needs to draw a line. Its Silah and Adeel's personal issue after all.

      You can call me a bit biased but I am totally in love with Silah's character and I don't mind if everything revolves around her.

      But what i am wondering Zahra, is how will they get back together? What will happen to Zoya? Will Adeel actually divorce her? And plus will he be able to accept his wife as his boss, he does have a big ego problem and Silah is very rich now..

      • Nice points you raised there Mariam. Yeah, now that you've mentioned it does seem a bit difficult but then this drama has always smoothly brought out such situations so I am sure this one will come cleanly as well. Even though he has a huge ego problem but one thing that can get back them together is if just this once they get to know what lies Zoya fabricated between them. That would be a breaking point for them both? Isn't it?

        Plus yeah, the best character which is played by such a nice young lady for sure is that of Silah's. What I mean to pin point was that only her own scenes are self-sufficient so there's no need to pay extra attention to her in other scenes because then it does get a bit monotonous hearing Silah Silah all the time. There can be some other conversations too! :)

        • Oh yes, once they get to know that Zoya is behind everything, things might change. Well, as you said let's see how the story turns out to be!

          Yes, every conversation should not revolve around Silah. Frankly, I failed to notice it but thanks for pointing it out to me. :)

  • I agree with Zahra even I thought that Nabeela is interfering a bit tooo much! Secondly, in the drama they have shown that Nabeela is a great person then why is she so dominant and her husband can't even allow his old best friend to come to his own house! Why does Nabeela has issues with Adeel working in Sila's office when Sila herself doesn't.Sila even told Nabeela not to tell her mum about Adeel working in her office but still she ended up calling her.Iunderstand that she cares for Sila but it's Sila's life let her live the way she wants to live and Nabeela please STOP INTERFERING
    Anyways Dil-e-Muztar is a great drama and I want Sila to end up with Ahmer as he is been supporting her since the last 5 years and Adeel is such piece of crap he still thinks something is going on between her and Ahmer and as far as his "LOVE" is concerned even Ahmer loves Sila and has proven it way more than Adeel has!!

  • The story didn't pick up after 16 episode. It was spot on from the 1st episode. This is one of the best dramas of recent times. Much better than Kankar, Zindagi Gulzar Hai and other hyped dramas.

  • The story didn't pick up after episode 16. It was spot on from the 1st episode. It's one of the best dramas of recent times. Much better than Zindagi Gulzar Hai, Kankar and few others hyped shows.

    • Yes, I always thought the story was very fast paced. I have liked the show since the beginning..
      Kankar is a bit slow but its not bad at all, ZGH was really hyped but it was an excellent show. I would not like to compare Dil e Muzter with any other show.

  • What I really like about this show is that it is a light drama and we don't get to see a lot of "rona dhona"………………… plus there are some funny scenes too …………………………

    • Yes, all of Zoya and her mother's scenes cracks me up so bad! I don't know whether to hate Zoya or laugh at her stupidity!

  • It would be a major stupidity if Silah ends up with Adeel. Ahmer has been there for her everytime and I think sila should choose him.

  • The story would have been more interesting and credible had Ahmer not been played by such an older guy. It's quite funny when he is speaking to his father in the scenes as they look more like brothers than father and son :)