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Dil-e-Muzter Episode 18 – Silah’s Cold Treatment

I simply loved the confidence with which Silah confronted Adeel. I expected to see a bit of longing but there was only disgust in her eyes. Adeel was trying hard not to look at Silah and focused on conversing with Ahmer instead. Zoya, however, was busy assessing Silah’s appearance. After the initial shock of seeing her had passed, she was feeling secretly awed by Silah’s aura and confidence though she tried her best to show that she is not affected by her presence but it was difficult for her to keep a straight face. And during this whole scene I had a huge satisfied grin on my face!


The way Silah handled the situation was simply marvelous, and I loved the confidence with which she gave her official speech not even glancing once at Adeel. Adeel had completely shattered her self confidence all those years ago and Silah felt as if she would never be able to move on, but thanks to Ahmer and her mother she moved on and started afresh and rebuilt her confidence and now she has reached the heights of success. But her brave show came to a standstill when she left the party as she start reminiscing about the past. The confrontation did affect her even thought she tried her best to show that she did not care. It was a very emotionally battering experience for her to face Adeel after so many years.


Nabeela and Sami were also shocked to see Adeel at the party and the same goes for Adeel. Adeel soon came to know that Sami was his senior and was working in his office as Silah’s right hand. Sami also approached Silah and advised her to shift Adeel to some other branch but Silah knew that if she transferred him, he would think she is a coward and cannot face him and Silah did not want him to think that. She decided to treat him like a normal employee and this is exactly what she did. She showed him his place and made sure that he did not talk about their private life in the office. The way she gave a stern lecture to Adeel because she was disappointed with his presentation was one of the best scenes of the episode. I was really looking forward to see her cold treatment with Adeel and it was apparent that her indifference was killing Adeel though he tried not to show it.


After Zoya got to know that Silah would be Adeel’s new M.D, she got more insecure and started bad mouthing Silah. The irony is that even when she was feeling jealous of Silah, she could not help but voice her thoughts about how grand she looked in her attire and that there was a regal air to her because of her self confidence. She kept on mentioning how rich Silah was and how disappointed Adeel must be feeling about leaving her, and this annoyed Adeel to no end. According to Zoya’s mother there is only one problem to this solution; only children would earn her respect in Adeel’s eyes and strengthen her position in the house. This is not the only suggestion that she gave, she also told Zoya to ask Adeel to apologize to Silah so that they get some share in her money. You can always rely on Zoya’s mother to fill her head with nonsense. This is the most absurd idea I have ever heard!

Adeel tried to talk to Sami about Silah but Sami indirectly warned him not to talk about anything in the office. But Adeel still wanted to clear his position and he insisted on coming to his house. It would to interesting to listen what Adeel has to say! Silah and Nabeela both will witness the conversation according to the preview. I doubt Adeel can ever explain his actions and we already know that Sami and Nabeela would never believe him. They are and will always be on Silah’s side.

Safeena and Ahmer’s father are hell bent on getting Silah and Ahmer married and Ahmer’s father asked him directly this time if he will accept Silah if she gets separated from Adeel. This shocked Ahmer but he left this decision to Silah as he did not want her to get into a relationship due to some pressure. I doubt Ahmer and Silah have a future though. Fingers crossed!

I am desperately waiting for the next episode now. The preview was very shocking because Zoya actually listened to her mother’s absurd advice. The duo just makes me laugh with their ridiculous schemes!

Do share your views about the episode!

Mariam Shafiq


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