Pakistani Dramas – A Notch Above The Rest

No one can argue with the fact that Pakistani dramas are a notch above the rest. There was a time when there was only one television channel but the quality of the dramas even at that time was phenomenal. PTV produced exceptional dramas with innovative storylines and unparalleled direction. That is the reason why these dramas are still considered classics. Things have changed to a large extent since the 90s in particular; there are innumerable private channels now and many new production houses providing the viewers with quality entertainment that keeps them hooked to Pakistani plays. If we compare Pakistani plays to the plays that are being aired in the neighboring country, there are some stark differences between the two. Even if we do not compare the two and look at Pakistani dramas alone one can clearly see that there are some solid reasons because of which Pakistan dramas have made their mark not just at home but also abroad. Following are the reasons because of which Pakistani dramas still stand tall and have a very bright future.

1. Storylines are relevant to our social conditions. The stories of Pakistani dramas are not figment of someone’s imagination or merely a work of art or fantasy but they are the stories of real people. When people see these stories unfold on screen they find themselves laughing and crying with the characters because it is like their own life unfolding on screen or maybe that of a relative or a friend. The fact that the viewers can relate to what they see on screen makes everything more real for them and they find it easier to empathize with the characters. Watching dramas then is not just an escape for them but can also be a source of catharsis. Sometimes, knowing that there are many other people who go through the same problems that may have gone through can be a source of consolation. This is especially true for those housewives who may not have any other channel to vent out their frustrations, these dramas build the gap between them and other people like them in the society.

2. There is less glamour and more substance. There was a time when Pakistani drama makers started copying the dramas from across the border. Our actresses would wear make-up that was over-the-top and would be seen clad in saris and heavy ornaments which seemed completely out of place. That was the time when Pakistani drama industry seemed to have taken a downward spiral but that is not the case any more. Pakistani dramas do not concentrate on such baseless glamour which has no real appeal for the audience anymore. This is another reason because of which the viewers can easily relate to the characters. Of course there is added glamour where it is needed which is why it does not seem out of place. This aspect of Pakistani dramas makes them look more real.

3. Pakistani dramas do not only focus on showing social problems but are equally focused on presenting the viewers with real solutions. Countless dramas currently deal with predicaments faced by married couples. Such dramas like Durr-e-Shehwar, Mera Yakeen, Hamsafar, Shehr-e-Zaat etc have very successfully dealt with marital issues and also helped married couples in some way or the other. There is excessive intolerance in our society, most often young people are not willing to sacrifice or compromise, teaching them to do so is the need of the hour. Recently we have plays like Rehaii on air which give definite guidelines for women who are alone and are left to look after themselves.

4. Outstanding direction, superlative production values and exceptional performances. Last but not the least a drama would be incomplete if it didn’t deliver as a whole. If the script alone is outstanding and the direction and production values are flawed it will fail to impress the viewers. Pakistani drama industry is lucky enough to have directors, actors and technicians who are very dedicated and hardworking. Directors like Mehreen Jabbar, Haissam Hussain, Sarmad Khoosat, Asim Raza and many others have breathed a new life into our drama industry. There are uncountable veteran actors who just get better with time and the newcomers are equally impressive. There are many new production houses in the country striving for the best, looking out for new talent, always willing to serve their country.

Pakistani dramas have come very far but still have a long way to go. We are proud of our drama industry and support it at every step of the way.

  • No doubt Pakistani dramas are the best in the world.I would definitely say that because i love 'em.I feel very proud when a good drama ends because of what Pakistan has been able to do.But they are far behind in Morning shows.And they need something new in the awards show as well.If they succeed in these categories,then i can say that THEY ARE THE BEST!

    • Pakistani dramas may be the best in the world content wise but they are not so popular among the masses. If it was so, there was no need to import dramas from foreign countries. Foreign entertainment dramas and channels always receive high TRP's in Pakistan. No Foreign country ever shows Pakistani dramas in their TV Channels.

  • yeah true (Y)
    pakistani media is at its best
    turkish n indian dramay tou kuch bhi nahi hamare paki dramas k samne
    keep up the gud work
    humein rating brhane k liye turkish dramo ko on air krne k zarurat ni
    bus ye turkish serails ka jo fever chala he khtm hojaye :/

    • i fully agree that pakistani dramas r best. it is not a life saving drug k zaror dekhna he. apne mulk or apny logon k khatir ham ye bhi na karen to is sey bari lanat kia hogi. kisi bhi mulk k dramey hamare culture mazhab or rasm o riwaj ko represent nahi kerty.young logon k zehen kharab kerney k liay ye kafi hen .pata nahi qeun walden ko ye baten buri nahi lagte..nai nasal ko barbad ker rahe he. bachey hindi alfaz amm bolnelage hen. turkish mahol or libas pe gor karen. neem berhena larki ko bap bhai galey laga laga k pear karte or ger mardon k sath be takalufi dekh ker in bachon ka kia hal hoga . per ye walden in pe control nahi kersaken ge

      • Humaray dramas chahay achay hain magar woh international level pe famous nhi hain aur doosri baat doosray mulkon ke dramas dekhne main koi burai nhi na hi rokna chahiye hai aapko buchon ko sirf samjhana chhiye hai k kya sahi he aur kya ghalat lekin drama dekhne main harj nhi q k parents khud bhi woh cheezain dekh rhe hotay hain jinka unhen pata hota hai k theek nhi jese turkish dramas har ghar main maaen dekhti hain to bachon ko kese mana karain or phir turkish dramas ki rating bhi pakistani dramas se zayada hoti uski wajah yehi he k logon ko unka style aur story achi lagti hai hum log bhi liberal muslim society dikha sakte hain apnay dramas main kuch naya krne ke liye

  • It's a good idea to like and patronise local dramas. If we don't who else would!
    But we also need to be realistic and mature, and keep misguided patriotism out of this.
    Turkish dramas have international standing. They are far superior in terms of acting, style of direction, story telling and over all production value
    Our industry can learn a lot from them instead of simply crying over bare skin and other nonsense.

  • pakistani dramas are best. indian dramas mein same story same scenes. viewers ko attract krney ke leye aur turkish dramas are aproximately equals to indian dramas. pakistani media ko bhe foreign dramas nahe laganey chaheyen. indian dramas are far from reality. fake.

  • that is the point that these are the stories of real people which make them higher in every rank from every other country's serials………….dastaan,my most favourite serial is the real story of the people of pakistan……..durr e shehwaar is the story of my own mother that what she has to faced after her marriage……these dramas are simply aw

  • Our directors and producers should work on something new like make fantasy dramas change story their is the same story in every drama thats love and social problems !! They should change it

  • Pakistani dramas are really worth to watch compared to indian dramas where every female character is clad in saree with all that jewelry, so fake. I would like to tell the writers to please explore the other horizons of story-telling, rather than limiting themselves to sister-rivary, second marriage and easy divorces.

  • I agree ! I saw four of them recently….1) Zindagi Gulzaar hai ( 5 stars ) 2) Humsafar ( 5 stars ) 3) Mata e jaan hai tu (5stars ) and 4) Shehr e Zaat ( 5 stars ) ! All these have powerful socially relevant stories presented in an excellent manner by the director and saw some class acting skills with melodious music !
    Can some ne recommend me a lighter but quality serial to watch ?

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