Sanam Saeed Photoshoot and Ad for Warda Saleem Lawn

Sanam Saeed recently did a photo shoot for Warda Saleem Lawn’s Eid Collection by Shariq Textiles. Sanam looks absolutely stunning in this new photo shoot. Along with a photo shoot she also featured in an advertisement for the same Lawn. The vibrant colors manages to catch one’s eye and they seem to be just perfect for summers.

Here is the advertisement for Warda Saleem Lawn featuring Sanam Saeed:

Here are the pictures from the mesmerising photo shoot:

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Mariam Shafiq

  • Hammu

    Western,Eastern,Southern,Northern.Doesn't matter what she wears.She always manages to look beautiful!

  • farya

    I dnt like her……………..

  • hoorya

    lloking great in eastern clothes ๐Ÿ™‚ (Y)

    • hoorya


  • Lawangeen

    nice outfits ugly model.

  • Rabail

    she looks good in eastrn outfit as compare to westrn

  • zoombiecritic

    just average

  • saffffffi

    lovely dresses