Dil-e-Muzter Episode 17 – Adeel and Silah’s Confrontation

This week’s episode is one of my favorites so far as it showed everything that I wanted to see since a very long time. It was a thoroughly enjoyable episode as I loved every single minute of it. Adeel has finally seen Zoya’s true nature (five years were enough to see her true face) and now he has no choice but to endure her and listen to her never ending rants and complains. Now she is the oppressor and he is the one being oppressed and he cannot even complain because he chose this life for himself.  I cannot help but gloat when Adeel murmured to himself:

“Jo Nuksan Hona Tha Woh Hogaya”

He was referring to Zoya and his relationship and I could not feel an ounce of pity for him because this is exactly what he deserves. He never voices his regret openly but his expressions says everything. Now Silah is living a peaceful and satisfactory life and Adeel craves peace in his house because Zoya is always taunting him or complaining about her life. He has become immune to everything that she says and has learned to ignore her.

I saw a lot of changes in Adeel in this episode as he is more patient now and does not get annoyed easily, his egoistic nature has also toned down a bit, it seems that he has come to terms with his situation and his life. I wish this change would have come a bit sooner! He cannot help but compare Silah with Zoya and see the huge difference between the two of them. Silah never complained and lived happily even when his salary barely fulfilled their needs but she was always thankful for whatever she got. She was a true gem and Adeel never realized it until he lost her. Too bad Adeel!

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Adeel also met Affan for the first time in this episode when he fell down in the park. Even though I do not like Adeel but I have to admit that the scene was absolutely adorable. Adeel and Zoya have no kids of their own and I think fate is getting back at Zoya for what she did with Affan. Her carelessness and indifference was the cause of his death and karma is always there as a form of retribution. Now she is desperate to have a kid of her own but she is childless for the past 5 years. All her dreams of leading a happy life with Adeel have been shattered and she is no longer the same Zoya who used to be dressed up all day long. Now she barely has time to look herself in the mirror and she does not pay any heed to her appearance. What else can she expect when she made her own home by breaking Silah’s house?

It is pretty evident now that Ahmer likes Silah and his father also seems to be aware of his feelings and tried to give hints that he knows but Ahmer quickly changes the topic whenever he tries to talk to him about it. Ahmer was the one who planned Silah’s birthday at the farmhouse and the whole family went there to have a good time. But the question is does Silah have a future with Ahmer?

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Now coming to the best part of the episode! I thoroughly enjoyed the last five minutes of the episode. The shocked expression on Adeel’s face when he saw Ahmer and Silah come out of the car was priceless! I was laughing when I saw the comical expression on Zoya’s face when she saw Silah and realized that Silah is Adeel’s new boss. I was very excited to see the confrontation between Silah and Adeel as Silah already knew he would be there and I wanted to see her indifference and cold attitude towards him. I cannot wait for the next episode to see her cold treatment with Adeel. The preview for the next episode seems promising!

So guys what are your views about the episode, especially the last 5 minutes?

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  • Yes last scene was good. But u can't watch 17 episodes just for one or two scenes here and there. Watching Kankar, D e M, or Silvatein is just waste of time. Unfortunately we watch these as we are starved of real ntertainment. Overall it reflects poor standards.

    • Hello Farah.
      Why don't you like these shows? They are not that bad. I don't watch Silvatein as it is a pure torture to watch that show but I like both DeM and Kankar.

    • will disagree wid uh
      dil e muzter iz a fab drama,
      n kankar az welll

      ab har drame m fawad tou aa ni askta :P
      issi m sabr shukr karay

    • Farah I don't know about Silvatein and Kankar but I must say that DeM is an entertaining serial and not a heavy one (full of sorrows)……………………..It is only my opinion………….

  • What goes around comes back around! Zoya is now paying for what she did to Silah and i am thoroughly contented with that.

  • Oh yes! DeM is turning out to be a very good one.Specially towards the end.And i want Adeel to pay more.Marrying the self-obsessed Zoya is not enough punishment for him.I want to see him suffer.Affan has to be one of the cutest kid in the world.Not only is his face innocent,but his acting is amazing as well.I am really happy that they show Sami and Nabeela Bhabhi after intervals.It makes me believe in good friends! Sarwat Gilani cannot be praised enough for her magnificent portrayal of Zoya.After giving 2 extremely positive roles,she strikes with a negative one.That too awesomely.I don't think it is easy for everyone to do!

    • This is just the beginning Hammu. Adeel will suffer alot now and will pay for all that he had done to Silah.
      Oh yes! Affan is a sweetheart and I look forward to all his scenes. :)
      I was actually shocked to see Nabeela and Sami with Silah after so many years. I am glad they were there for Silah..
      Sarwat Gillani has done a fabulous job! She just makes me laugh at times at times with her wrong english and her over reaction to things! Zoya's character was not easy to portray but she has done a fine job!

      • Yes and everytime Zoya fights with her mom and says "Amma" brings a smile on my face………………….love her acting……………………………..

  • Thanks for the reply. I like pakistani dramas. Some of them r really very good like Dastaan, Humsafar. But most of them r mediocre. What annoys me is same repeated themes, same dialogues and same old faces as we see in Kankar That's why I call them recycled stories. You watch three or four and u feel you have seen other thirty. Why are we obsessed Certain themes I don't know. At least some dramas should be light entertaining family dramas. We can do with more writers not just one or two. Even if they are good they run out of ideas and their characters and dialoge become very familiar. So just for change of faces, places and scenery I have started watching one or two foriegn dramas. Our directors should concentrate on outdoor shooting a bit more. Most of our shooting is indoors in form of conversation. I think I have explained the reason why I don't like Kanker, Silvatein. Last drama I partially liked was ZGH.

    • Yes the stories do get monotonous at times but I won't say I don't enjoy them. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion :)
      Oh since you mentioned refreshing shows I have a recommendation for you. Have you watched Coke Kahani? It is by far the best sitcom I have seen on Pakistani television.
      There are many different stories of dramas out there. You just need to search for the kind of story you like. :)

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