Dil-e-Muzter Episode 16 Review – A New Beginning

We got to see another fully entertaining episode this week as the show took a leap of 5 years. This show has been known for its fast pace since the very first episode and we again saw a very fast paced episode this week. Sanam and Sarwat once again played their characters to perfection! These two are surprising me more and more every week with their brilliant performance. Sanam’s dialogue delivery has improved immensely since the past few episodes. I really loved a few dialogues in the show this week spoken by Silah.

“Tumhare Jaate Hee Uska Raasta Saaf Hogaya

Rasta To Woh Kabka Badal Chuka Tha”

Silah had this exchange of dialogues with Safeena when she informed her about Adeel’s second marraige. Nabeela came to visit Silah and she was the one to inform Silah about Adeel’s marriage to Zoya but she was not aware that Silah did not know about this. Silah finally found a true friend in Nabeela as she fully sympathized with Silah because she knew Adeel had done wrong with her. Silah saw how pure her intentions were and accepted her whole heartedly as a friend. Both Sami and Nabeela became an important part of her life from then on and they even stayed back in Pakistan to help establish her business. Ahmer and Safeena also provided full support to Silah and helped her stand back on her own feet. She was reluctant to start working again because of her lack of confidence in herself but they both managed to convince her overtime. Silah may have lost Adeel but she still has some genuine people in her life who are different from the selfish Adeel as they always stand by her side through thick and thin.

I am seriously sick and tired of Zoya’s games and schemes now. This woman just never stops! First she created a huge fuss about Nabeela insulting her and she accused Adeel for not defending her and this accusation did not go well with Adeel and they had a fight. But Zoya being Zoya quickly changed her colors and reconciled with Adeel and emotionally blackmailed Adeel to convince him to move to some other house as she felt that their house had memories of Silah and she was not comfortable with them. Zoya’s mother as usual bad mouthed Adeel about his behavior but Zoya did not pay heed to her mother’s words as she was too busy planning her next step. She was eager to change the house and Adeel fulfilled her wish very soon. One surprising fact that I noticed about Adeel is that he never bad mouths Silah anymore. He even praised her once in the last episode and did not utter a word when Nabeela was praising Silah in front of him. Weird isn’t it? Maybe he is finally realizing Silah’s value but is not ready to accept it. He has some serious ego issues!

The best part about the episode was the entry of a new baby who was also named Affan. Silah was blessed with another baby boy and she got her courage, hope and confidence when he came in her life. She started anew and left the past behind her and moved on in her life. Now her world revolved around Affan and her job and she was seen happy in her new life. Silah, however, refused to let Adeel know about the new baby because she still blamed him for Affan’s untimely death. She did not want Adeel to have any relationship with this new baby and Safeena and the rest accepted her decision. But for how long will she able to hide this from Adeel? He will get to know one day and he will create a huge fuss about it. According to the preview for the next episode, he will meet Affan but I do not think he will get to know that Affan is his son anytime soon.


The adorable Affan is a bundle of joy not only for her mother, but also for Ahmer. I loved the bonding between Ahmer and Affan and I simply loved all of Affan scenes with Silah. I am really looking forward to the next episode now! I cannot wait for Silah and Adeel’s confrontation.

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Mariam Shafiq


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