Dil-e-Muzter Last Episode – A Happy Ending!

Dil-e-Muzter came to end this week and even though the end was predictable from the beginning there was still a little hope that the ending might change. But after watching the episode I am glad it did not change. Even though I was never in favor of Silah going back to Adeel, I really liked the last installment because finally we saw Adeel coming back to his senses. At first, he pleaded and then even threatened Silah to give him Affan, he was confused about what step to take. On one hand, he had his ego and on the other hand, he had Silah and Affan and for the first time in his life he left go of his ego and chose to follow his heart.

He had been taunting Silah about Ahmer for years but when the lawyer told him to make false accusations on Silah, he just could not stand it. He had been accusing Silah for so many years for something which even he could not bear to hear from another person. He immediately went to Silah and apologized for everything that he had done to her and his actions showed that he felt remorse and was truly sorry. He told her that he still loves her a lot and wants to start his life all over again by both her and Affan by his side. Silah just pointed out that its too late now for regrets and asked him to go back to Zoya and remain sincere to her.

Adeel finally realized all the lies that Zoya had been telling him for all these years and how he had been blindly believing everything that she told him. He finally told her that she means nothing to him as he never loved her because Silah was always in his heart. I just absolutely loved this scene! This shocked Zoya because she could stand anything but not Adeel’s hatred. Adeel finally showed her the reality that her love was always one sided and will always remain that way. Sarwat and Imran both were absolutely fabulous in this scene and the scene where Zoya loses her senses and thinks about everything she had done was brilliantly executed.

Zoya’s guilt and regret was a total treat to watch. The scene where she comes to Silah’s house and begs for forgiveness made me teary eyed because I was so happy for Silah. She had finally made the decision to go away from Silah and Adeel’s life. Thankgod!


I truly felt bad for Ahmer when Silah could not sign the divorce papers. Even though she did not intend to go back to Adeel, she still could not end their relationship. Ahmer was shocked and heart broken but he did not want to pressurize her in any way. Well, Silah might have gone back to Adeel but I still love Ahmer’s character more.


Ahmer turned out to be a true friend as for him, the most important thing was Silah’s happiness. He knew that Silah still loved Adeel and would never be happy with anyone else and he helped to unite Silah and Adeel. The last five minutes where Silah and Adeel look at each other and just cry and remember all their precious moments together in the past was one of the best scenes of this show. Every emotion was clearly written on their faces and when Affan also runs to Adeel and hugs him, the tears of pure happiness came on Silah’s face which brought a huge smile to my face.


Adeel is in no way worthy of Silah because of what he did to her but Silah has always loved him and I doubt she could be happy with Ahmer. She could have made the decision to live alone too but I personally would not have liked that because I always love a HAPPY ending!   But there was one loophole in the show; they did not show how Safeena reacted to this news as she was against Adeel since the very beginning.

I am going to miss this show a lot! I hope we get to see Sanam Jung and Imran Abbas paired up together again in some other show. They had excellent chemistry throughout the show. Sanam Jung has proved herself as a good actress with her very first show. Sarwat Gillani has also shown her versatility with her negative character. The director Shehzaad Kashmiri has done a fantastic job with the execution of every scene. I hope to see more of his work in the future. The editing and cinematography was also just perfect!

Do share your views about this last episode guys! Did you guys approve of the ending or not?

Mariam Shafiq


My name is Shozib Ali. I have done Bachelors in Media Sciences. Currently Working as an administrator and content writer for reviewit.


  • Ending was cute but could have been done more nicely. It was wrapped up waaay too quick. I was mad they never reviled how Zoya had been responsible for Affan's death, that was a key part of the story line. Silah and Adeel never really cleared their misunderstandings. In the beg of the episode, Silah still held Adeel responsible for Affan's death but by the end she did a 360 and forgave him. I also felt like Adeel was all talk and no action. He just SAID that he loved Silah so much but he never actually showed it. Even in previous episodes during the early days of their marriage, he was mean to her and then suddenly he turned around and said he loved her, it came out of nowhere. After Silah left, they should have showed Adeel missing her in his house (maybe looking through her things that she had left) and then going after her only to find her talking to Ahmer or something…. then it would have made sense for him to marry Zoya.

    Still, the drama was good and fun to watch, I am definitely going to miss it. Alot of people are upset with the ending, saying how it was dumb of Silah to go back to Adeel but I felt like it wasn't all his fault. It's not like he had his eyes on Zoya while Silah was still with him, It was only after she left that he married her. And lets not forget that it wasn't only Silah who lost a son, it was Adeel's son as well. And Silah told Adeel that he had no idea of the tanha zindagi that she was living w/o him but I feel like Adeel's life was worse. He didn't have any supportive family or friends with him, he only had an annoying maa beti that he had to deal with 24/7. I think it was good that Silah and Adeel got back together, at the end of the day, Silah could not see herself married to Ahmer ( i felt so bad for the poor guy!) and she still had feelings for Adeel. She just followed her heart and did what she wanted to do rather than what she "should" have done.

    • I agree Hina with you completely where you say that Silah took a U-turn & easily moved back to Adeel. Even now after reading you comment I feel there were a bit misses in the whole serial in terms of coming clean with their feelings, like Adeel never being able to openly express how much he had missed Silah or how much he wanted her back. They spend some real deal of a time on un-necessary issues like Sami & his annoying wife's interference but in stead they should've shown some real scenes where they both thought of one another.

      Adeel's character seemed totally out of the line because he at first just wanted Zoya by his side & then all of a sudden without showing ANY signs of missing Silah, he wanted to be with her, that too after he came across her after 5 years when she left. Even when he was married to Zoya he seemed as indifferent as he was when he was married to Silah. So, that doesn't just justify that he actually felt empty without her. It seemed more like he was still in a depression after losing Affan. From how they showed, Silah actually never existed for him! They should've brain-stormed a bit more about how Adeel's character had to be portrayed. Those easy & complete flips & shifts in the moods & feelings weren't good.

    • Yes, they had left a lot of issues unclear. This is the problem with most of Hum TV dramas, they just try to show everything in the last episode which kills the charm.

      Silah forgiving Adeel all of a sudden was hard to digest. They should have talked about their feelings and cleared up the misunderstanding..

      Adeel was one weird person. He loved Silah but ego was just too big and he always hid his feelings. In the beginning of their marriage and even after she left. I am really glad that Silah followed her heart! That was the right thing to do in my opinion. :)

      Thanks for commenting Hina :)

  • Also, what i don't get is in the flashbacks they show Adeel playfully hitting the back of Sila's head while at work but they never actually showed that scene! Also, in the OST they show Adeel fixing her hair at work, that scene was also never shown. And in the opening credits of every episode, they show Adeel and Silah standing by a window ad laughing, I don't think they ever showed that scene either.

    • I also noticed the smack.But I think it was just a blooper and they decided to include it in the OST.

    • Oh the window scene was there Hina. In the initial episodes it was shown. It was after their marriage when they were living a happy life before Zoya came .

  • I really loved the drama.From the beginning to the (Er, I wish I could say the end).I wasn't really happy with the ending.I remember how Bari Aapa ended.Ghazanfar and Zubaida, both were responsible for what the storm that ruined their house.But only Zubaida got the suffering.So is the case with Zoya and Adeel.None was responsible for Affan's death.And all this time Adeel never loved Zoya? Well than explain why he proposed Zoya just after Sila went away.How easily he scolded her while she stood there watching him.I couldn't bear that scene! Anyway, DeM was a fun show to watch.It had it's ups and downs.But the acting remained strong throughout.Just Imran needs to apply less make-up lol :P thank you for the brilliant reviews every week.The drama felt incomplete without reading them :)

    • Thanks for commenting Hammu. You have always been a loyal reader and I always looked forward to your comments. :)

      Yes, the show had alot of ups and down but it was a treat to watch.

  • I was waiting for the two scenes from the ost where he smacks her on her head and when he fixes her hair but those scenes never happened :( maybe they were just for the ost!!

    • Yes i think that smack was a blooper which they added in the OST and that hair fixing scene was removed in the editing most probably.

  • I wish they would have shown some bloopers in the end….fans love to see what happens behind the scenes….atleast I do!!

  • Yar tm logon ko kia hogaya he…………Sila ne to phr 5 saal apni ami aur bete ke sth guzaray…………..Adeel to bechara 5 saal tak Zoya aur us ki maa ki chakh chakh sunta rha………….ab kia bache ki jaan leni he :D………………….aur yar jb hm koi galti krte hen aur phr hamen ehsas hota he to hm maafiyan mangte hen aur hamari shadeed khawahis hote he ke agla banda sab kuch bhula kr hamen maaf krde……….to Adeel ke lie bhi to aisa hi socho na……………..us ne maafiyan mangin, hath jore apni galti ka ehsas kia…aur roya bhi…………………….ub to use maaf krdo….:D han lekn is serial ki do bari galtiyan yeh hen ke end me Safeena ko nahi dikhaya aur Zoya ka Affan ko ulti seedhi dawaen khila kar marne ka raaz bhi nahi khola lekn mera khayal he ke use phr bhi sahi ke saza milgai…………….sari zindagi akele rehna na shohar aur na bache bilkul khali haath………………..anyway………very very nice serial loved it from the begining to end………..:D

  • I have a major issue with Zoya & her mother getting away easily & stealthily with Affan's death. I think they should've exposed it to Adeel somehow because just crying & going away from their lives wasn't enough for what Zoya did, at least to that kid. I remember when Affan died, they were waiting for his blood reports to come out that eve. Why didn't they shed a light on that matter & just slipped it out? I think her doing was not just worth a petty apology & letting Adeel off. I have no sympathy at all with Zoya.

    I liked Imran Abbas's acting but when he changed his expressions after listening to Zoya's yapping & buying what she said, he looked nothing less than a loon who had no brains of his own. Finally, thank God he made his point clear to Zoya & also for all the sufferings he had to endure, he's forgivable.

    & finally, I loveddd the direction of the last scene. Those flash backs, Silah's walk, Adeel's wait & the song behind, & no skin-ship, it was all magical. Thanks a lot Mariam for reviewing the play. You did great. :)

    • You are most welcome :)
      Thanks for commenting Zahra..
      Yes, that is another loophole in the show. Thanks for pointing it out. They did not reveal the truth about Affan's death. There was simply no mention of it after the leap.

      Imran was good but Sarwat and Sanam were better. He was overshadowed by the two of them.
      Yes, the last scene was simply magical. I got super emotional during that scene. :)

      • Yes, I think it was so far the best scene of the wholeee drama, for me at least. :) Yes, if they had shown that Adeel got to know the real side of Zoya & his mother, I think it would've been justified & he would've loathed her for a reason because now without knowing anything about Affan's death, when he gave her an excuse that he never really loved it, it seemed meaningless.

  • What a perfect review Maryam, your point is very valid that she could never've been happy with ahmer, so why should she have lived all her life with adeel in heart but ahmer in there. But the ending was too hasty, atleast they should've shown how they lived some years after reconciliation etc. And I wonder did sila leave all her business etc. Safeena should have been there allowing Sila to go with adeel, that would make more sense.

    • Thank you Sabreen :)

      Yes i agree! The ending was hasty and even i would have loved to see a few scenes of their happy life after their reconciliation. They simply forgot about Safeena altogether which seriously doesn't make any sense.

  • Dil e Muztar was overall a very happening play throughout but the ending really disappointed me and my family. I say, Why Silla could not remember the selfish deeds done by Adeel???? Was'nt it too sacrificing??? Or was it that Silla got helpless like all other women in our society and wanted her child to live with his father??? Over all this ending was not expected. I would dearly have loved to see Adeel all alone in the end with Silla living a happy life with Ahmer . Poor Ahmer… didnot get his love even after waiting for 5 years. :) Anyhow all the actors and the director did a wonderful job. Well done!!

  • i waz waiting for ur review,u did a gr8 job by giving such a nice review,yup dy have rolled it vry quickely in 1 episode,i saw on aliya bukhari facebook account dt 2 episodes r left nd now suddenly dy gve last episode.der shud be some scenes abt safeena accepting adeel nd sila nd adeel too,i love da scene where sila wz about to sign da documents bt she coudnt,da tremors in her hand nd da way she cried wz beautifully captured.
    it wz a nice drama indeed and da chemistry between sila nd aadi wz gr8,bt as nothing z perfect so it had some faults as well,bt as i i m in favour of happy ending so i liked da last episode.

    • Thankyou so much Mahwash :)
      Even i thought there were two episodes left and i was surprised when i saw the promo for the last episode.

      Yes, that scene was brilliantly executed. Slah just could not gather the courage to sign the papers.

  • awwwwwwww mene last episode ni dekha :/
    btw great review maryam (Y) Az alwayzz :)
    well it was a nyc play
    juz luvd it ♥
    sanam jung did amazing work…….. she iz fab ♥
    btw ab is serial k bd knsa new serial start hoga ?

  • I followed Kash aisa ho and Dil e Muzter by just reading the reviews here.. And i can't help but notice that they both share same story..

    1)Two closely related people get married..
    2) A fatherly fighure (Ahmer, Shahood's character)
    3) The mother returns back to her husband just for the sake of the child
    4)Second marriage.. Develops troubles afterwards
    5)First wife not divorced… (or Was IN KASSH AISA HO?? don't remember)

    So is it just me or you guyz agree??

    • Thats good to know Amna. I wrote the review for both the shows here. :)

      Yes you are right. There are a few similarities between the shows but in Kaash Aisa Ho, Irfa's love was on sided but here Adeel and Silah both loved each other. Adeel never knew how to express his love and he was naive enough to trust Zoya. In Kaash Aisa Ho, Shayan loved himself more than anything.

      Silah returned to Adeel because she loved him. Yes Affan was part of the reason but not the only reason. Both shows had a guardian angel for the heroine in distress though. :)

      Thanks for sharing your views. I would be looking forward to hearing from you again.

  • Awesome review of Last episode of Dil-e-Muztar.. You got excellent writing skills .. I appreciate your efforts :)

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