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Iftar Party and Fund Raising Ceremony for Maa Hospital

Following the footsteps of some amazing celebrities of Pakistan who have contributed in the welfare of the society by building hospitals, old age homes, educational institutes and orphanages, it is now the senior comedian and actor Umer Sharif who is working hard for the development of his ‘Maa Hospital’. The hospital is situated in Karachi and is a modern health service hospital which comes under ‘Umer Sharif welfare trust’. While still being in its initial stages of development, the hospital is ready with a proper plan and paramedical staff.

Being a trust welfare hospital, Umer Sharif recently organized an Iftar dinner and musical night program for his fellow artists who have contributed their share in the noble cause. The event took place in one of the most prestigious five star hotels of Pakistan where all his close friends made their appearance including actress Resham, Rambo and Saima, Shafqat Cheema, etc.

Here are few clicks of the event, have a look!


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Serving humanity through the worldly wealth been earned is a great deed and we appreciate the efforts made by Mr. Umer Sharif. We wish more power to him, 

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