Kaash Aisa Ho Episode 7- A Storm On Its Way!

One thing I really admire about this show is the dialogues. They are so deep and intense and full of meaning that audiences get lost in the beauty of it. This is one of the reasons why I started liking this show. Maha Malik always writes the most beautiful dialogues and she did not disappoint us this time either. Dialogues can only impact the viewers if the actor delivers it with the right amount of intensity and feeling and Mohib Mirza and Saba Qamar have done an excellent job. I always look forward to the intense conversations between Irfa and Shayan. They keep me hooked to every single line spoken by them.

Now coming to the episode, we saw Shayan getting affected by all the words said by Maleeha. He is ashamed to introduce Irfa as his wife as she is not up to his standard in terms of outer beauty which means a lot to him. This is the reason why he hides that he is married from Maleeha. He dodges all the questions about his family but Maleeha does not give up and ends up on his doorstep. She then gets to know that he has a wife and Irfa gets to know that he is hiding his married status from people. This managed to hurt Irfa a lot and when she complains to Shayan, he gets angry on her. And like always, Irfa goes to him to patch things up. I actually felt bad for her when she dreams that Shayan apologizes to her and patch up in the sweetest way. I wish he would just value Irfa and all the things she does for him!

Irfa has the biggest dreams for Shayan’s future and I am sure she would be the catalyst to his success. She is seen the happiest when Shayan’s paintings gets sold with his own signature. But all Shayan cares about is her looks, not her heart. He keeps on telling her to dress nicely and take care of herself. He wants to feel proud of his choice and not ashamed of it. He always hurts Irfa by taunting her about her looks and does not even realize it and Irfa forgives him for his rude words every single time. She just cannot stay upset with him!

Adeel Farooqui is definitely up to something. He managed to convince Shayan to teach Maleeha how to paint and sketch. Maleeha is seen interested in someone after a long time and he thinks if Shayan befriends her, she will come out of her shell and interact with the world around her. Maleeha is getting more and more attached to Shayan with each passing day and reacts violently when she gets to know that he lied to her about not being married. He blurts out that he agreed to teach her because of her father’s request when he told him about her mental state. This managed to upset Maleeha a lot. She feels cheated and betrayed by Shayan. She gets all worked up at the smallest things!

Shayan pretends that he does not care about Maleeha’s opinions but he is deeply affected by them. He cares what she thinks about him. I wonder why? Is it because he has started to like her? When she comments about his house, he decides to shift immediately. When she says that he and Irfa are a mismatch, he taunts Irfa about her looks. Irfa cannot help but feel jealous after seeing both of them together but Shayan does not care about her feelings. Instead he asked her to change her orthodox views and look at the world from a new perspective.

Overall, it was a good episode. Its pace has become steady now but I hope the show does not drag as it will lose its charm. Maleeha is the storm in Irfa’s life which will destroy her house and her dreams. I am eager to know what happens next!

Keep watching the show guys!

Mariam Shafiq.

Fatima Awan

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  • One thing I just don't understand is that Saba Qamar is really pretty. How do they expect us to believe she isn't, even when Shayan says it a million times it doesn't make sense. They really should have a got an average looking girl for this role.

    • Even i had the same thought. Saba is so pretty!
      They really should have opted for an average girl.
      But i must say, Saba is doing a wonderful job as Irfa.