Kaash Aisa Ho Episode 8 – Insecurities!

Not much happened in this week’s episode. We saw Maleeha and Shayan getting closer and Irfa getting insecure and jealous. I understand Irfa’s predicament as no woman can see her husband roaming with another woman practically everywhere. She is very possessive when it comes to Shayan as she is in constant fear that he will leave her for another woman, as she feels that she is not good enough for him. She tries to tell Shayan how she feels and also tells him what neighbors have started to say about him and Maleeha, but she gets a very vague response from him. He replies that it is a part of his job and Adeel Farooqui had given him the responsibility to take care of Maleeha. Since when did you become so responsible Shayan?

After their conversation, Irfa becomes resigned and tells Shayan that he can do whatever he wants and she would not say anything to him anymore. It was the first time Irfa got extremely upset with Shayan and this time Shayan went to patch things up with Irfa (Just like Irfa had dreamed before). He said the most amazing dialogues which won her over once again. He said that ‘I married you because I knew you loved me, and I know that nobody in this world can love me more than you. You are the only one who can turn all my sadness into happiness. Do not ever think that Shayan will leave Irfa. People like Maleeha and Adeel Farooqui will come and go from our life and they should not affect our relationship’

These were the most beautiful dialogues said in the most beautiful manner. They managed to melt Irfa’s heart and I must say mine too.

I always had this feeling from the beginning that Adeel Farooqui’s intentions were not good and this episode confirmed it. He asked Maleeha if she is interested in Shayan which shocks Maleeha. She tells him that he is a married man but in reply her father says that his wife does not suit him and she is not the kind of wife he can ever be happy with and he will get fed up of her very soon. How pathetic and low can he get? This managed to bring Maleeha’s hopes up and she got even more obsessed with Shayan. I cannot believe that she took sleeping pills just because Irfa picked up the phone when she called Shayan and told her not to disturb him. What a psychopath!

I hated the way Shayan ignored Irfa because of Maleeha. Adeel Farooqui asked him to accompany Maleeha for shopping and he agreed! He could have easily said no! He has always been very blunt and straightforward but what happened now? Shayan is a very confusing character. On one hand, he assures Irfa that he loves her and on the other hand, he also likes to roam around with Maleeha and enjoys her company. Maleeha is also trying to create misunderstanding between Irfa and Shayan and that is why she insisted on going inside his house to make Irfa aware that Shayan was with her the whole time. Irfa gets extremely sad and irritated to see this. He does even look after Irfa in her current condition. She needs care and attention and he is not able to provide her any and as usual, Irfa does not complain. Shahood Alvi also got introduced as Dr Bilal in this episode. He helps Irfa when she was not feeling well. Let’s see what his role is in this drama.

Overall, it was a good episode with some amazing dialogues. Mohib Mirza stole the show with his beautiful dialogues in this episode.

Keep watching the show! A lot of things are coming up!

Mariam Shafiq.

Fatima Awan

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