Coke Kahani Episode 12 – Mission Successful!

Another hit episode! The credit goes to the wonderful cast and crew, as well as the superb director who never fails to surprise us. Rayaan was the star of the episode. He finally took an initiative to change people around him. He started off with Current and his friend, Guddu. He was able to convince them to give 9th grade board exams. They were reluctant at first, as it was a big decision for them to start their studies again as they were the main bread winners of their family, but Rayaan’s optimism took a toll on them and they agreed. Rayaan decided to teach them himself and worked day and night to help them as they had to start everything from scratch. But with Rayaan’s parents support and help he was able to teach them. Rayaan’s parents seemed like the most proud parents ever. They were very happy with Rayaan’s decision to help Current and Guddu. Rayaan is finally becoming more responsible and looking at life from a new perspective and his parents are proud of his effort! The lesson for us is that we should all be like Rayaan and take an initiative to help and improve people instead of criticizing them. Great work Rayaan!

Beydil’s hard work has finally paid off and he is able to satisfy the ‘never satisfying’ Chef of Alfonso. Jugnoo had been very strict with Beydil but it helped him to learn and improve. Maria was seen supporting Beydil throughout his training. We saw a sweet bonding moment between Jugnoo and Beydil. The enemies had finally become friends! The sweetest scene of the episode for me! Jugnoo had officially handed over his Chef cap to Beydil and is off to Germany. I am definitely going to miss him! Each and every character of this play is very special.

Asfand is also seen encouraging Zoya when she has doubts in her mind of her ability to run the restaurant successfully. But Asfand tells her to be optimistic and not give up so easily. Zoya also has pressure from Maya’s side as she wants Zoya to go back to Florida with her. Asfand and Maya’s relationship had gotten better but suddenly it has returned to its former state. Asfand is being aloof and is refusing to share his problems with Maya. Maya is angry and upset with him as he wouldn’t share his problems and has stopped talking to him. Will their strained relationship ever get better? Will Maya stay back or will she take Zoya back to Florida with her? Zoya really wants to see her family back together. I really hope her wish ever comes true soon!

I was surprised to know that Ruqaiya knew since the beginning why Saad had taken her out for a date. She had always liked Saad but according to her, now it is too late as she wants to go abroad for her Masters. She again took Zoya’s help to convince her mother and surprisingly, she agreed without fussing much. I really did not expect that. I was relying on her to stop Ruqaiya from going and I think even Saad had the same hope. Ruqaiya’s mothers’ comments about Saad were hilarious! It seems like she does not have a very good reputation of Saad in her eyes. Poor Saad seemed extremely upset at the news that Ruqaiya was going abroad for her Masters and her mother has also given her approval. I am sure Saad will do something to stop Ruqaiya from going. He would not give up so easily. Saad can be really unpredictable at times.

The preview for the next episode seems interesting. A lot of things are coming up so don’t forget to watch Coke Kahani next week!

Mariam Shafiq

Fatima Awan

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