Coke Kahani Episode 8 – Jealousy and Possessiveness

Another perfect episode! Everyone is trying their best to patch things up between Asfand and Maya but all their plans are backfiring. First it was Saad’s letter and Beydil’s pathetic shayari and now the oldest trick in the book: Jealousy.
Maya and her jealousy was a treat to watch. She was shocked to see Nazia at her house and talking about Asfand as if she knew him very well. She tried her best not to show her jealousy but her expressions told another story. Nazia was sent there by Mutmain Sahab (she is the same tenant he is flirting with all the time). Poor Asfand doesn’t even know her. The scene where Maya asks about Nazia from Asfand and Asfand’s clueless expressions was hilarious and the blame game after that from Nawab to Zoya to Mutmain Sahab was too good. Mutmain Sahab had set this whole thing up to make Maya jealous and possessive about Asfand. She did get very possessive and kept asking about Nazia indirectly from Asfand. I really hope this strategy does not backfire and create more misunderstanding between Asfand and Maya.

After watching this episode, I have a feeling Asfand was at fault more than Maya. We saw Maya reminding him of his mistakes. He never gave any time to his family, he was so busy with his own life mainly his restaurant. He was never there for Maya when she needed him the most. Asfand also realizes that he was at fault and tells her to forget everything and start over. They have finally started to open up about their feelings and this is one step forward for clearing the misunderstandings. Things will sort out if they just talk about it instead of giving each other the silent treatment. They both have spent the hardest time of their lives alone. Will it be easy for them to forget 16 years of hard feelings and heartache and accept each other again?

Now coming to the best part of the episode! Nusrat and Mutmain Sahab were the highlight of the episode. Nusrat has finally started her university and the way Mutmain Sahab treats her made me laugh. The best scene of the episode for me was when he was sending his ‘wife‘ to university and instructing her like a small kid. Their chemistry is just amazing! Hats off to both of them!

Zoya’s efforts have paid off and she is finally launching the revamped restaurant. The scene where Maria comes to ask about Beydil’s salary was extremely cute. I pity both Maria and Ruqaiya. The guys they both like are too thick in the head to realize how much these two girl like them. One is the biggest flirt on planet and spends day and night sending shayari to every girl possible and the other is too busy with his ‘burger’ girlfriend. Zoya advised Ruqaiya to tell Saad about her feelings but then she imagined his laughing face and took her advice back. Since we are seeing so many adorable couples, I now want to see Zoya and Rayaan scenes. I really like their chemistry. I hope we get to see more of them.

The preview for the next episode looked promising. Asfand asks Maya to accept that she still loves him the same way since the past 25years. Will she accept this? And the best part is that Maya thinks she is not invited to the restaurant’s opening. Will Asfand finally invite her? Will she go to the opening? There are a lot of questions that need to be answered. Tune into Coke Kahani next week to find out.

Mariam Shafiq

Fatima Awan

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