Aik Nayee Cinderella Episode 10 – Acceptance and Confessions

This show always manages to bring a smile to my face. Its concept is so refreshing and different from the other shows. The female lead is strong headed but naive at the same time. This combination makes her character even more adorable. She refuses to be intimidated by anybody and this is what I like about Meesha’s character. The whole episode was based on her dilemma. She was confused about her feelings. She kept on wondering why she was not sad now that Mayer was getting married to Zaini. She was not upset at the prospect of losing her love. But was it love in the first place? Roman answered her question when she shared her confusion with him. ‘Maybe your heart belongs to someone else now and that is why you are not affected by their marriage’. This made Meesha question her own feelings.

Today’s episode made the contrast between Mayer and Roman even more clear. Roman had loved Meesha since the beginning, even before she had any clue that he even existed, he fell in love with her just the way she was; simple and sweet. He helped her in every possible way to win over Mayer when he himself loved her so much. He always cared for her and could do anything for her happiness without expecting anything in return. Dado was the only one to recognize his feelings and she also thinks that he is the perfect guy for Meesha. Mayer fell in love with his ‘mystery‘ girl because he found her different from the rest, he was running after an illusion that he had created of that girl and Meesha never fit into that image and that is why he could not recognize her as the same girl he had met that day at the jheel. He could never notice a simple girl like Meesha. Zaini, however, did match the image he had created and so he considered her to be that girl. The truth was finally revealed by Aimee who spilled the beans and exposed Zaini’s lie. Mayer finally got to know the real girl was Meesha. Mayer is acting like a selfish person who at first played with Meesha’s feelings to make Zaini jealous and now expects her to accept his love after the truth is revealed. He proposed to her and fully expected her to say yes. He seemed pretty confident that she would agree. He had given her time to think because of her lack of response.

Meesha is again confused at her own reaction, she should be happy and overwhelmed but instead she feels sad and empty. She can now have everything she has ever wished for; her prince charming, a palace and to be treated like a princess. Then what is stopping her from being happy? The first person that comes to her mind is Roman and she runs off to tell him about Mayer’s proposal but she finally finds the answer to all her questions when she is about to tell Roman about Mayer. The sudden realization and unbelievable truth shocked her to the core; she was not happy because her happiness was in someone else. Someone who had always been there for her and with whom she shared all her worries, happiness and sorrows. Her true love was none other than Roman. This was my favorite scene of the episode. When she asks Roman to close his eyes and she looks at him and suddenly realizes how much she loves him.

Roman finally knows that Meesha reciprocates his feelings. He knows her so well that he could easily read her face and recognize her feelings for him. He had never confessed to her because he did not want to shatter her dreams. She had dreamed of a handsome prince, with a palace and he was a mere popper who had nothing to give her except his love. Dado encouraged him to confess his feelings for Meesha as she always wanted her to marry a man who loved her dearly.

Now coming to the funniest part of the episode; I must say, Aimee and Farjad are perfect for each other, they look extremely cute together. I am really happy for Aimee. Their scenes always manage to make you laugh. Also, the scene where Meesha informed Dado that Roman was a fairy man and the expression on Dado’s face at this news was comical. Poor woman could not believe her ears! It is high time now that Meesha gets to know the truth. Her naivety and simplicity is cute and funny.
Will Meesha reject Mayer and go back to Roman? What will be her reaction when she finds out that Roman has been lying to her all this time? I cannot wait for the next episode now!

Mariam Shafiq

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  • Excellent review. It's even better than last time.
    When Mayer proposes to Meesha, that was the sweetest proposal scene ever. He looked so sweet, a little shy & unsure, & Meesha looked numb. I really want Meesha to end up with Mayer. I haven't read the story so I don't know who ends up with who, but I really hope it's Meesha & Mayer.

  • Nice review mariam.
    want to spoil our suspense…but i will not ;)
    i got so excited last week…so i read whole story in a go.
    I must say all the team of ANC are doing great job.
    the feel of the the drama is totally different and fresh.
    Beautiful muree and kashmir <3
    story is leading towards its end i will miss it :(

        • Oh really? I didn't know that Shah baba's track wasn't there in the story. Thanks for informing.
          Ya you are right. 4 to 5 episodes are left. Hopefully they won't drag it much longer. :)

  • But why is Maayer so mask like? Mr Ken ( Barbie's male version) smile also does not reach his eyes. And the step mother continues to wear tons of makeup and fan like false lashes 24/7.

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