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Aik Nayee Cinderella Episode 11 – Misunderstandings and Heartbreak

Maya Ali and Faizan Khwaja were the stars of this episode. They both have done a wonderful job. Their expressions and timing was brilliant. Hats off! I always found Meesha and her antics hilarious, even when she was bossed and ordered around by the evil stepmother and step sisters, but for the first time I felt sad at her predicament. A misunderstanding has emerged between Meesha and Roman and Meesha feels exploited. She thinks Roman has played with her feelings because of the twisted way the truth came out in front of her.
Meesha was ready to give up her dreams for Roman when the shattering truth came in front of her. Roman lied to Suraiya and this was overheard by Meesha who believed it to be the truth. Meesha completely loses her self esteem and resorts to the only way left to gain it back; by marrying Mayer. She had no intention to say yes to him as she had finally realized how much she loved Roman. But just to give him the taste of his own medicine she says yes to Mayer and tells Roman that she knew his truth all along and she was the one to play with his feelings. Meesha said some really harsh words to him which broke his heart completely.
‘Tumne socha bhi kaise ke Mayer jaise larke ke samne koi larki tumhe ghaas dalegi’
These words spoken by Meesha broke his heart into pieces and he couldn’t suppress his tears. My heart went out to him in this scene. Faizan Khwaja was superb! Actors are usually horrible at crying but Faizan did a great job. Roman’s tears actually made me sad.
I am surprised that Mayer could not judge that Meesha is not happy by the way she accepted his proposal. She was so unhappy and it was clearly written on her face. Sometimes getting what you have always dreamed off is not enough, because there may be other things that would make you even more happier.
Dado is completely against Meesha’s decision of marrying Mayer as she knows about her feelings for Roman, and thinks that she is blindly running after her dreams. But the truth is very different; she is only marrying him because of her self respect that she thinks Roman has crushed.
Roman has completely given up now and is going back. He just wants Meesha to be happy with Mayer. His happiness lies in hers. I have said it before and I would say it again, I love Roman’s character because of his selflessness. He likes to help people and make them happy and never asks for anything in return. I hope Meesha gets to know the truth soon and everything is cleared between them.
I am getting more and more curious by the day. What is Meesha’s past? Who is Shah Baba and Farjad and how are they related to Meesha? And the funny part is poor Farjad thinks Aimee is Meesha and that is why he is adamant on marrying her. What will happen once Farjad gets to know Aimee is not the girl he is looking for?
I was disappointed to see that Meher discriminates between her own daughters. She degrades Aimee, and Zaini always gets the limelight. Meher went so far as to slap Aimee, when she tried to protest against the discrimination. I felt really bad for Aimee. Warda Butt has done a superb job!
Now coming to Mayer and Bano; Mayer’s decision to marry Meesha has created a rift between mother and son. Bano is completely against the marriage as Meher has filed her ears with doubts about Meesha’s past. I hope this delays the marriage and the misunderstanding is cleared between Meesha and Roman and everything falls into place. It seems like interesting things are coming up in this show and trust me, you wouldn’t want to miss a single episode!

Mariam Shafiq