Kahi Unkahi Episode 10 – Totally Engaging

I think the drama has improved beyond the viewers expectations & I absolutely loved how the episode started out by showing two contrasting worlds where at one side Anam is enjoying the bounties & Zoya is worried about the young girl working at her neighbours.

At first I thought finally Anam looked pretty while smiling but she turned me down by showing the exact face which I am tired of. No doubt what they showed was exactly what I myself have seen happening. The way people treat the beggars with no dignity is sickening. I once read that one should just give away whatever they can irrespective of thinking whether the person deserves their mercy or not. If people who can not afford the food & wander around begging for it definitely shows how helpless they are. This is the problem with most of the people that while spending even an extra Rs. 10,000 for their things won’t seem much to them but if they have to spare Rs. 10 for a beggar they would at first look down on them, insult them & then give what would exactly be worth a penny for them. Anam’s attitude was atrocious.

Coming to how she schemed & compelled Sherry to propose to her was worth raising an eye-brow. I don’t include all the girls of course but there are definitely girls of such kind who have their tactics & use them when they deem fit. What Anam did was nothing new at all & she succeeded in forcing Sherry to a confession. I actually didn’t feel that Sherry acted naive. To me he seemed a bit confused & someone who couldn’t say NO to a girl who was being upfront about her feelings & who portrays to be a sweet happy-go-lucky sort of a girl but in reality is totally opposite. I feel it is worth an appreciation that they didn’t drag this matter & wrapped it up quickly that Sherry is having second thoughts about Anam & their relation. Anam on her own is leaving no stone unturned to grab the opportunity of Sherry’s hesitant confession & has clearly told her mother how did she play her game.

I actually couldn’t understand the relation Ansar has with Seema. Even if he is fooling around with her on a serious level, it really didn’t show because what satisfaction would he be getting while being in a relationship with a girl like Seema. Seems is obviously similar to Tabinda from Sheher e Zaat who is after Ansar’s money but here Seema has no intentions of a long term commitment to Ansar. What I really couldn’t understand was Ansar’s attitude towards Seema, even if he is committed to her, he was threatening her & is always in a bad mood even if he is in some conversation with her. So, why prolong a relation when he is clearly not happy with someone who is clearly not of his standards or we can’t comment about it for now because they have yet to reveal more about it.

Mr. Kamal played the blame game & clearly held Mrs. Kamal responsible for the shortcomings in the upbringing of Ansar whereas he is forgetting that he never let Mrs. Kamal take the lead when it came to their children & she never had a say in the decision making process because he was always dominant & clear at what & how he wanted his kids to turn out. But to see him blaming his wife was rather disappointing because he is forgetting that Ansar takes that attitude after him & I’d once again say that it wasn’t pleasant to see Mrs. Kamal failing as a parent because she had Ansar with him & after Sherry’s departure, naturally she could’ve paid more attention to him so as to fill the void that was created after Sherry was gone.

Mariam is such a fresh addition to the family & it is pleasant to see her sharing screen with the rest. It’s a pity that she has to face some demons too but she will overcome them for sure. She might be new but has merged in the family pretty well. She knows better who Sherry likes & who is well-suited for him. At least she has more insight than Mr. Kamal. Mrs. Kamal first time opened up in front of Mariam about Anam that she doesn’t find her suitable for Sherry but she should have tried to ask more from Sherry about the situation instead of easily letting go saying that you like her.

Zoya had lesser scenes today but just in those few moments she unintentionally captured the attention of Sherry towards her. I absolutely like this aspect of her nature that her simplicity & honesty draws everyone’s attention & people can not resist the beauty of her nature.

Everyone is doing a great job when it comes to acting & if people have seen ‘The little mermaid’ I feel Shehryaar Munawwar resembles Prince Eric from the cartoons. He looks really cute & his acting is perfect as well. I’m definitely giving out 5 stars for today’s episode because I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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Fatima Awan

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  • Salaam Zahra !

    The Ansar-Seema 'thing' is just that – something that is going on in many Pakistani offices between staff/boss or co-workers. Despite knowing that the other is married, they will have a 'casual' relationship in which there is a 'no strings attached' policy. I mean to say, let's get together now and then without anyone knowing, you know I'm married and I know you are, but hey who gives a ****, let's have some fun together – this is the mentality being portrayed here and it's very damn obvious… and scary.

    Hope you're well and enjoying this drama. It's getting cuter by the week ! LOL. All the best :-)

    • Walaikum Asalam Brother!

      Yeah, I understand it but if he has some timepass wali feelings even for Seema why can't he just be normal like all I see is the threatening & anger between both of them which gives me creeps. EWWW!!! hate to see them both together in the frame.

      I'm perfectly fine & wish the same for you. YUP! I'm loving this drama a lot. Better than the rest for sure, innit? ;)

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