Kahi Unakhi Episode 21 – Sad Affair!

Today’s episode was a bit disturbing, especially in terms of Mariam. Things seem to be winding up gradually & a new unexpected twists & turns at some point are good but at the other are not.

What I really hated to see was Ansar die so easily & that too because of a measly excuse. Zeeshan went out of the blue to avenge his sister’s heart-break but ended up doing which was uncalled for. Of all the people, I actually feel for Mariam because what did she actually gain after getting married to Ansar? Such a short span of a wedded life where at first she had to grasp the fact that her husband was cheating on her, she got rid of it just to save her marriage & now because of some moron she loses her husband that too at such a stage where she needed him the most. I think such a nice person like Mariam did not deserve such trials & tribulations in her life, but unfortunately & sadly this is how it works at times.

Mrs. Kamal’s reaction on knowing about Mariam’s expectancy was once again utterly disappointing. She couldn’t even give her a hug & I wonder why she was introduced as a HUMBLE & down-to-earth person in the beginning of the drama. Supporting your driver’s daughter does not mean that you’re modest or something but taking a stand & sticking by your decision makes you fall in such a category. I actually loved her character when the drama started but as the episodes progressed, her character has only come up with the disappointments, be it her one-line dialogues or totally out of the context questions, I am not finding any need of her character in this drama.

Another thing that came as a shock to me was showing Sherry go to some Shrine & raising his hands to say a prayer there. Why do they fail to show what the actual concepts of Islam are? If they had shown him going to some ‘Masjid’ & offering a prayer there, it would’ve shown perfectly how hard he was striving in order to get, which he left his home for. But our media just loves to promote things which are Non-Islamic, be it the use of amulets or the visits to the Shrines. I think the writers or the directors should always consider or conduct a research on what they are going to portray because it really does give a wrong impression.

Finally, Mr. Parvez’s family has gotten what they deserved. For the first time, I actually, for the first time loved what Anam has ever said in this drama. This conversation was worth it & she gave a spot-on reality check to her confused mother. This is another reality which was shown perfectly that parents spoil their kids but then expect them to act differently given the circumstances which unfortunately can not happen or is too late. Anam was right in blaming her mother for all the things that have happened to or within their families. Finally, it was good to get rid of Zeeshan because his character irritated me the most.

Now coming on to Sherry’s journey. It has come to an end & he has at last reached his destination but Zoya’s father fails to understand the real reason why Sherry has come all the way to the village. Zoya is getting hooked to her cousin, without her will & her father is unable to see how cunning her in-laws-to-be are. The preview of the next episode seemed interesting where both of their diaries with the photos will get discovered. Hopefully, Zoya’s father will understand how she feels for Sherry & will agree to their marriage. Can’t wait to see them both together.

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Zahra Mirza.



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