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Kahi Unkahi Last Episode – The End!

Well, ever since I read the tag of Last Episode, I kept on procrastinating & did not want to watch it because the reason is obvious. I am kind of sad that it ended & we won’t be seeing more of these characters. I loved the direction of this episode because it was done in a proper sequence & I loved how they showed two different people talking about two opposite scenarios at the same time.

There was a lot of time given to show the end of Mr. Pervaiz’s family & finally they all have come to the realization of their lives. No doubt, all the arrogance & pride did not win them anything rather it turned their happiness into ashes. Finally, it was good to see Anam realizing all her mistakes & flushing out her anger, arrogance & over-confidence down the drain. She did understand by the end that all this while she was being pompous without any good reason. She thought the world revolved around her but it wasn’t the case actually. All the credit goes to her parents especially her mother for spoiling her kids to the core. Anam easily backed out when it came to helping her brother but she had to take some steps in order to save her father’s life.

Mr. Kamal, just smitten by the thought of his first grandchild thought that the only way to keep Mariam from leaving ever was to get her married to Sherry. & once again Mrs. Kamal’s reaction was bland like she did not even exist. Which actually gave me a laugh because in almost last 15-16 episodes all she had to say to anything was ‘KYA?’ & that’s it! I think it would’ve been much better to have shown Mr. Kamal as a widowed husband who had to deal with his kids on his own rather than having a pretty Mrs, just to complete a family picture because she never had a say in any single thing & claiming to be a mother, she was always oblivious of what any of her family member was going through. At least, they should’ve shown some contribution from her side just to balance out but then it doesn’t matter now.

Sherry, like a gentleman understood the criticality of the circumstances & easily surrendered in front of his father’s demand. But hats off to Mariam for speaking up the truth & what was in her mind. I found her character the best amongst the female characters of the drama. All this while I was thinking it was only Mariam who could convince Mr. Kamal for doing the right thing because if the things went to Mrs. Kamal all she would have to say would be ‘ye tum kya keh rahay ho Sherry?’.

I absolutely love Mariam’s character & her power over convincing people for the right thing. I think she took over as a lady of the family & lead everyone out of their miseries whereas Mrs. Kamal was busy elsewhere. Finally, Mr. Kamal due to the position that Mariam held in his heart & in his household understood & granted what Sherry desired. The ending scene was done nicely too & they just showed that Zoya is sharing the same respect as Mariam being a daughter in law of the family. Anam’s apology settled the score & Zoya deserved that much of a respect.

Over all, it was a beautiful drama & I hate to see it end just like that without showing any more scenes between Sherry & Zoya. I so wanted to see them happily married & sharing what they have felt for each other since childhood. I must say of all the characters Sherry & Mariam were my favorite. Every other actor has done justice to their roles & they have given us a beautiful drama to cherish. I thank the whole team & especially the writer & the main leads of the drama for making this one so good for us all.

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