Kahi Unkahi Last Episode – The End!

Well, ever since I read the tag of Last Episode, I kept on procrastinating & did not want to watch it because the reason is obvious. I am kind of sad that it ended & we won’t be seeing more of these characters. I loved the direction of this episode because it was done in a proper sequence & I loved how they showed two different people talking about two opposite scenarios at the same time.

There was a lot of time given to show the end of Mr. Pervaiz’s family & finally they all have come to the realization of their lives. No doubt, all the arrogance & pride did not win them anything rather it turned their happiness into ashes. Finally, it was good to see Anam realizing all her mistakes & flushing out her anger, arrogance & over-confidence down the drain. She did understand by the end that all this while she was being pompous without any good reason. She thought the world revolved around her but it wasn’t the case actually. All the credit goes to her parents especially her mother for spoiling her kids to the core. Anam easily backed out when it came to helping her brother but she had to take some steps in order to save her father’s life.

Mr. Kamal, just smitten by the thought of his first grandchild thought that the only way to keep Mariam from leaving ever was to get her married to Sherry. & once again Mrs. Kamal’s reaction was bland like she did not even exist. Which actually gave me a laugh because in almost last 15-16 episodes all she had to say to anything was ‘KYA?’ & that’s it! I think it would’ve been much better to have shown Mr. Kamal as a widowed husband who had to deal with his kids on his own rather than having a pretty Mrs, just to complete a family picture because she never had a say in any single thing & claiming to be a mother, she was always oblivious of what any of her family member was going through. At least, they should’ve shown some contribution from her side just to balance out but then it doesn’t matter now.

Sherry, like a gentleman understood the criticality of the circumstances & easily surrendered in front of his father’s demand. But hats off to Mariam for speaking up the truth & what was in her mind. I found her character the best amongst the female characters of the drama. All this while I was thinking it was only Mariam who could convince Mr. Kamal for doing the right thing because if the things went to Mrs. Kamal all she would have to say would be ‘ye tum kya keh rahay ho Sherry?’.

I absolutely love Mariam’s character & her power over convincing people for the right thing. I think she took over as a lady of the family & lead everyone out of their miseries whereas Mrs. Kamal was busy elsewhere. Finally, Mr. Kamal due to the position that Mariam held in his heart & in his household understood & granted what Sherry desired. The ending scene was done nicely too & they just showed that Zoya is sharing the same respect as Mariam being a daughter in law of the family. Anam’s apology settled the score & Zoya deserved that much of a respect.

Over all, it was a beautiful drama & I hate to see it end just like that without showing any more scenes between Sherry & Zoya. I so wanted to see them happily married & sharing what they have felt for each other since childhood. I must say of all the characters Sherry & Mariam were my favorite. Every other actor has done justice to their roles & they have given us a beautiful drama to cherish. I thank the whole team & especially the writer & the main leads of the drama for making this one so good for us all.

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  • What a spectacular serial it was! It was always a great fun and thrill to watch those lovely characters and emotional scenes. Hats off to the writer and director for designing/producing such strong characters. my fav ones are sherry, bashir driver and ansar..I will miss those character and kahi un kahi alottt :(

  • good review.i am also sad that the drama ended but they ended it very quickly atleast they should have shown the romantic scene of sherry and zoya as their couple was so cute and lovely.mariam really stole the show in this last episode and zhalay was superb in her performance.first she helped her husband ansar when he was facing difficult situation and then she helped sherry to get the love of his life and mr kamal performance was also superb when he cried on the return of sherry i said yeh pathar dil moum ki tarah kaise pigal gaya.may be of the fact that he lost his one son and he didn't want to lose his another son.anum also performed really well in the last episode and i think the writer nadia akhter maintained the suspense till the last episode i was thinking ke abhi toh last part bhi hai is ka aur drama bhi khatam honay ko hai kaisay sherry and zoya milenge ab.this was very much predictable in the beginning but after ansar's death this drama becomes unpredictable.congratulations to the entire team of kahi ankahi for giving us a very good drama.last but not the least congratulations to you as well for reviewing this drama so well.har episode dekhne ke baad aap ke review ka bohat intezaar hota tha.and best of luck to ayeza for her upcoming new drama adhoori aurat on geo.hope that drama will be good like kahi ankahi.

    • Thank you so much Fahad for such a detailed comment. & thank you for appreciation. I loved reviewing Kahi Unkahi because it actually matched my mood of less rona dhona & some sweet love story, I used to anticipate all the comments as well because every viewer had something different to contribute. No doubt all the characters & their paths were winded up beautifully. :)

  • I am the biggest fan of Kahi unkahi! i dont think that Hum tv will ever produce such a romantic and emotional play like KUK. what a chemistry shown bw zoya and sherry and again bw maryam and sherry as devar bhabhi. this was Zalay's best role in her entire career. she will be remembered as maryam for a long time:) I wish i could watch its sequel representing zoyee and sherry in near future. i willl miss them a lot!:)

  • I am the biggest fan of Kahi unkahi! i dont think that Hum tv will ever produce such a romantic and emotional play like KUK. what a chemistry shown bw zoya and sherry and again bw maryam and sherry as devar bhabhi. this was Zalay's best role in her entire career. she will be remembered as maryam for a long time:) I wish i could watch its sequel representing zoyee and sherry in near future. i willl miss them a lot!:)

    • Thank you Afsheed Tariq for your say. I know, no doubt their chemistry was so good but at least some scene where only the main couple shared the screen. Something good between them should've shown because from the last 5 – 6 episodes we did not even see them together as they were separated. :(

  • the time I dread the most finally came. I was so sad when I saw "last episode" written all over the internet.. why all good things come to an end?

    Sherry showed how an obedient son he was. He didn't disturb his parents with his love life considering the fact they were in a hard time. And then quietly agreeing to his father's decision just for the sake of his happiness.

    Mr. Kamal should have been showed a widower from the start. At least we wont have got a character like Mrs. Kamal and it would have added more dimensions to the drama.

    Mariam stole the episode by speaking out loud the truth. And showing that she can still be a "bahu" without getting married to Sherry. Mariam is a strong woman and Zhalay did justice to it.

    Mr. Kamal asked sherry if "he could see khud gharzi in his request". It was plain emotional blackmail. Just like Baseerat did with Asher.. saying it was not a demand but a "request". Lol!

    i was hoping that they would have atleast shown the wedding pictures like they showed engagement pictures of Zaroon- Kashaf.. Definitely more scenes of Sherry and Zoya should have been included.

    i must say that the story was beautifully wrapped up. Without extending it much. And all the actors/actress did justice to thier roles.. KUDOS to the whole team..

    The moment i found funny was when Zoya asked Mariam to forgive them. The camera showed Sherry smiling. It looked like he was saying "dekh lo, kitni akalmand biwi laya hua may!!" lol!

    In the end (of my long "comment") i would like to thank you Zahra for reviewing the drama wonderfully through out!!

    anyone knows which drama would be replacing KUK?

    • hahahaha!! donno what happened to mrs. kamal in the end. i think there wasnt any problem with her character. she was participating in a weird manner in past few episodes. she could have shown her expressions in a better way. she looked dull and sleepy and last episode.

      • Yes, seriously. Mrs. Kamal's character was a downer for me because she just looked like a soul-less soul hovering around in each & every episode & she topped it by wearing white sarree's in the last couple of episodes. Spooky huh? LOL!

        Hahaha! I love how you've quoted Sherry even I found his smirk funny given how the intense situation was, he had a time to smile. I know, at least some scene after their wedding or how they express love to each other woud've sufficed. I feel ye GHARELU MA'AMLAAT mai inki story peechay hi reh gai. For us all Sherry-Zoyee fans just a tag of them being married & Zoyee serving Chai is definitely NOT ENOUGH. :

        LOL Kiran, I agree Mrs. Kamal carried the sleepy & droopy look so well in the last so many episodes. If she wasn't there I am sure no one would've said "Kash inki Ma bhi zinda hoti" because she wasn't just present there. I don't know why she acted & why was she so spaced out.

        & about your question, I am not sure which play will be filling the slot of Kahi Unkahi, I have asked about it from the other reviewer & will let you know. On HUM TV's website I read Shab-e-Gham had to fill the slot of Sitamgar but it was done by Tanhai so I am guessing Shab-e-Gham will take place of Kahi Unkahi's slot. Not too sure but it's just a guess.

  • Drama is ended with happiness which i like the most:) lat episode was quite eventful and emotional. the writer engaged us till the end and this was the best part of Kahi unkahi. To me it was the most engaging serial in current season. isn't it?

    • Thank you for your feedback Kiran. I know, the drama in the mid seem predictable but the events that unfolded in the last few episodes totally took the drama to a whole new level where no one could've imagined all such things would happen to such a peaceful family. No doubt the suspense was worth it. :)

  • great suspense in the last episode…. breathtaking! i was feeling so thrilled and excited about sherry's decision and further happening! what a way to end a serial! I just lovvvvved the ending…..:) Happpppppy!!!!!!!

  • Zoya and Sherry were the main characters and the fact that they wanted to be together was the main plot and what everybody was hoping to see but they did not even show viewers that scene. they should have at least had a scene of sherry + parents showing up at the village and Mr. Kamal apologizing to Zoya's dad followed by their wedding. Ending was good but it seemed very rushed. It was nice to see Anum change, I had thought that she would commit suicide but I'm glad she did not, suicide should not be taken lightly. It was better to see her move on and learn her lesson instead.

    • I know, I wish they didn't give that much time slot to cover the sufferings or Anam's family & should have given that air-time to Sherry & Zoya. Everyone did want to see spending some time together at least to know that Sherry in the end win what he hoped for & how he is confessing his love to his only love but Alas! That wasn't the case.

  • I have to say that my most favorite scene has to be where Mr Kamal at the end places his hand over Zoya's head. It was soo beautiful! Going to miss Sherry and Zoya chemistry. I really hope we see more of them together in future dramas because they were adorablee!