Kahi Unkahi Episode 22 – Go Sherry!

When the drama is approaching it’s end now, we’re being exposed to certain twists & turns which we never thought of. May be that’s another way decided by the writer to treat the viewers for staying loyal to this drama through out. I know most of the viewers are getting antsy in anticipation of the end but I feel that a little drag in the end is promising & at least we know that we have a few more episodes which we can see, otherwise mostly at the end of the drama, viewers are sad that it ended. So, I think it’s better to enjoy the delay in the final meeting of Sherry-Zoyee & for now let’s light-heartedly grasp all the twists that are being embedded in the story.

It was kind of sad to see Sherry oblivious of Ansar’s death & still he was optimistic that he will find a way to Zoya, would be able to confess what he feels & will get to know what her answer to his question was. Zoya’s evil cousin blew everything out of proportion but I was happy that he took such a step, because he didn’t know it would actually drive Zoya towards Sherry. He called the council of decision makers of the village & they all agreed at the innocence of both Sherry & Zoya. I kind of liked that they calmly tackled the situation that too wisely, otherwise when I heard that they were waiting for a hearing I thought another heated discussion will take place where all the aggressive villagers will step ahead against Sherry because it involved the dignity of a girl who belonged to their village, but to my surprise nothing of that sort happened & things were discussed properly where they gave benefit of the doubt to Sherry & presented him with a very nice proposal. For me the best was when Sherry yelled at Zoya’s cousin. I was like Whoa! Such a calm headed person can lose his cool just because he’s in love. WOW!

It was once again good to see Zoyee’s father, Bashir Ahmed being extra supportive & attentive towards her & her happiness. He knew that she won’t be able to lead a peaceful life with her cousin but he denied accepting that fact. However, Sherry’s arrival & the the discovery of his photograph in her diary said it all & was enough of a proof to convince him that Sherry & Zoyee are meant to be. He did get scared of the consequences he thought he might have to face but after the council’s decision he understood what bad name Zoya’s cousin has already bought to her even before marriage & he could now clearly foresee the future of Zoya if she got married to her cousin.

Sherry & Zoyee finally got to exchange some endearing yet encouraging glances but all of the sudden Zoya’s outrage looked unnecessary because at first she was calm when she saw Sherry as in thinking that everything has happened how they wished for but now she was once again doubting Sherry’s intentions that he ran away. I know it’s not her fault because she knows how Mr. Kamal has treated her through out her life but she should trust Sherry now because a guy who can leave everything behind just to seek her forgiveness, would only do good to her because his intentions are pure.

The whole family of Mr. Kamal was still mourning over Ansar’s death & I still feel that it would’ve been better if he had not died just because Mariam did not do anything to deserve such a harsh reality. She wasn’t at fault & she didn’t get to share any such time with Ansar as well. Mr. Kamal on his own, is feeling empty after Ansar’s departure & is actually missing Sherry & is worried about him but he fails to accept it. Mariam has declined the offer of her uncle to go back to USA & she wants to stay with her in-laws because she wants them to stay connected to Ansar’s only child.

Another twist, which I did not even think about was Mr. Kamal’s proposal to Sherry for Mariam. I think it is interesting but the drama has reached to a level where it is testing the patience of the viewers. :) I am sure many are not in for it but some are still ready to wait till the final happy ending where Sherry will at last get married to Zoyee. But, I do want to see them together, like more of their scenes, so for that I am keeping my fingers crossed that their wedding is not going to be the last scene of the drama because their relation is something which we all are eagerly waiting to see.

I think when the drama started no one could’ve anticipated or predicted that such twists & turns could actually take place in such a light-hearted drama, but I am happy at the changes (except Ansar’s death, of course). The whole team has done a wonderful job in providing us with something refreshing with less rona dhona & a sweet love story where the whole world is opposing but a guy is willing to do anything for the girl he loves. Sheheryar Munawwar has done a marvellous job & Ayeza Khan is a flawless beauty. Sheheryar Munawwar is a new favourite actor of my entire family, his acting is being praised again & again & we all absolutely find his dialogue delivery perfect plus 4 of my sisters did agree when I told them that he does resemble the cutest lead cartoon character ERIC of Walt Disney’s ‘The Little Mermaid’. :)

Can’t wait for the next episode as always!

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Zahra Mirza.

Zahra Mirza

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