Kahi Unkahi Episode 20 – Review.

So, today’s episode was a bit calm after the storm. It again revolved around Sherry & the problems people related to him were facing.

Most of the episode was based on the flashbacks but just a quick note to the editors of the drama. ‘We’re the die heart fans of this drama & we know what has happened in the past & hence, we all, being the fans of the drama have a great memory of it, so, we do not need the flashbacks’ :). Each & every person today was seen reminiscing about the past events first Zoya then Sherry then Anam & even Mr. Kamal.

Mr. Kamal did try to ignore what has happened & was trying to keep himself busy in his work, he even tried to ignore the worrisome face of Mrs. Kamal but after all being a father, the news of Sherry’s phone getting snatched away got him involved in some sort of a deep thought or even we can say some regret too. If he had not been so cruel to Zoya & her father, Sherry wouldn’t have taken such a huge step.

Zoya, in her village is not at all happy, her father, being a simple minded person is once again fooled by the clever elder brother & his son. But Zoya has sensed what their intentions are & she is not at all willing to get married. Obviously, she is an educated & well-groomed girl, how can she even imagine living with a guy who bragged in front of his father about his qualifications which were ‘Athveen Pass’.

Sherry was totally seen busy in the travelling & to add to his woes, he lost his cellphone & his wallet. I didn’t see that coming, but yes, they have shown the reality once again. People who come from abroad do commit these sort of mistakes by not taking care of their belongings attentively & end up bearing the loss. Well, Sherry didn’t even bother about anything because to him what mattered the most was getting to Zoya by any means necessary & he was relieved to see that he had the ticket for travelling. While he was on a Tonga, I uttered to myself that how was he even using Tonga when he had no money & my husband told me ‘he must be travelling with a few pennies left in his pocket’. That cracked us up. It’s always something enjoyable to have that sort of a commentary going on while watching a drama.

Anam’s scene wasn’t shown in detail & honestly speaking I wasn’t even interested in what’s going on with that family. I am sure she will be fine but obviously being such a conceited person how can she even live for a moment without being the centre of everybody’s attention. This must be her last try to win Sherry back or to make him understand what he means to her, but sadly & fortunately enough, it’s too late now.

The preview of the next episode seems a bit more dramatic than ever. Zeeshan is obviously free & has nothing to do that’s why he always looks up for an opportunity to rush to Sherry’s place for creating a drama. Sherry is roaming around & I hope he finds Zoya ASAP & rescues her from her Taya & her cousin. Things for now are looking promising between Mariam & Ansar. They both are now seen spending a bit more time together & I am sorry to say I am not at all amused by the silent hovering soul that Mrs. Kamal has become over the last few episodes. She is not even seen participating in any of the issues that arise in her family in fact it seems like Mariam has taken her place & is trying to resolve the conflicts & the issues. I hope, for once I get to see a heated discussion between Mr. & Mrs. Kamal, where she gives him a piece of her mind for spoiling Sherry’s childhood by sending him away & for making all the wrong decisions for their family. She should at least make him realize that he has been wrong all this while. I hope it happens & if it does, it for sure will make the drama complete for me in literal sense. But, I can’t wait for the next episode. Bring it on.

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Zahra Mirza

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  • I lovvvvvvvvv Sherry!!!!!seriously I am a die heart fan of sherry and this serial. can you please post his interview on this site?

    • Ah, which interview are you talking about? Kindly let me know & I will see what I can do. By the way his live video chat video is up on Dramasonline, you can check that if you want to. :)

  • i loved shery's innocent expressions particularly in this episode. i hate when they tried to drag the episode unnecessarily. i want him to go to zoyeez place asap!!

  • nice review zara!

    just cant understand why the hell are they dragging it? it was going so well perhaps the much awaited serial in terms of story track and haapenings. i felt disappointed ;) was expecting some more twists and turns…