Kahi Unkahi Episode 17 – All About Sherry.

This episode completely revolved around Sherry. His feelings, his family’s treatment, his hatred & somewhat his regret. Too bad to see that he is still under a false idea about Zoya. We didn’t get to know much about Zoya.

The story is progressing a lot at Ansar’s side. His strings to Seema have been attached to quite some while now & it doesn’t only stay confined to baseless meetings but has a house involved. This can be called another one of those flicks of elite class’s men which they have portrayed. Ansar mentioned that he never committed her for wedding, so why did he buy her a whole big house? What is she giving for taking so much from him. Mariam’s real nightmare has started after finding out the lipstick clad tissue. I hope she doesn’t stay quiet & involve the whole family in between, but then again if she’d do it, Ansar will detest her more. I guess her wisdom in this given situation will make Ansar fall in love with her.

Sherry was all over the place in this episode. From Rajjo’s hostel to garden, to car, to his room. I liked his intensity when he stood up against Mr. Kamal. His father needed to realize it big time that Sherry is no more a helpless child, for whom he can still take decisions or impose himself on him. Whatever Sherry said was true & I hated to see Mr. Kamal act like a spoilt brat who wasn’t ready to listen to his son & still, after so much, he insisted that Sherry should get committed to Anam.

I really liked Sherry & Mariam’s conversation, more of his actually but was really aweful to see Mariam, despite of understanding how he feels was still trying to convince him. I think Sherry needs some support at this stage & Mariam, acting like his sister should extend some to him. Most of the episode was spent in the flashbacks where Sherry is struggling between the image he knew of Zoya & the image Anam made him see. Let’s hope things get sorted out ASAP & we see a happy ending soon enough.

Loved seeing how Anam was thrown out of Sherry’s room by him in the preview of next episode. Can’t wait for it, lol.

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