Kahi Unkahi Episode 17 – All About Sherry.

This episode completely revolved around Sherry. His feelings, his family’s treatment, his hatred & somewhat his regret. Too bad to see that he is still under a false idea about Zoya. We didn’t get to know much about Zoya.

The story is progressing a lot at Ansar’s side. His strings to Seema have been attached to quite some while now & it doesn’t only stay confined to baseless meetings but has a house involved. This can be called another one of those flicks of elite class’s men which they have portrayed. Ansar mentioned that he never committed her for wedding, so why did he buy her a whole big house? What is she giving for taking so much from him. Mariam’s real nightmare has started after finding out the lipstick clad tissue. I hope she doesn’t stay quiet & involve the whole family in between, but then again if she’d do it, Ansar will detest her more. I guess her wisdom in this given situation will make Ansar fall in love with her.

Sherry was all over the place in this episode. From Rajjo’s hostel to garden, to car, to his room. I liked his intensity when he stood up against Mr. Kamal. His father needed to realize it big time that Sherry is no more a helpless child, for whom he can still take decisions or impose himself on him. Whatever Sherry said was true & I hated to see Mr. Kamal act like a spoilt brat who wasn’t ready to listen to his son & still, after so much, he insisted that Sherry should get committed to Anam.

I really liked Sherry & Mariam’s conversation, more of his actually but was really aweful to see Mariam, despite of understanding how he feels was still trying to convince him. I think Sherry needs some support at this stage & Mariam, acting like his sister should extend some to him. Most of the episode was spent in the flashbacks where Sherry is struggling between the image he knew of Zoya & the image Anam made him see. Let’s hope things get sorted out ASAP & we see a happy ending soon enough.

Loved seeing how Anam was thrown out of Sherry’s room by him in the preview of next episode. Can’t wait for it, lol.

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Fatima Awan

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  • completely
    agree!the whole epiode revolved around sherry and his feelings and
    sherry did do just to it.the preview is just to the spot and what we
    wanted to see .anum being thrown out the thought itself is so nice and i
    am eagerly waiting for it.

  • Though the episode revolved around Sherry, I think it portrayed really well the feelings and emotion of his. We got to know that every time Sherry wanted to return to Pakistan, he was not allowed by Mr. Kamal. The way Sherry rose against Mr. Kamal was spot on. His dialogues “may bhi dkhta hun ap akhir kub tak ek larki kay kay liye apnay betay par zulm karain gay” was just amazing.. I’m glas that he had gathered up the courage to finally stand up to his father’s wrongdoings.

    Maraim’s reality check to Sherry showed that even such a “big fuss”, he still loves her. And I guess this emotion would lead him to find Zoya…

    I’m getting tired of Anum’s usual bragging about “Sherry sirf mera hia”. I mean seriously Sherry is not trophy which she can claim. Glad to know she is going to be kicked by the same Sherry who kicked Zoya out!! Lol!!

    Maraim/Ansar track is finally catching up speed. I like the way that Maraim did not create such a fuss about the tissue.. Instead just asked him in a different manner.. No shaki biwi who goes around poking about her husbands doing.. And the next episode preview has made me a Maraim fan since she has asked Ansar in a straight forward manner.

    The scene of Mrs. Kamal and Sherry was too much emotional. I cried on that scene. It shows the strong mother/child bond and I simply loved it.

    Overall, an engaging episode and the preview seem promising.

    Zahra, a wonderful review as always!!!

    PS @ZaHRA: No change in Sherry’s hairstyle in this episode. Lol!!! :)

    • Thank you for your detailed comment. :) I am glad that you're enjoying the show as much as I am doing. I am just disappointed with Mrs. Kamal's character. At least, it's a high time that in stead of rolling her eyes she should talk to Mr. Kamal about all the wrong he has done to the whole family & about how she feels for Anam. Being a mother, she should open up & just say what is right because I don't think any family works well where the husband is just in a full swing & wife is maintaining a safe silence? I know, she cares for the whole family & always go on to have a one-to-one talk with Sherry but still she needs to hold her power of being a lady of the family & start giving in her piece of mind as well.

      I know, Anam's character is monotonous, nothing new to see, either she is yelling or claiming that she's the best. I can't wait to see her forced out of Sherry's room too. :P LOL! I mean what sort of a girl she is, got rejected by that guy right in front of her family but still is crawling back to him & Mrs. Kamal is once again quiet. She looks nothing less than a spectator or an audience in the house in stead of being a mother or a wife.

      Thank you for liking the review & I agree, his hairstyle was just intact. :D HEHEHH!

      • & yeah, I liked how Mariam handled the situation. I know, this is exactly how Ansar will fall for her seeing how wisely she will tackle the situation. I want to see Ansar exposed in front of his father too because Mr. Kamal has a false idea about how great his son Ansar is. He mentioned it to Mr. Pervez too that look at Ansar he is totally like me, he doesn't even pay heed to middle class people. LOL! I hope he finds out about this girl Seema & the house that Ansar has bought her. It's a high time Mr. Kamal should start having some reality checks too because if he doesn't realize & the drama ends I will feel it's incomplete.

        • thankyou soo much for appreciating. Just counting days till Kahi unkahi is on again!!! I get free with all my homeworks and chores so that i can watch this drama peacefully!!! Even during my tests, i take break during 8-9!! lol!!!

          • LOL! You seem to be in your teenage? Tests & homework? :) Sounds something so familiar but from the past. hehe!

          • Yup!!! something you cnnot escape during teenage i guess!! Oh well!! A time would come when i would say the same words too!!! Lol!!

          • LOL! Insha Allah. haha! :) But make most of it because it's another best phase of life. :D