Kaash Aisa Ho Episode 5 – Totally Hooked!

A brilliant episode once again! The pace of the show and its twists and turns are keeping me hooked to the show. Mohib Mirza and Saba Qamar have done a spectacular job. At first, I was a bit skeptical about Mohib doing the role of Shayan, even his new look seemed like it would not suit him, but I must say he is the perfect person for the role of Shayan and his look completely complements his character of a beauty loving artist. Sohail Javed has done a wonderful job as the director and Maha Malik’s script is like a cherry on top.

Finally Shayan marries Irfa in this episode. It was about time he realized how important Irfa was in his life. He never valued her before because she was always around but when he realized that he would lose her forever he got scared and finally proposed her on the night of her Mehendi. Well, Thank God it wasn’t during her Nikkah! That would have been extremely clichéd! Shayan compromised on one thing he values the most and that is beauty. Outer beauty is a very important factor to a person like him. He compromised because he was scared of his loneliness but for how long? At one point or the other the beauty worshiping nature of his personality will become dominant. Will he regret his decision then?

Irfa and Shayan have a great chemistry and I loved all their scenes in this episode. To some extent, Irfa does feel inferior in front of Shayan. In the scene where Shayan takes her out, Irfa could not help but recall Shayan’s dialogues of unmatched pairs roaming around together. She also took Mahjabeen’s dialogues to heart when she told her that a person like Shayan gets bored of colors easily and need new colors in his life all the time. She got extremely upset when Mahjabeen said “Rang Peekha parhne mein time nahi lagega” and Shayan’s preferences will soon change.

I must say Juggan Kazim is doing a great job as Mahjabeen. Her comic character balances the highly emotional scenes in the episode. She got more than what she deserved. Shayan ditched her and she got married to Nasir who treats her like a princess and she dominates him in every way possible. They make a perfect pair! Their after marriage scenes were extremely hilarious. Especially the one when Irfa sees the newlyweds and their lovey dovey moments and she could not help but laugh, and the awkward way Nasir greeted her. Now she is Irfa Baji for him! Extremely hilarious scene!

“Mein Duniya ki Kisi bhi larki to thukra sakhta hun per Irfa ko nahi”

These dialogues were spoken by Shayan after he and Irfa got married and Irfa was voicing out her doubts about their future relationship. Shayan is a very unpredictable character. His mood and his preferences change very quickly. Let’s see if Shayan would remain true to his words.

I loved all the dialogues spoken by Irfa in this episode. She is surprised and happy at the same time because of the change in Shayan’s attitude towards her. A beautiful line that remained in my memory while watching the episode was when Shayan told her that I may be unpredictable but at the end of the day I will always come back to you and Irfa said that I will always wait for you no matter what. Wow! That’s one beautiful dialogue!

Shayan’s non serious attitude towards life has started to irk me a little. I thought after her mother’s death he would start taking his life seriously but I was wrong. He still refuses to do a job despite Irfa’s persistence. He actually took her advice in a bad sense which made Irfa give up on him. On the whole, it was a great episode. I am curious to know what will happen next! I am sure this show will manage to take the top spot if its pace remains the same.

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Mariam Shafiq.

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