Kahi Unkahi Episode 19 – Sherry In Action!

So today’s episode was once again engaging & revolved around Sherry & his awakening. I enjoy how they are winding up the drama & the pace has improved a lot more, plus there were no flaws as such & was a treat to watch.

Seema finally realized that she was gaining nothing by asking for Ansar’s hand rather she was spoiling a life of an innocent girl Mariam who was ready to do anything for her marriage & her family. Seema said she was going back to Hyderabad, which shed a light on another demon of the society & that’s how girls from small towns & cities come to the metropolitans & then try to match with the crowd there & for that they need money & to earn that money they use such tactics like getting involved with those guys who are not in a mood for a serious relationship. It’s sad & watching the character of Seema really made me cringe all the time because of what was being portrayed through her character. I guess Ansar walked really clean past this mess & I would’ve liked if he had suffered a bit just to compensate the pain he has caused to Sherry & in particular Zoya. Mariam came like a savior & swooped in at the right time. Seema, who, at first seemed all agitated calmed down just in a few seconds.

The best scene again was that of Sherry barging into Anam’s home & insulting her in front of her useless brother & arrogant mother. Anam lost it & deserved it well. Poor thing didn’t see it coming & was all happy that Sherry missed the flight. I actually like the character of Sherry a lot because at times he is seen really fragile & innocent but when the moment arises he does know how to take a stand irrespective of who he is dealing with. Sherry had the guts to look into his father’s eyes & give him a piece of his mind.

Mariam gained respect in Ansar’s eyes & it’s good to see her getting the attention & love that she deserves. Zeeshan tried to use Seema against Ansar but that thing backfired on him once again because he was a bit too slow in his action. Mariam beat him & got hold of the situation just in the nick of time. Mrs. Pervaiz was all furious because of how Sherry insulted Anam. I guess being in that age & having the experience she should’ve seen it coming that Anam was going to face something major in her life because how she had spoiled her child.

I, once again, was reminded of the old Bollywood Classic ‘Meinne Pyaar Kiya’ when Mr. Kamal said he will return within 4 days because he is used to the airconditioned cars & all the luxuries. It was a scene which we all can remember well from Salman Khan’s movie. Sherry, just like Salman Khan declared leaving the house & Mr. Kamal, just like Salman Khan’s father threatened to disown his son. It was so good to see how Sherry openly acclaimed that he will get married to Zoya. Can’t wait for it to happen as well.

Zoya, on the other hand, was still disturbed & wasn’t happy because of her relatives. They have been mean to her father through out their lives & she wants to maintain a safe distance from them too. The preview of next episode promises a bit more drama because Zoya’s relatives aren’t as good as they are posing in front of her father. I hope Sherry comes ASAP & rescues her from their evil plans.

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Fatima Awan

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  • nice review zahra ji.you and fatima awan are my favourite reviewers.i never miss any episode of kahi ankahi and i also like to read your reviews on the drama.yes 19th episode was good and the scene where mr.kamal disowned sherry that also reminded me of maine pyar kiya movie.well thank GOD that the writer fully utilized the character of mariam in this episode.mariam is my favourite character in this drama among mrs.kamal,sherry and zoya and the character which i hate the most is mr.kamal.i also hate anum but i hate mr.kamal more.i cant believe that after being exposed infront of sherry how mr.kamal said that easily that he has no remorse on what he did with zoya and his father but i liked the scene where sherry insulted anum infront of her family anum deserves this.looking forward to the next episode that might be the last and i hope that sherry and zoya reunites in the end and mr.kamal ko bhi last episode mein kuch akal aajaye aur woh zoya ko accept kerlein.well zahra ji your review is nice keep it up.

    • Thank you so much Fahad for your input & appreciation. I am really joyed to hear that you like my reviews. This means a lot to me. Yes, of all the characters that you've pointed out, those are my favourite too. Zoya, Mariam & Sherry. I actually liked the character of Mrs. Kamal when the drama started but she has subsided & has taken a back seat. I don't see her being much vocal about what she feels. I was actually waiting all this time for a scene between Mr. & Mrs. Kamal where they share what they actually feel & Mr. Kamal gets a reality check from his wife who doesn't like his values & false standards. I hope she speaks up before the drama ends because Mr. Kamal certainly needs some sort of a harsh reality check. Keep watching & commenting. :)

  • Sherry as a character may be nice but Sheryar munawaar's acting and expressions?!!! so bland , the way he was with sunglasses at airport kept reminding me of blind people, not at all of a rich boy travelling to london to study at some expensive university.

    • hahahah Xenia, u r right, bilkullll yehi lag raha tha, his acting is worst in this play. this episode reminded me not only of that Indian movie mentioned in comments but also Umera's novel Aks, and atleast 2 other plays I have watched, kahir mil mila k kuch ban hi gaya. Zahra u r right that Ansar should have suffered, it shouldnt be like telling people that go and keep extra marital affairs if ur wife is good, no problem she will forgive u.

      • Well i watched the whole episode very critically. Maryam told clearly her husband " k mafi mujh sa nai Allah sa mango" whatever happened with Ansar was enough to realize him that he was wrong and i think it was the most appropriate way to convey her message. So what do you think that fights, separations rather Tallak are the right actions to handle such issues. Even according to Islam husband and wife must tolerate and hide (parda) their partners mistakes and they should act like each others "Libas". Therefore as per my understanding it was the most decent and appropriate way to make someone realize his/her mistake. I have read Umera it is not her style she generally doesn't write light romantic love stories, therefore i couldn't find any similarity between Aks and Kahi Unkahi . I think the story is all together different and quite interesting we must appreciate Kahi Unkahi team for their job well done no doubt KnK is a well written and directed drama. Yes i do agree Sherry needs to improve his acting skills, but i think he is a new comer and will improve his acting skills with the passage of time. Moreover he looks quite fresh as new a face in drama industry which is overcoming his weaknesses.

        • @ Xenia: I think he has done a justice to his character & I find no such issues with his acting irrespective of his dialogues being in both English & Urdu, I think he conveys them fluently. I think he is doing a pretty good job that's why he is being approached by so many directors/producers for their shows. No one would waste a dime on someone who you think doesn't know how to act? Isn't it? :)

          @ Ironeagle: I totally agree with what you've said & Mrs. Asim, I didn't mean that he should've gotten exposed or something but at least some sort of suffering. But counter to that the way Mariam handled the situation is exemplary.

          & Ironeagle is right, I think it's unfair to judge any drama or compare it with Umera Ahmed's because the genre here is totally different. Umera Ahmed always writes stories based on serious issues with very deep meanings so Kahi Unkahi is totally different. It's more on a commercial side with some twists & turns & I guess it's really keeping the viewers hooked. I think if I wouldn't like a drama I wouldn't watch it rather than watching it just so that I can later criticise it for example I couldn't find Tanhaiyaan Naye Silsilaye interesting so I stopped watching it after the 3rd episode. It's simple, isn't it? :)

          • @ Xenia: I really understand what you mean & like I replied on your last week's comment 'to each, their own'. I can totally understand your dislikes & like about anything in particular. :) I know you did not mean he was incapable but then again the languages are the main part of dialogues & I find him profound in both. He seems pretty good in whatever he does, so it's alright. :)

            @ Zara: Thank you & I love your comment. heheheh!

            @ Saima: I agree (& here goes the line of dislikes) Tanhaiyaan Naye Silsilaye lacked for me big time. It wasn't a sequel it was a remake with younger version of Zara, Sanya & Qabaccha & Zain as well. No story, nothing & the span of 13 episodes show how much of a story they had in their pocket to begin with. I know they all tried really hard but it looked like they were trying to earn some cash & viewership based on the affiliation with the old classic. To me Tanhaiyaan ended when Tanhaiyaan 1 ended & there's no space left for Naye Silsilay or Remake Silsilay. I am not trying to offend anyone but just voicing up my opinion. :)

          • hmmm Zahra i think there is some communication gap between me and you or maybe we just happen to have different likes/dislikes. I never meant Sheryar Munawar had some language incapability just that he lacks the charisma and personality that should have been there. He is the hero of the drama afterall,
            and i just super loved TNS, was actually sad it was over as i enjoyed watching it with my daughter. so well guess we r just two different people:)

          • Zahra I was comparing it with Umera's writings, astagfirullah;) two hugely different things cant be compared. read out AKS and u will know the whole heroin side story is exactly same ,driver ki beti, MBBS, thrown out of home after consiparcy,goes to relative, driver has issues with relative but they welcome him, driver is happy but Aks tells him that they r doing it just coz they want her hand etc will not u call it similarity? this rajjo side story is also from another story.
            well I didnt watch it to criticize ,its few episodes were good , and m too optimistic , one reason is that there is no other play on sunday monday tuesday. I left it in start as u know, but then u asked me to watch it so m watching;) umeed pay dunya qaim hay:)

          • @ Mrs. Asim: aap aisa karain phir say dekhna chorr dain.jo dekh raha hay usko dekhnay dain or enjoy karnay dain. humain tou bohot maza araha hay, lol ;)

          • i totally agree with saima :). it is an awesome drama and we all are loving it no doubt.

  • I think the main idea is inspired by one of my favourite "Maine Pyar Kiya". what i really liked that the inspiration is executed excellently well. I am loving the full dramatical show. i am addicted kahi ankahi (and your reviews as well:) )


    • Thank you for agreeing Salman Ahmed. I am glad you're enjoying it, keep pouring in more from your side & enjoy. :)

  • sherry and zoyee….., no doubt has become a super duper couple after ashar and khirad.
    Sherry is my mooooooooooost favorite character in KAK. he is innocent, cute, straight forward and yes!! as you said has guts to take action whenever required. he is a DARLING!!!!;) I lovvvvv sherry!!!!!!

  • my fav scene was when they showed zoya after a long spell heading down in the village, her father comes to her and then we get to know about their whereabouts and all we wanted to know. scene was to the point and well executed hain na???