Kahi Unkahi Episode 19 – Sherry In Action!

So today’s episode was once again engaging & revolved around Sherry & his awakening. I enjoy how they are winding up the drama & the pace has improved a lot more, plus there were no flaws as such & was a treat to watch.

Seema finally realized that she was gaining nothing by asking for Ansar’s hand rather she was spoiling a life of an innocent girl Mariam who was ready to do anything for her marriage & her family. Seema said she was going back to Hyderabad, which shed a light on another demon of the society & that’s how girls from small towns & cities come to the metropolitans & then try to match with the crowd there & for that they need money & to earn that money they use such tactics like getting involved with those guys who are not in a mood for a serious relationship. It’s sad & watching the character of Seema really made me cringe all the time because of what was being portrayed through her character. I guess Ansar walked really clean past this mess & I would’ve liked if he had suffered a bit just to compensate the pain he has caused to Sherry & in particular Zoya. Mariam came like a savior & swooped in at the right time. Seema, who, at first seemed all agitated calmed down just in a few seconds.

The best scene again was that of Sherry barging into Anam’s home & insulting her in front of her useless brother & arrogant mother. Anam lost it & deserved it well. Poor thing didn’t see it coming & was all happy that Sherry missed the flight. I actually like the character of Sherry a lot because at times he is seen really fragile & innocent but when the moment arises he does know how to take a stand irrespective of who he is dealing with. Sherry had the guts to look into his father’s eyes & give him a piece of his mind.

Mariam gained respect in Ansar’s eyes & it’s good to see her getting the attention & love that she deserves. Zeeshan tried to use Seema against Ansar but that thing backfired on him once again because he was a bit too slow in his action. Mariam beat him & got hold of the situation just in the nick of time. Mrs. Pervaiz was all furious because of how Sherry insulted Anam. I guess being in that age & having the experience she should’ve seen it coming that Anam was going to face something major in her life because how she had spoiled her child.

I, once again, was reminded of the old Bollywood Classic ‘Meinne Pyaar Kiya’ when Mr. Kamal said he will return within 4 days because he is used to the airconditioned cars & all the luxuries. It was a scene which we all can remember well from Salman Khan’s movie. Sherry, just like Salman Khan declared leaving the house & Mr. Kamal, just like Salman Khan’s father threatened to disown his son. It was so good to see how Sherry openly acclaimed that he will get married to Zoya. Can’t wait for it to happen as well.

Zoya, on the other hand, was still disturbed & wasn’t happy because of her relatives. They have been mean to her father through out their lives & she wants to maintain a safe distance from them too. The preview of next episode promises a bit more drama because Zoya’s relatives aren’t as good as they are posing in front of her father. I hope Sherry comes ASAP & rescues her from their evil plans.

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Fatima Awan

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