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The most awaited ceremony just held few hours back declaring our finest actors of the drama industry as simply the best for their phenomenal performance in the dramas that were been on aired on HUM TV. 


The ceremony was a true reflection of the excitement and enthusiasm that was seen within the nominees and the channel since the day the ceremony was announced. The night was all glowed up with colors and a live performance by Abida Parveen took it to the new levels.The CEO of the channel, Momina Duraid also shared her thoughts about how fascinating 2012 has had been. What overwhelmed the audience was the hosting been done by Mahira Khan and Mikael Zulfiqar and unpredictably, Fawad  Khan also performed on songs.


We have been sharing all about the latest moves about the awards ceremony so far and here we are again, with the results.


Best Actor in a Comic Role

Uroosa Siddiqui (Funkhana)

Best Sitcom

Extras (The Mango People)

Best Soap

 Mujhe Roothney Na Dena

Best Actor Female Soap 

Sumbul Iqbal (RR)

Best Actor Male Soap

 Imran Aslam (NGGS)

Best New Sensation Television

Shehryar Munawar and Sohai Abro

Best Host 

Fahad Mustafa

Best Drama Series

 Kitni Girhein Baaqi Hain

Best Original Sound Track

 Mere Qatil Mere Dildaar

Best Actor in a Supporting Role Male

 Mohib Mirza (SEZ)

Best Actor in a Supporting Role Female

Shagufta Ijaz (MQMD) and Samina Peerzada (Roshan Sitaara)

Best On-Screen Couple

FawadMahira (HS)

Best Writer Drama Serial

Umera Ahmed (Maat)

Best Drama Serial


Best Director Drama Serial

 Farooq Rind (Sanjha)

Best Actor Male

Noman Ijaz (Barri Apa)

Best Actor Female

Mahira Khan (SEZ)

Congratulations to all the winners, The audience is still waiting to enjoy the ceremony,


Nida Zaidi


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  • Where is Fawaddddd :@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ i want to kill hum tv
    is budhhheyy noman ko dena zaruurrrrii tha :@ :oooooo

    • Budhhay kay bacchay/bachhi .. uski acting dekhi thi tum nay ? Class ki acting ki thi Noman nay.Har jaga Fawad ko mat ghusao!
      I like both of them,but Noman was too good in Bari Aapa!

    • That is absolutely true. Especially his acting in episode 21. when he finds out about his wife's affair. Nauman Ejaz is the baap of pakistani drama acting. He has been acting for the last 20 years. Hi various roles in Mera Saeen, Jo chaley and Bari apa are simply outclass and this man truly deserves an award.

  • kuch thek hen kuch farig.mahira k ilawa hazar actresses hen jn ki acting aala hy hd ho gae hy is anty ko kyu mila hy

  • humsafar was not even nominated for best drama, actor (fawad) or ost ……. :@ i dont think its viewers choice.

  • Where is Fawad and Durre shahwar, i think that sanam baloch should have got the best actress price not mahira.

    • i am very happy for the succesful award show of hum tv i like most sanam saeed and fawad khan thank you humv

  • Does Durr e e Shehwar not deserve any award?? and what about Bilqees Kaur?? thats so unfair !! these were way better dramas than anyone of them….
    Samina Peerzada shud have been given the award on Durr e Shehwar…. she was just flawless out there !! and Bushra Ansari deserved much more than even a Best actress award….. Bilqees Kaur was outstanding !! mahira khan to passing bhi nahin thi Shehr e Zaat mein, though i liked the serial…. truly disappointed :(

  • Good to see Hum TV making a wise choice & not turning HUM TV AWARDS into HUMSAFAR AWARDS. I am satisfied with all those who got the awards but Samina Peerzada deserved it for Shehr e Zaat & not Roshan Sitara. Umera Ahmed is all the favourite of the whole Pakistan but her better writing was DurreShahwaar & I guess Savera Nadeem & Sanam Baloch did marvellous job Bari Appa & DurreShahwaar at least better than Mahira for sure.

  • I like the results Although I like young actors too BUT ,I have seen no one in any channel doing the kind of acting like Noman Ijaz did in barri aapa.
    Also about HUMSAFAR drama I commented in last article too but MOD delete that…..THAT you guys should learn how Awards system works.It works in a year period…..like the dramas which started in 2012……not those who ended.Means HUMSAFAR was started in 2011 and should not included in nominations for 2012 awards.

  • I like the results Although I like young actors too BUT ,I have seen no one in any channel doing the kind of acting like Noman Ijaz did in barri aapa.

  • thanks for the list. it makes it easy to see all the winners.
    are u sure fawad khan performed something on stage? b cuz i read on another site that he refused straight to do any performance. please confirm and tell what he performed on stage. thank you. best wishes.

  • is it true that fawad performed???????
    bt many rumors were sepreading on many sites that fawad didn't performed coz ov ego related issues or monetary

  • i dnt like the resultsss. i mean how could sohai?????????????? shehr.e.zaat no doubt waz great bt humsfr or soap serials mn mjy roothny na dna oh! cmmm onnnnnnnnnnn plzzzzzzzz htng it

  • congratulations Noman Ejaz,he is the best not only in Bari Apa but also did best in other dramas.fawd is also did his best in many dramas and I thnik got awards.

  • Sarmad Khoosat was the best director with Humsafar and the stupendous Shehre Zaat.Samina Peerzada gave the best performance of her life in Shehre Zaat,and deserved the best Supporting actress award.Umera Ahmed is no doubt the best writer ,but for Shehre Zaat.I can smell something fishy fishy.

  • Poor decisions.Where is Maat,DurreShawar,Humsafer,Bilqees Khaur and Mera Naseeb dramas.. Awards must go to Saba Qamer,Sanam Baloch,Samina Peerzada and Savera Nadeem . Please be fair.

  • Mahira Khan for best actress? Seriously? There were far more superior actresses in the running. What is wrong with people? Voting style over substance!

  • humsafar's title song shoul be there for award and also bari appa drama was really gr8.. not shehre zzaat :/ and maat should be a choice.. humsafar to.. noman ejaz acting superbv and mahira khan too.. but fawadkhan was nothing? ://

  • i am a bit disheartened………..firstly fawad khan was not nominated…..everyone knows humsafar wud not have been the same widout his flawless acting…….secondly,mahira was given award for best actress for shehr e zaat!!aamina shaikh,savera nadeem,saba qamar and saniya saeed!these ppl are amazing actresses and mahira ruined shehrezaat with her pathetic actinG!!talent shud be preferred not popularity……..

  • fawad iz more desrving then noman in (bari appa) n mahira khan deserve two awards…shehre zaat as wel as humsafr…n best soap could be nikar gae gulaab saare…not mje rootne na dena :/ boring n pathetic soap with bocus cast..:/

  • noman ijaz ko 2013 ma drama finish huna tha tu da deta fawad ko nominate tak naheen kia pata naheen kia politices chalti haan pak ma france ma hum na sirf fawad ki waga sa magic box liya ur hum dekha but now i hate hum tv only zgh dekhan ga bas stop hum tv politices

  • too good to know that fawad is prforming and sirf isi liye awards b dikhun gi othrwise humsafar ko exclude krne ki wja say i realy didn't want to

  • i cant understand y they ignore fawadddddddddddddddddddd…….. he was deserving more than nouman ijaz hum tv i;ii never forgive u 4 this………………………..

  • well i dnt think soooo…..that they r viewers chice award….:/…and i m very angry that where iz fawaaaddddd???? uhhhhh…

  • i wnt 2 know noman ejaz ne aisa knsa maarka maara tha bari aapa mn jo usko award dy dia????????????dunia fawad ko award mlne ka wait kr ri ti r mla b kse jska role nihayat e weak tha


    • i agree with u farheen… noman ajaz ka to koi itna khas role e nae tha…bari appa mai jo usko best actor ka award hi de dia…:/…fawad khan deservs that award…pta nae kya badtameeeeziii e….hhuuuhhhhh…

  • Best actress and actor are non other than Sanam Baloch and best drama is Maat and Durre- shawar. Hum TV remained unjust with awards. Seems like they given the awards on the basis of personal interest.

  • No way, Mahira she can hardly act; expressionless.
    Saba Qamar from Maat and Fawad for Humsafar shouldve received it.
    Best drama undoubtedly was Maat or Humsafar

  • Enter text right here! Lot of injustce has been done here. There is no way you can ignore the excellent performance of Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan/Sanam Baloch during the period under consideration. Can't we do anything right?

  • Yawr guys samjha karo naa agar ye log humsafar ko nominate kertey to sare ke sare awards humsafar ley jata baki dramon ko puchta kon tha ??? thats why fawad ko nominate nahi kia agar kerty to woh saarey awards ley jata n secondly ye stupid awards kya decide karen gay ?? we all know that fawad is the best ek stupid sa useless award leney se koe bhi hero nahi banta infact hero to tab banta ha jab logon ke dilon mein jaga bana sakey n i know hum sab ke dillon pey fawad khan hakumat kerta ha so just chill !!!

  • itny bakwas awards uffffff fawad ko q nai dia mery bas ma hota to ma sary k sary awards fawad ko hi da dati…..

  • best original sound track goes to meray qatil meray dildar?? it's totally unsatisfactory! there were many other ost better then this! and congratz noman ijaz! his acting was totally amazing in bari appa!

  • mujay to lagta ha k 1st award cermony sub actors directors writers aur viewers ko khoosh krny k liy thi keyon k her hadramy ko hi koi na koi award diya gaya

  • bkws awards, kisi totay se parchian uthwaein hain k award kisi mile ga, its not ryt at all….grr…..nd yeah fawad khan ko q nae mila…..:(

  • Please anybody can tell me where can i watch online Hum Tv awards???I didn't see any link on internet.


  • sultana sidique ager humsafer or fawad ko award dati tu sary actors naraz ho jaty sary fawad say jealous hotay hain waisy b fawad ko awaard ki zarorat nai hai sub ko pata hai k wo kitna soooooooooooooooooooper dooooooooooooper actor hai

  • i totaly disagree with the result.hum tv humsafar ko bull gaya? and where is fawad khan? fawad khan is best actar………………..

  • Numan for bari apa y?his acting was good in this drama but abi bari apa ko consider nhe krna chiya tha….but anyhw

  • bakwaas result hen.
    or sanam ko durre shahwar ke lye nominate hona chahye tha roshan sitara ke lye nhi

  • y not fawad kahn he deserve for best actor n sanam for dure shehwar drama .disagree with these results :(

  • where is fawadddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd????? ye kis khisam k awards hain :@ :@ :@ :@ fawad ko kyun nahin mila award hadddd hee hogai

  • Fahad ke performance zabardast thew hum ke awards ke arrangements Bihar sshandar thew l love hum tv drama

  • Best actor award goes for fawad plz people yeh kya bakwaas hai fawad has no comparison with Norman ejaz fawad is a rocker he does so well this is so unfair love ufawaaaaaaaaad doesn't matter if u don get an award we still luv u en we know dat ur much bar than Norman ejaz

  • >