Indian Dramas on Pakistan’s Local Channels-Why to ban Indian Channels then?

We live in a country with double standards especially when it comes to choosing in between what is right and what is not. Whether it be regarding fashion, latest trend, entertainment or politics, our rules somewhat very different for ourselves as compared to the ideologies we generally talk about. Relating this major drawback of the nation with the entertainment industry of ours, all I have to share today are my views about the diplomacy of our local channels and the confused state of the viewers who are not even thinking once that where our culture and tradition is actually heading.


Throughout my experience while writing over the entertainment industry of Pakistan, I have realized that the audience seems reasonably satisfied with the local content and much of the readers on different forums have been found saying that they love Pakistani Dramas and find them much better than the foreign content- fair enough! While the viewers are happy with what their country is producing for them, It sounds like a wonder that the private channels are actually airing the foreign dramas in their prime time without even talking about the reason for doing so.

It was also analyzed few months back that there is still a minority which looks forward to the Turkish shows and want to have more from the stated country, which again, might be because of the similarities that the two countries share on the basis of religion (and nothing else). Not going in much of the details that what made these Turkish dramas popular amongst the Pakistanis, I would only target the INDIAN DRAMAS that  are going on air on different channels.

Why to block Indian Channels?

The heading reveals my point fairly well. There was literally a time when I and my family, just like many of you, used to follow Star Plus and SONY TV, watching ‘The super BALAJI SHOWS’ like crackpots. Hate them or love them, Pakistan had a huge audience following those melo-dramatic serials but it was only then the channels were blocked by PEMRA and we saw the officials condemning the broadcast of Indian Channels in the country, declaring them as a threat to the integrity and culture of Pakistan.

Amazingly, now that the audience has converge its interests from the Indian stories to the Local content, the private, renowned channels are now airing the same, I repeat, the same Indian shows through their platform.

Here is a small list of Indian Dramas that are been aired on our Local channels which are established by Muslim Pakistanis, run by them and are paying back to them only!


1)Qubool Hai  (21:00)


The drama is been watched by the fans of Karan Grover, the  Arman Malik of Dil Mil Gaye and is contributing in earning some TRPs for the channel.

2) Bade Achhe Lagte Hain    (22:00)

images (1)

The Parvati is back, not on star Plus or SONY, but on Geo, wonders happen, and happen in this country only!

3)Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke (22:30)

images (2)

Honestly speaking, I haven’t followed this one but still, its existence on a Pakistani Platform is enough to pinch.

Express entertainment

1)      Haseena Chalbaaz

2)      Anamika

3)      Hitler di-di

4)      Na boly tum na maine kuch kaha


All these dramas that are aired on Express entertainment are scheduled for primetimes, thus, you can imagine how important and close they are to the hearts of the owners of the channel.

What’s the confusion?

This country can be well defined in a single word, and that is ‘CONFUSED’. We are all confused about everything; cherry on the top, we are given a free-hand too by the authorities to like, do, wish, Kill, watch, eat, drink, vote anything and anyone, no one actually bothers. The question here is that how can people watch these dramas when they fake round, saying they love the local content? It is obvious that the channels are continuing the telecast because they are earning with, people are watching them. And if the people want to see the Indian dramas then why are Indian channels banned?

What kind of a strategy are they following basically? Where is PEMRA now and why those officials are satisfied with the same ideologies been promoted by these serials? Who to question? Who will answer? Just like other matters, we, the audience again find no one owing the responsibility!

Please share your views about the matter,


Nida Zaidi


My name is Shozib Ali. I have done Bachelors in Media Sciences. Currently Working as an administrator and content writer for reviewit.

  • Oh and there's even Utran. I don't get why its still on air.
    I thought Haseena Chalbaaz was a pakistani drama :/ I don't watch it but i thought it was pakistani.

  • Its a free country !!!!!! But the point writer made is good
    Jab dikhanay hi hain tou y not indian channels
    Waisay i started watching indian dramas when i
    Was doing my masters woh bhi when ny friends
    Started making fun of me keh u still watch 8 o clock
    Ptv drama :(
    I watch pakistani, english and indian dramas
    All are fun to watch :)
    But I admit when uttran is on air hum tv I hate it :(

    • Hey Maham,
      it was interesting to hear your part about how you switched to Indian dramas buddy :)
      Its a fact that we live in a free country with Confused minds :)

  • The truth is we live in a free world. One should not be isolated to the content of their own country because this means you only get to see one perspective out of millions out there. Part of being educated is being able to understand other cultures. Now I'm certainly not saying that all these dramas should be aired on Pakistani TV channels BUT, fact is that we should have a choice. The channels should be open for you to choose to watch. I saw a documentary on Youtube itself (sidenote…also blocked in Pakistan which makes me REALLY angry even if I do not live there right now) showing that how in a certain area in Pakistan, the kids had been behaving like Hindus, doing poojas and the likes because they had been watching Star Plus so much, but that is the fault of the household's elders, their parents and grand-parents not teaching them what it means to be a muslim and what Pakistani culture is, and that these things are wrong. I myself have watched some dramas on Star One (sister channel of Star Plus that is now closed) like Geet and Dil mil gaye and I am not ashamed of it. I watch English serials like Grey's Anatomy, I am not ashamed of that either. I have watched Korean movies with subtitles, I am not ashamed of that. But after watching ALL of that, when I come home, what I really want to catch up on first is an episode of Mirat-ul-Uroos or Daagh, it is afterall the works I can most closely relate to.
    Pakistan is a country, not a universe of its own, just as Canada, India, Germany, Russia…they are all countries. They are not completely separate universes and to be an educated community, we need to be aware and have the resources to compare our works to. Let's not try to make Pakistan the next South Korea where their people believed that their former president invented the wheel. We can't BAN the existence of other countries because we are threatened by their works or that we think we may become like them. From time to time, letting other countries' channels play in your home RESPONSIBLY is the key here. We should have the right to chose. When my family moved out west about 20 years ago…we would be DYING to see anything on TV coming in Urdu or any Indian movies airing on TV. Imagine if people in the west here NEVER let Pakistani channels air for whatever reason. It is unfair to punish people by taking the ability to watch something away from them or banning channels and Youtube because we are afraid that some Pakistanis might forget who they are. If you know your identity, you know your religion and you know your culture, there is NO WAY that you will let yourself slip up.

  • Yeah it is a free county but one of the main reasons i really do not like the fact that our channels are playing indian dramas is that INDIA DOES NOT ALLOW PAKISTANI DRAMAS ON THEIR CHANNELS!!! Where is our self respect? How can we play their dramas!!! And watch them?
    Turkish content on the other hand isn't much. You don't see three or four turkish tv shows being playing on every channel like the indian shows. Turkey also is our ally and so that is okay.

  • i am a bengali from UK, i used to watch indian dramas a lot, but since i have started to watch pakistani dramas i stop watching indian dramas, because pakistani dramas are lot more interesting, and every drama has different story not like those stupid indian dramas almost same stories in every drama, indian dramas teaches people how to live unhappily. :@..i just love pakistani dramas :)

  • I hate Indian Dramas and Movies and I wonder why Pakistani media even allows to play such garbage on our media and who are the people who watch such cheap entertainment?

  • i agree pta nhi hmare pakistani ye kion nhi smjhte indian drame dekhne se apne buisiness ko economy ko or apne culture ko nuqsan ho rha hai kafi had tk to pehle e hochukA RHI SAHE KASAR PHR NIKAL RHE…indian dramon se kahin ache hmare pakistanii drame hain phr kion tmam channels indiAN TURKISH DRAME DIKHA rhe?

  • Remember…the world was made for entire humanity and all human race…who are we to differentiate between “Hindus Muslims Jews and Christians”
    Stop the hatred brigade…
    Muslims are not a breed or race apart, remember that!
    I follow Christian faith by heart and intent and Jesus taught me to “love abd forgive” and I simply that…
    Love, forgive, live abd let live

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