“Advertisements Promoting Indian Celebrities Should be Banned Soon”- Pakistan Parliament!

After placing a ban on Indian Channels in the Country, it seems that the next target been set by the authorities is the appearance of Indian Celebrities in Pakistani Ads. According to the latest news, a paper has been passed by the Pakistani Parliamentary panel for banning the advertisements that feature Indian Models and actresses. Yes, you got it right, it is soon that Slice, Veet and Lux advertisements would not be bringing Katrina on Screen, Pantene would cast Saba Qamar in spite of Shilpa Shetty and Head & Shoulders would have someone other than Kareena.

In the meeting, headed by the Information Minister Qamar Zaman Kaira, the committee stated that it is important to take such actions to protect the Islamic touch that was one of the reasons for the move of Independence in 1947. The Issue is still in the court and waiting for the judiciary to pass the final decision. However it was been seen that the idea was encouraged by all the members of the parliament who emphasized on protecting the cultural heritage and providing the opportunities to the natives of the country, rather than importing a similar talent from outside.

The most shocking clause of the paper was that the panel has also demanded to make it mandatory for the Female anchors to cover their head (With Dupatta). It sounds like the committee wants to come up with new Islamic Policies by the end of the reign of the existing Government.

However, the fact persists that the International Companies like Head&Shoulders, Veet, etc have a good sales from the both countries and their advertisements are based on general goals. The companies have, although not responded to the news, but there is one thing for sure, They would found themselves in an awkward situation if an order is passed to ban such ads.

Let us see how far the idea goes in banning everything related to the neighboring country,

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Nida Zaidi



  • Ibad

    Where are Indian Channels banned . They are constantly being shown all over Pakistan. Well , some cable operators hide their name by a strip and giving them some fake name but they are not actually banned.

    • We Pakistanis are hypocrite people. We love to watch Indian TV channels and their movies. Our own TV Channels show Indian contents programme and nobody objects to those.

      Besides this government has taken policy initiative to liberalise bilateral trade with India. The move would open business opportunities by providing market access to Indian goods in Pakistan. The move will allow Pakistan to import some 6,800 items from India. At present, Pakistan allows import of only 1,946 Indian items.

      Aren’t we hypocrite that on one hand we ban their models and on the other hand we love to use the things imported from India.

      As far as duppatta is concerned this govt would not do that. It is a suggestion which will never be materialized.

      Ek Ladki Dupatta Rangwane Gayi.
      Ladka: Baji Is Ko Kesa Rang Dun ..?
      Ladki: Is ko Essay Rang Do Ke Na Safed Ho Na Kala, Na Laal Ho Na Gulabi
      Na Peela Ho Na Narangi, Na Neela Ho Na Aasmani, Na Jamni Ho Na Harra Ho.
      Aur Haan Mein Ye Kab Lene Aaon..?

      Ladka: Tab Aana Jab Na Hafta Ho Na Itwar
      Na Peer Ho Na Mangal, Na Budh Ho Na Jumeraat, Aur Na Jumma Ho..
      Yaad Se Le Jana Baji.

  • Anas


  • Rizwan pervaiz

    I am very glad to hear this news, all the Indian Channels and Ads should be banned permanently banned in Pakistan.

  • dsk

    aman ki asha ka kia hoga.. lol on dupatta. hw wud veena malik look in VEET ad with sleeveless and short skirt and a head scarf :P.. Take a break u legal Fools !!

  • Hajra Feroz

    100% agreed to this upcoming policy..it will help to flourish the economy.

  • Ammarttitude

    Thank God – I'm 100% with in favor of this act..

  • zamzam

    kash aisa hojaye

  • lalal

    this is not a good approach. our actors are welcome to work in INDIA then why should we impose such laws?
    Humaima, Atif, Ali Zafar, Veena, Mona, Rahat, Javed Sheikh and many more names are presently working in India.
    in my opinion this will depict a negative image of Pakistan in the world that we want out actors to work outside, but don`t allow others to be promoted in our own region.
    as far as indian channels are concerned they should be banned because our channels are not allowed there.

  • Zahra Mirza

    It's ironic. On one hand the Parliament is insisting on this bill to be sanctioned because they want to take such actions in order to protect the Islamic touch, accha. Do you think that the Indian Ads are actually the threat to the Islamic values of Pakistan? Then what about Saba Qamar seen half-naked in a 1 Rupee bubble gum fresh ups' ad, is it inside the circle of Islam & aren't our Islamic values mistreated that way? How about the fashion industry (not the drama industry) of Pakistan, lux style awards, Pakistan Fashion Week & so many such particular events when we feel we're not less then Hollywood when it comes to the exposing of our skins? I guess this is something that should be fixed wayyyyyyyyyy after we've worked on the pettiness cum liberalism that prevails within our society.

  • Aaz

    Plz Only Allow the ads of Katrina.!

  • maha

    hahahaha……… kr k dekh len. ishq e mamnoon ko pasand krnay wali awam dupattay k sath anchors ko brdasht b nhn kray gi. hmari government ka tu dimag khrab hogya hai. nice joke!

  • Anjani

    whatever happens, happens for a reason 🙂
    Im from India and I do not know wht problem we guys have with eachothers media.
    Why r Pak channels banned in India ?