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Zindagi Gulzar hai Episode 1 – Loved It!

Finally the much awaited play went on air and I have to say that I found myself counting minutes today. This first episode introduced the viewers to almost all the characters that we will be seeing in the play. First of all let’s talk about what I liked about this first episode. I simply loved the characterization of Kashaf (Sanam Saeed) and Zaroon ( Fawad Khan) both. I found it very interesting the way they are poles apart and also the manner in which it was shown. Kashaf ke liye “zindagi aik buhat bara masla hai”, everything about Kashaf’s life bothers her and she does not believe in hoping for any better for the future. According to Kashaf “moajzay sirf defence aur Clifton mei hotay hai”, I found this particular dialogue so very amusing! Kashaf wakes up in the morning dreading the fact that she will have to change two different rides before she finally gets to the University. Although she never expected to get into the university in which only the rich and famous get admission but when she did we did not see her thanking God or being happy about it even for one second, simply because Kashaf believes that she does not deserve to be happy. There are reasons for Kashaf feeling this way; a father (Waseem Abass) who does not care about his family because he has another family to look after and that is the family he is more interested in and a mother(Samina Peerzada) who Kashaf loves dearly, therefore she cannot see her working so hard to make ends meet. Kashaf has also worked very hard herself too to get where she is today. How can a girl who is so negative come this far? I could not help but wonder that! Maybe because Kashaf is not just negative but also very practical and that must have been the driving force behind her success.  Kashaf does not believe in making “khiyalai palao” when in reality there is daal for dinner but when there actually is meat for lunch Kashaf does not eat it because it reminds her of her mother’s toota huva chashma and bag and all the struggle she has done all through her life. I absolutely loved Kashaf’s character because honestly speaking I know a few people like that who will never be happy with life no matter what. Besides, Sanam Saeed did a commendable job of convincing me at least that she was the perfect choice for playing Kashaf. She definitely scored an A+ on my list today.

On the contrary Zaroon believes “zindagi kiya khoobsurat cheez hai”. He is someone who cannot even remotely relate to the kind of life that Kashaf lives. Zaroon is your typical spoiled brat who never had to work hard for anything in life but thinks very highly of himself. In fact he is probably the only one who has such a high opinion of himself, everyone around him from his family to his friends think that he is irresponsible. Zaroon has seen so much comfort in his life, he would like a challenge in his life, something that will make his life less easy….ignorance is bliss I guess! Another very interesting thing about both these characters is that Kashaf despises men and thinks marriage is “ghulami”. She obviously thinks so because her father never looked after them and was never there for her mother, therefore she has a very negative opinion about men in general too. Zaroon, on the other hand thinks that women are the only aspect of life that is not enjoyable, although he is quite a flirt!

Zaroon’s mother Ghazala (Hina Bayat) is a very liberated woman who never feels the need to ask or tell her husband before going somewhere and her daughter Sara (Ayesha Omer) is the same too. Zaroon’s father Junaid (Javed Sheikh) and Ghazala are completely different from each other but it was plain to see that it is Junaid who has compromised all his life to make the marriage work because Ghazala has the final say.

Do I want to talk aboutAsmara? She was the only character which put me off. Why? Well, because Mehreen Raheel really needs to stop playing the same kind of characters and that too when she is playing Fawad’s best friend yet again who does not want him falling in love with someone else. I have no idea where the Asmara/Zaroon track will go from here but I must say that I did not enjoy the Asmara/Zaroon scenes…I just watched the two in Ashk and the characters are still very fresh in my mind. Why couldn’t Mehreen Raheel for once play Fawad’s sister and Ayesha Omer could play the “friend”! We only got to see a glimpse of Shehryaar Munawar so can’t say much about his character or acting. Samina Peerzada was spot on as usual, good to see her playing the mother.

I must say that personally Kashaf’s character and dialogues appealed to me more than Zaroon’s character, at least after watching this first episode (Fawad Khan fans please don’t kill me!). I am more than willing to fall in love with Zaroon’s character! Overall, really really enjoyed some of the dialogues in particular, the acting and direction both were spot on and I have to say it was well worth the wait.

I am sure everyone watched this first episode whether you were or weren’t looking forward to it so please share how you felt about this first installment.


Fatima Awan.

  • Amazing first episode! First episodes are usually very boring but i did not find this episode boring at all!
    Kashaf and zaroon are two different people, it would be interesting to see how they become enemies at first and then fall in love eventually. Can't wait for the next episode! :)

  • Excellent review Fatima, everything covered well I agree ,I did not think it possible but I am team Kashaf . Fawad never lets us down , even in ASHK he was what kept us watching. Fawad I expected to be excellent and he was ! But Sanam has bowled me over, she looks lovely in her simplicity and I love her take no prisoners attitude. I totally agree about bechari Mehreen Raheel. this is getting beyond a cliche…Sigh . Message to Mehreen stop it ,just stop. You are better than this. The scene with Sheheryaar ,Asmara and Zaroon was a bit forced, but apart from that sab Gulzar hai :).

    • Thank you Sadaf! Yes this episode belonged to Kashaf for sure. Honestly speaking I was not expecting Sanam to do so well… Brilliant acting.

    • I agree that scene between Asmara and the two guys just popped out of nowhere and the scene between Asmara and Zaroon was like watching Ashk all over again. Thank goodness I didn't watch a lot of Ashk!

  • Very nice episode. Although I'm a big fan ok FK but I did not enjoy his scenes. I had to ffwd most of his scenes because it reminded me alot of HS , but really enjoyed SS scenes.
    The entire cast of MeJ & HS was in there. Without realizing I kept waiting for Haniya or Farida aunty to pop in from somewhere & say' hi guys'.

    • FK acting was eye catching.. they only show its glimpse.. He is Mr. Perfect..
      I'm sure at the end of the serial eveyone will keep saying Zaroon Zaroon…
      I feel much more perfection in his acting than his last plays.. just my opinion…

  • Fatima u cOvered every pOint very nicely :)
    Kashaf's stOry z really heart tOuching…u r right abOut mehreen raheel n ayesha omer's rOle..mehreen was a little bit annOying.
    anyhOw i enjOyed the first dOse n eagerly waiting fOr nxt One ;)
    acha..fatima i have tO say u sOmething abOut this website…sOme suggestiOn can i??
    I mean if u can fOrward it tO the

      • Firstly cOngratulatiOn…review sectiOn iz develOping powerfully and credict gOes tO u :)
        ohk, I have 2 suggestiOn and 1 request :)
        SuggestiOn are tO pOst drama rating after every week r 15 days(as Other websites dO).
        And Other suggestiOn iz refreshment Of pOll sectiOn after every week(see,itz nOw sO bOring,same frOm the very first day)
        and,my request z tO plz uplOad geO tv sOaps as u dO fOr humtv n ary becOz i have tO visit sOme Other website fOr them.
        I shall b glad if u'll cOnsider my suggestiOns :)

        • Xadee thank you so much for the suggestions. I have forwarded them to the owner of DOL:) I am sure you will see some changes in the near future. Nai G credit goes to the entire team DOL and reviewit. Thank you again:)

          • Haha…Ohk g
            CongratulatiOn tO all the hardwOrking memberz Of DOL n reviewit :)
            thank yOu sO much fatima fOr the favOur…n yes i can see change in POll sectiOn ;) GOD bless u.

          • God bless you too Xadee. Keep on giving us your feedback please. Your suggestions/ opinions are highly valued. You are always welcome:)))

  • Great review Fatima! :)
    I enjoyed the first episode myself. I had a constant smile on my face (for some reason) throughout while watching it.
    Loved the dinner table scene at both homes. Samina Peerzada's dialogues were spot on – really enjoyed them when she was talking about thanking Allah. Enjoyed the "nok jhok" between all the characters as well. Also really liked the toota joota analogy at the end.
    Right now Kashaf hasn't gotten into the university. She is going to see if she'll be accepted and that's why she's so reluctant to get up in the morning because she knows she won't be accepted into the rich and famous institution.
    Overall a GREAT first episode. Enjoyed the main characters. I was looking forward to Mansha's role as well but she disappointed with her dialogue delivery in this first epi. She was much better is SeZ.

  • Fatima what are ur views abOut directiOn Of the play…?
    itz seemed very nice tO me…sultana siddique waz saying in the launch shOw that she fOcused mOre On the subject rather than On the shOts. Bt shOts were alsO very impressive.what say?

    • Xadee the direction was flawless. I mentioned it twice too that how well done the scenes were, half the credit goes to the director and the man/men behind the camera and whoever did the editing. Very well done indeed.

  • Excellent review Fatima! It was a wonderful first episode! Everyone was great especially Samina Pirzada and Sanam Saeed. I agree that Mehreen Raheel and Ayesha Omar's roles should've been swapped.

  • Fawad's acting in today episode was fabolous.. His dailogue and its delievery was very natural. Infact both actors performed very well..
    We wish best of luck to both of them…
    Not to forgot.. Direction of Sultana Siddique was way more than outstanding..

  • Fawad's acting in today episode was fabolous.. His dailogue and its delievery was very natural. Infact both actors performed very well..

  • i liked the 1st epi. but Zarrons character is so lame although i like Kashafs role & her scenes were interesting. Zaroon , his scenes at home , with parents, with friends, all were boring, i fast forwarded all of them. direction is good, but the scenes r too long so they can be boring, they need to be edited a little more sharply

  • Fatima thank you for such an excellent and comprehensive review! Agree with you about the Mehreen Raheel and Fawad Khan Ashk effect ughhhhh I am sick of this forced “girl-boy” friendship, it looks fake on screen to be quite honest or maybe I have watched FK and MR enough times together to leave me with any impact whatsoever.

    I wasn't anticipating too much to happen either, other than introduction of characters but one thing that I am finally glad to see how much maturity has been instilled into a story that just seemed colloquial on paper. Zaroon and Kashaf might have been just some 2D characters and story was quiet rushed, without much depth. The concept of the story itself was fascinating however, Its great to show boys vs girls story, from their perspectives how life unfolds and how each gender reflects their own thoughts on life. On screen, Zaroon and Kashaf become people around us, they become us and that is the beauty of ZGH. The editing of the drama was slick, the lighting was great and the direction was up to par and it seemed quite obvious that Sultana Apa had put her soul in the drama. There was nothing plot wise that happened, but there is so much to talk about, so much to breathe in visually and in concept that I am finding it hard to place it in words. My favourite scene today had to be with Zaroon and Sara because I felt like I was watching a reoccurrence of last night’s episodic scene in my house where my car as usual won’t start and a dinner table fight over which one of my brothers will drop me off and wait should I add my parents constant bantering to my brothers, “parhtay nahi hain, koi guitar kamray main baja raha hai, koi basketball khayll rahaa, koi apni video games kay saath laga wa hai, zindagi kay saaath kuch kar loo.” Now how many of us can relate to that! Weather one belongs to an upper class elite family, middle, or lower class family, the constant sibling and parent bantering NEVER stop. So all in all the dialogues between the siblings were quiet witty and FK and Ayesha Omar have great chemistry together.

    • Thank you Maria. Yes it was a very well directed episode, first episodes are usually not this good especially when you are expecting so much from it.

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  • Fatima : what do you think about Kashf's sister? She seemed like not a ditto copy of her mother but still somebody spreading a positve influce on the depressing situations created by Kashaf's (prety much all the time). to be honest with you,I just loved her more than anybody else in this whole episode. I like Snam's acting as Kashf, but I am not too intersted in Kashf's character. One becasue I have read the novel already and too thats too much mayoosee :( Yes, its a reality but way too much depression is not getting close to reality. Looking at positive acspect of a situation and being thankful is a reality. (like Kashf's sister and Nani from SZ :)

    • So agree with you. I think the sister of Kashaf was really cute. She was simple but so positive and she portrayed the character very well. I too loved her. She was a very good contrast to the angry her.

    • S.Amin I liked Kashaf's sisters's character too and you are right she is a mirror image of her mother. But Kashaf is the heroine janaab how can we enjoy the play fully if we cannot enjoy her character. Her pessimistic approach towards life may start getting to me after a while too but I like the way it has been portrayed. Of course characters like naani and Kashaf's mother are so inspiring and these plays would be incomplete without them:) thank you for commenting. Keep reading and commenting.

  • Excellent Review FATIMA sister,
    i still repeating in mind kashaf's last dialogue.. KABI KABI ZINDAGI MJHE INTEE BURE LAGTII HA JISKI KOI HAD NAHI……. nobody can feel the pain when seeing his/her dear parents in pain and trouble, kashaf is every lower-middle class girl in our society
    Cent % agreed with you on the issue of ASMARA's character.
    please can u convey my message to ZGH team that please give role of ASMARA to ayesha omer coz i just noticed the wonderful chemistry between her and Fawad when they were going in car. please bring change in mehreen character its now her 3rd time.
    please fatima can u convey…..?

  • its good to see the well defined polarity of two characters kashaf and zaroon and hope to see sumething very best to come out in the upcoming episodes

  • Very well written, Fatima. You took the thoughts out of my head and words out of my mouth. I really enjoyed this episode. I too was counting minutes the whole day, and I wasn't left disappointed at all.
    The 1st episode was great. Its left me eagerly looking forward to next Friday.
    Kashaf was fabulous. I loved the way she blamed "zindagi" even for the ball point pen ink getting over. Brilliant.
    Fawad Khan was fantastic as usual. But that was expected.
    I loved that every character was given time not only to set the stage for events to come, but also give depth to their characters. With the exception of Asmara, though. I'm not sure if she is even needed in the whole story.

    • Thank you Roh for reading the review and for commenting:) lol so right about the ball point scene, it made me laugh. We can all be like that sometimes when Life turns bitter but Kashaf is like that only!

  • Nice work but one thing i seriously dont get .why is it normally potrayed in some pakistani dramas that people who DONT live in these SO CALLED 'posh areas ' are sick of their pathetic lives?? i mean seriously its about time we got over this lameness.come on dont make it such a big issue and i swear to God this stupidity has made life difficult for some people.I WANT PAKISTANIS ESP THE SELF PROCLAIMED EDUCATED CLASS TO BEHAVE SENSIBLY.Dramas do have an impact on people so we could use this to bring positivity in their lives.

    STOP catogorizing people according to the areas they live in.get over it.There are bigger things happening around you please focus on them.Dont act like PEABRAINS.Thankyou.

    • I usually don't like the daal and gosht conversations myself but I think Kashaf's character was nicely etched out, she is not a loser who only complains about life and is waiting to marry a rich guy. She has worked hard to get where she is and since the story is about shikway se shukar tuk ka safar so the overall message will be worthwhile.

  • baakamal episode and lajawaab review Fatima dear:) hmm I dont know why u were not expecting good acting from Sanam Saeed! u know when i came to know months back k she is playing Kashaf,then i thought k very brilliant choice..thought before that i saw her as a mod scod girl msotly,but may be after her character in Mera Naseeb it was obvious that she could play other roles too .kahir I really enjoyed this episode,its flow n its dialouges,Umera is superb MASHALLAH.about Fawad khan i would say k mujhay wo aik hi tarah ka lagta hay mahesha…looks main acting main…let c agay dekhtay hain:)

    • Thank you Janaab. I am so so glad that the first episode didn't let us down. Mrs. Asim SS was spot on in Mera Naseeb but I did not like her acting in MeJ. She completely bowled me over with her performance today… Super!

      • g Mej main really she didnt fit much,I think bat director ki b hoti hay,sometime even a good actor needs to be guieded,ussay kaam lena prta hay bjay k wo khud kaam karay. and may be script also counts:)

        • You are soooo right Mrs. Asim it is upto the director to okay only those shots in which the actors give the perfect expressions and the dialogue delivery is flawless…..good point:)

  • Great review!
    Brilliant first episode
    Really liked the acting of sanam & samina.. I was expecting sanam to be this good
    Nice to see ayesha & waseem in a good play
    I really liked the simplicity of this play

  • Fantastic review of the first episode from you Fatima. Everything is just spot on. Some of you have commented on how you think mehreen should have played the sister and aysha the friend. Well, I think aysha is a fantastic actress and we have already seen the magic of the sibling chemistry whereas mehreen could never have pulled that off. I really do hope Asmara has a significant purpose to the storyline otherwise I have a feeling mehreen is going to annoy me. Bring back naveen waqar because she would have at least done justice to the character.

    • Mona you have a point there. The Zaroon/Sara scenes were excellent. I wanted to add so much more to the review but I did not want it to be too long because people find it difficult to read it then. I am so glad How everyone's so into the character and the cast only after the first episode:)

  • don't know why people have problems with mehreen,. grow up and stop pointing out some thing bad in others instead of ur own self! Fawad and mehreen both are excellent!

  • i watched the first episode of Zindagi Gulzar hai which was very nice and that really compelled me to watch some promos and OST of this drama but when i gone through the OST it seems to be the Remaking of humsafar same scenes even same dressing and same saas………even the cast………………hope so that it turns out to be a different one ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,best wishes…….

  • Enjoyed the review Fatima, quick work :)
    The episode was good in terms of introducing the characters. Sanam did well and FK was super. Samina Peerzada was brilliant. So looking forward to the 'takra' of our hero heroine!! Friday kab aayega?

  • Thank you Dramaonline, for making it possible for us "Pardesis" to have had the pleasure of watching this much awaited episode. Also I must thank you Fatima for the very 'realistic' review, as usual. Just watching the two families and listening to their dialogues made me Nostalgic for my dear old ( bleeding nowadays) Karachi! I do hope and pray for 'sanity' to return and may HUM TV come back to the TV screens here in the USA. Anyhow, looking forward to next Friday. Meanwhile keep up the good job, Fatima and Dramaonline.

    • @ Fatima: I guess by Sita syndrome she means the Satti Savitri kind of a role. & Miss/Mrs. Farzana there's nothing bad about wearing a dupatta on your head because that's what 60% of the females in Pakistan do in either at colleges, universities & offices.

  • So the much awaited serial ‘zindagi gulzar hae ‘is here. Though it has been put in the queue of competition with humsafar, I think it still has to prove itself for that. The characters are doing their role well, but aren’t they a little over aged to play such roles? Specially mehreen raheel look old and is over acting, plus her laugh is so annoying. Sara in humsafar had a more control on her personality in the earlier episodes. In the electricity bill part, the term ‘ehtiyaat’ is used twice by samina pirzada. The sister of Kashf, who had previously played the role of falak’s friend is sheh-re-zaat is a good addition as well as a good actress; I think she should be given an opportunity to play lead in some upcoming dramas.
    I couldn’t help noticing how the main characters were introduced with respect to their lifestyles and home situation. I find it so familiar to humsafar’s first episode. Moreover who uses blankets in lower middle class family of Karachi? The street noises specially that of passing rickshaw, were missing.
    So far Kashfs role is justified, when seen so much hardships, one cant help but be negative. It’s the personality trait, but then since the tag line of the play is’Shikway say shukur tuk’ so we will be definitely seeing this shikwa turning into shukur guzari in the later episodes. But I do wonder if she gets married to fawad afzal, the so called hardships that she sees today in her life like that of less money, less food, no excess to transportation will eradicate. One cant help but be thankful in such situation, but maybe I am saying much before time, lets see what the upcoming episodes bring?

    • I so agree with you. I also loved ZGH. I also agree that Mahreen and Ayesha are doing the same kind of roles. Hina Bayat needs to change her style. I too loved Sanam Saeed and her relationship with her sisters. I also agree with you that the girl playing her sister Sidra is a very good actress. I think she is intelligent in picking up different roles and not making the same mistake as Mahreen and Ayesha. I loved her soft smiling facial expressions and positive attitude, in sharp contrast to Kashaf's anger and frustration. AND she is totally different from Maira's friend in Shehrezaat!
      Umera's story is as usual fantastic and so is Sultana's Direction. Well done!

      • Shua and nuns thank you so much for your insightful comments. I have to say though that the drama is going to be about so much more than Kashaf marrying a rich man and thanking her Allah for it:)) personally I feel Kashaf is blessed with siblings and a mother who love her dearly and Zaroon does not have all that in his life. Life is about so much more than just money.

  • Although i miss yesterday episode but I must say that the second OST of Zindagi gulzar hai by Ali zafar is way better than first one…..

    I am sure the drama will catch audience attention.

  • I love kashaf's mother! She has had so many tragedies in her life but still she is positive about everything! I feel like kashaf's sisters. They roll their eyes when kashaf starts talking about her miseries. But at the same time, im really sorry for her.

  • very well written fatima good episode but two characters were irritating Aysha and Mehreen both were doing overacting mehreen fawad ka peecha chor do this is for the 3rd time you are doing the same character other than these two characters rest of them did good job Sanam and Samina peerzada stole the show ya waiting for the hero heroine TAAKRA and yes Hina should play some other characters instead of same upper class lady .

    • Lol Yes Anila enough of Mehreen running after FK. Samina Peerzada's acting is flawless every time, she is someone one can't get enough of.

  • Absolutely loved first episode,totally agreed with you! Except for Asmara zaroon scenes like you said, makes me wish why did I watch Ashk, so dejavu all over again! Oh and some of those dialogues already brought a tear to my eye, so bitterly true, I cannot blame kashaf for being like that with a father like she has! Sanam was superb, I am so happy coz I love her acting and was really looking forward to her portrayal. Fawad was effortless as zaroon, loved his outgoing personality, and Samina just stole the show, her chapel scene really does have to take all the credits, it was shot somwell too!! Thank you Fatima, you are always do quick! So looking forward to next week! SK

  • Excellent episode and your review spot on. I really loved sanam's acting flawless, Samina Peerzada birilliant as always. Direction marvellous maza agya. Unfortunately hum is not coming in USA so sad and I am mad. I watched it online but TV mein dekhnai ki tou baat hi aur hai.

  • To begin with I must fully agree with your assessment of the actors playing the various roles was excellent. As for the characters introduced gradually through their interaction with each other has already introduced them to the viewers and we can expect how they all will play a part in the story. It is remarkable how in the very first episode we know them
    all by now and who does what. One family is much better off than the poor hard working mother abandoned by her husband left with very caring daughters. The eldest shows us that life is a struggle and nothing else but her sister's take things in their stride and have no complaints. The mother lives from hand to mouth and she is the most pitiable character. I did not like to see her walking bare foot when the chapal broke but she had to catch the bus. But it is a part of life for her. She cannot even pay her electricity bill and has meat once in a while and tires herself out looking for cheaper goods. I was heartbroken to see the husband go away and has another family to go to. In the other family, the mother wants to do what she likes and has no time for anybody or the house. After the first episode we see that kashf has started university and has to force herself to go in the mornings as her journey is a hard one. But soon we will see her meet her classmates and how she gets on with everyone in the place of learning. Yes, the drama has plenty of excitement for me to go on watching it.

    • Khawar Haider thank you so much for reading the review and for commenting:) totally agree with you this was a perfect first episode, we are so into the characters already.

  • I liked the first episode but what i really despised was the quote from Kashaf when she says "duhayi Allah ko daynge" How can that line even be part of a drama even if it is for the sake of a drama? No Muslim has the right to say anything bad to or about Allah (SWT) even if it is just in a drama. Also, Kashaf is being negative as if she is the only one in the world suffering in life. There are people who don't even have a place to live, clothes to wear, and food to eat.

    • Aisha thank you for the comment. I think what Kashaf meant to say was that she was complaining to Allah like we all do every now and then, I did not feel that she said anything wrong. I could be wrong though…how did other people perceive this dialogue? Please share your thoughts.

    • @ Aisha: Your thinking is completely right that we can not blame Allah for what we are going through but then again it depends on the people how they take what they get. Plus in this drama what they've shown is a mind of a girl who is tired of all the things she's going through & this is such a common line that we hear. Allah Himself has mentioned that when people face hardships they turn to Allah (some may turn in a good way & otherwise) but when they have something good they forget Allah. So Allah Himself knows what He has created & here in this drama this dialogue just a depiction of that minute detail.

      Kashaf is just someone who is fed up & can not think beyond her hardships or can not foresee the easiness she might get in her life that's why being stuck in that phase she is complaining. No doubt no one has a right to judge Allah's choices that He makes for us but then how many of us remember it when facing a hardship? To be precise 'none'. So, what you've said is completely right but don't take the dialogue to your heart, but I agree that the choice of the words for the dialogue wasn't right either. :)

  • I am originally from India. We all are soooo interested in Pakistani Dramas and they never disappoint us. I started following your dramas after I heard about ' Humsafar'. Since then I keep a track of who, what and why and as I am now an ardent fan so I think now I can make a few comments here. I too was waiting for ZGH. And it did not disappoint me at all. It was good to see a new girl with Fawad. ( Mahira would not have suited this role). The mother is a very very good actress. The last scene brought tears to my eyes and reminded me so much of my own country and of poverty there too. The relationship between sisters too reminded me of my own family. One of the sisters who played a friend in Sherezaat was so different in this one that I did not recognize her initially. She has changed herself completely from the westernized jean clad friend to this very middle class simple soft natured person and she fits the role well. ( She should be coming in lead roles soon I think ) The sister of Fawad was good and his girl friend also is pretty. I loved the sets and the saris of FK's mom. Everything is perfect and I cannot wait for the romance to start between the remarkable girl playing the lead and the sooo handsome hero!!

    • Anupama can you tell us how you watched pakistani daramas in india bcos in my knowledge our channels are not showing in india…..?

      • It’s an anyone guess that she watches on the Internet. Man will be man

        Q: Why did God create man before woman?
        Ans: Because you’re always supposed to have a rough draft before creating your masterpiece.

    • Anupama, so good to hear that you like Pakistani dramas:) there are a lot of Indians who follow our dramas and like them. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. I hope we will be seeing you here more often now:)

    • It feels really good to see such a nice comment coming from you. & I'd like to tell you one thing Anupama that the houses you've seen aren't the sets but are actually the houses in Pakistan, Pakistani architecture has so much versatility & now the contemporary touches can be seen in the standard high-middle class or high-class houses of Pakistan. :)

      • its good that u explained her about houses,I personaly know it and just today i watched Amina shikh telling it also that Indian r dying to watch pakistan,i mean the real pakistan,not the one they watch in news,they want to know our common life,n Indian cousins used to ask mewhen i went there,k kya pakistan main makhiyan hoti hain:)I said k beta fikar na karo wahan na bhi hoti toa India say chali jateen q k we rneighbours:) @Anupama,nice to c ur comment.

    • Thank you for watching our drama……yesterday I was talking with my family friend about tanhayian,he is from Pakistan and his wife is from India and I was so surprised that her wife used to watch tanhayian in India. I wish more Indians watch our dramas especially here in states.

  • Phew! Finally after such a busy weekend I got the time today to watch the first episode. I loved it completely & your review is totally spot on but I'd like to share something from my side as well. I read in this review 'you know a few people who can't be happy no matter what' but here this line does not go with the character of Kashaf. She is not a pessimist but is someone who has seen hardships through out her life which makes her feel that way & think negatively about everything around. Even if she doesn't enjoy the delicacy of meat in her meal does not mean she isn't happy or a nagger but shows she's too sensitive towards the sufferings of her & her family which makes her detest the little bit luxuries which she gets that too after the hard-work of her mother. I think many who have gone through such dark phases in their life will agree that she is not the one who can not be happy but is someone who's tired of the circumstances & have accepted them in a bitter way. Her character is actually relate-able because I know some of those including myself too who at some point in their lives felt that way as well.

    Over all I loved the drama & yes I ain't a fan of Mehreen Raheel as well. I saw her in Meri Zaat Zarra Benishaan & Mastana Mahi & do not see an ounce of versatility or change in her. That thought crossed my mind too that Ayesha Omer would've been a better choice for the character of Asmara but then both are acting like the high-class brats so it won't make a difference.

    & lastly about Hina Bayat, she's such an elegant woman that we see on-screen but why does she fail to express herself that way. Her choice of dressing is always so objectionable which doesn't appeal to many. I think it's a high time she should start acting (dressing to be precise) according to her age.

    • Zahra thank you for reading the review and for sharing how you felt about the characters. I think a person who feels that nothing can ever go right with her life is a pessimist ,but like I said she is also a practical girl & has worked hard to get where she is. And that her personality is an outcome of what life put her through but there are two more girls in the same household who are not complaining all the time. Same is true for her mother. People who have seen very tough times are sometimes afraid of being happy and I think Kashaf is the perfect example of it. If Ayesha Omar played the sister atleast Zaroon and Asmara would have looked less like Rohail & Madiha!

      • Yes, the other two sisters are no doubt opposite to Kashaf but then again when every mind & human soul is different that's why the thinking procedure is different too. Her thinking/nature is totally different that's why it can't be compared with her sisters. I still believe she can not be called as a pessimist because she herself didn't choose to be that way, it's the circumstances who made her turn into what we are seeing.

        Plus eeee! I have no idea about Rohail & Madiha? I guess you're talking about the characters of Ashk? Is it?

        • Yes I am talking about the characters FK and MR played in Ashk. Exactly, you said it yourself every person is different & it depends on them / their nature how they react to the circumstances around them. No one " plans " to be a pessimist!

    • Also don't you think Asmara, Zaroon & Sara were meant to look like spolied rich youngsters irrespective of who played it. Yes Hina Bayat shocked me with her blouse in SeZ too!

      • Yes, that's why I wrote that it wouldn't have made any difference if the roles of Ayesha Omer & Mehreen Raheel were switched because the characters are more or less the same. & Yes, LOL at the mention of her blouse, it was eye-popping shocking plus was sad in a way that when a woman even for a character can dress up like that in front of the whole team would definitely be wearing such sort of dresses during her off-screen life too. Which makes her less respectable at least for me.

        • Zahra actually Mehreen Raheel played Fk's friend (wanna be girlfriend/wife) in Ashk too and the play just ended so enough already!

          • Oh acha acha. Why does she do these sort of roles all the time. She was a brat in Meri Zaat too & wanted to be Arfeens' (Faisal Qureshi) wife but he gets nikkaofied to his cousin later she becomes his wife & gets divorced. She was something beyond understanding in Mastana Mahi & ended up being Mastani Sautan. Her choice of characters is really weird.

    • I thororughly enjoyed ur discussion,especially about Hina bayat,and Kashaf(mehreen seems always same to me,almost like fawad) waisay personally I never felt for a single cahracter by Umera Ahemd k how thsi person acted so,or felt so or did so…her characterization is so perfect really k u can only feel k yes ye bnda bilkul aisa hi hosakta tha or yehi keh sakta tha(when u will watch later episodes or if u read the novel u can easily get it k y Kashaf is diffrenet from her sis or mom..its too much natural k same circumstances affect everyone differently.I have seen atleast 4 or 5 girls who were just ditto copy of Kashaf…they may seem pessimist but they have loads of stamian and forbearnace.

      • G bilkul I agree Kashaf complains all the time but that is not the defining trait of her personality, like I said she is practical & has worked hard all her life & she cannot bear to see her mother toiling her way through life. Kashaf has so much to be thankful for ; a mother who loves her so much and is a perfect role midel & 2 sisters who are so close to her. Kashaf has a closely knit family who are tied to each other through ehsas aur pyaar ka rishta. Zaroon on the other hand may have wealth but he does not have a mother like Kashaf's or a sister like hers. They may sit together for dinner but they live their own lives. Zaroon is confident & content with life probably bcz he is shallow & Kashaf is discontent bcz she is too sensitive.

      • Yes Mrs. Asim, this is exactly what I meant too that in different circumstances people act differently. Kashaf may be thankful for the little bit happiness she has but may be doesn't express those feelings of her, it can be seen by the way she acts with her mother & sisters. She doesn't argue with them but listens quietly to whatever they say because she gives importance to them completely. But yes, she does put her own opinions a bit strongly but never argues.

        • Yes but her sister did say how her mother gets upsets when Kashaf is complaining all the time and she does not stop. The entire story is about shikway se shukar tuk ka safar so there you have it.

        • And Zahra what is your take on her attitude towards life? Is it positive or negative? I am not asking who & what is responsible. She has a negative attitude towards life & anyone who argues with that needs to go and watch this first episode again!

          • Fatima, I understand what you're asking but what my point is that it isn't her fault. Like she is not responsible for her attitude because her life turned out that way which was beyond her control. The same way her attitude built up how her life kept unwinding itself. Like I said that different people react differently & there are those phases & moments in life when you hate everything around & feel bad about single little thing. I can give you my example too. :)

          • Lol Actually muje samaj nahi aye point of disagreement tha kiya:)) But I enjoyed the discussion. You are too sweet Mrs. Asim.

          • han waisay main b yei soch rahi thi!! point tha kya? wo kehtay hain k kan ko idher say pakro ya udher say its same;) bat sirf ye hay k kashaf jaisay log hotay hain in raelity,ab wo aisay q hotay hain? bs woi bat hay k bnda hairan hay k creation aisi hay toa creator kaisa hoga:) itniiiii verity.

  • I think ,this drama really portraying our society and all that credit go to writer.This drama is very straight forward and truly letting us know ,we live in a discriminating society and the attitude towards each other are not tolerant and respectfull. I must say ,where few handful society enjoying life in full and rest of society are below poverty line.This is really amazing and give us a picture how majority of population are struggling.Well done for bringing up subject.

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