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Pakistani Dramas that should come to an End!

If you conduct a survey on what actually made the Pakistani audience hate Star Plus, you would see that a major reason that turned into a drawback was the fact that their soaps are never ending. They keep going on and on, often revolving around either a particular character or a scenario. Its good that our audience is out of the Tulsi, Parwati craze by now. However, taking a deeper look in our own drama industry, we would see some soaps that are now loosing their charm and should now come to an end.

Geo TV can be considered as the first channel that brought revival in the media of Pakistan, both in terms of Drama and the news. No doubts about the quality it has provided, giving hit dramas like Meri Zaat Zarra-e-Benishan, Uraan, Kuch Dil Ne Kaha, Dil hai Chota sa, etc. However, it seems that after ruling the drama industry for some good years, Geo TV is adopting some neighboring traditions. Serials like ‘Yeh Zindagi Hai’, ‘Kash Main Teri Beti na Hoti’ are becoming more like a nuisance for most of the viewers. The story makes no sense and even the viewers who followed the serials for quite long have now given up, Take my Mother as example, I though hated the warrior-battle introductory concept of the show, She used to watch ‘Kash main teri beti na hoti’, the drama made some sense in the beginning but now, it is seriously a waste of time to be watched. (My personal belief-no offense!). Same goes for ‘Yeh Zindagi Hai’. Where Javeria Saud keeps on carrying the ‘most bechari’ role, Saud tries really hard to show that he knows acting, the drama seems just an attempt to keep on dragging the storyline. Though I do not follow it (time is precious), I did see its Review clip that was been shown in between the other serials. Now Javeria has finally died on screen and I have no doubts that she would re-appear on the screen soon.

Since the day I started to write on entertainment industry, I have learnt from the readers’ comments that people here actually hate the Indian Glamor and love Pakistani Dramas for the fact that they reflect reality. However, these long scripts also are far away from the reality.

Although Hum TV has given a boost to the dramas in Pakistan, I really do not understand the need of telecasting Indian Shows, like Utran. When we are fighting against the Turkish Dramas, then why aren’t we first stopping these third class Indian Dramas that are been aired on one of the best channels? How did these channels got the landing rights? And when they can get one, Why are we making these Turkish Dramas a fuss? Moreover, whats the sense of blocking Indian Channels when we are buying their dramas to be aired here? I wonder who to question and who would feel responsible enough to answer these questions!

Share Your Views about the dramas I mentioned above. Also, Don’t forget to include the ones that I might have forgotten.

Best Wishes

Nida Zaidi