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Ek Nayee Cinderella Episode 7 – Hint to Meesha’s Past

Wow! We finally got to see so many Mayer and Meesha scenes. I absolutely loved their scenes. Roman’s advice is finally working. Meesha ignored Mayer and this created an air of mystery around her and Mayer got intrigued by her. He got so impressed with her when she told Bano that she cannot accept her gift because she believes in simplicity and one should not judge people by their clothes, and she does not really care about her attire. Bravo! She totally won over both Bano and Mayer. Another cute scene was when Mayer saw Meesha dancing, and he went to her asked her “Tum hamesha itni khush kaise reh leti ho?” and she replied “Khushiyan mere paas khudi chal ker ajati hai”. Aww Meesha! You are the cutest thing!

Finally, the true face of Zaini is exposed in front of Mayer, but somehow he still wants her in his life since he is under the delusion that she is the same girl he had met at the Mela. Can’t he see what a selfish and proud girl she is? She is so confident that Mayer can like no other girl except her because she is so ‘beautiful’. Beauty no longer matters once you get to know the true selfish nature of a person. Zaini had the guts to misbehave with Bano and this caused Mayer and Zaini to fight. Mayer is still making excuses for Zaini to Bano (Is he stupid or what?) but she has clearly said that she would only forgive Zaini if she apologizes to her in front of everyone in the function. Zaini was adamant on not apologizing but Meher convinced her to do so. Will Zaini apologize in front of everyone? It will definitely be a big blow to her inflated ego.

Amy and Roman scenes were as usual a treat to watch. Amy made ‘pakodas’ for Roman. LOL. By the look on Roman’s face I could imagine how horrible they were. Poor Roman! He also consoled Amy when she was crying because of Zaini’s harsh words. He simply loves helping people doesn’t he? No wonder he is my favorite character. He told her that someone would like her one day, just the way she is. Awww! I also loved Roman’s reply when Amy asked him; does he also believe that a girl should be beautiful? And he replied that he liked girls who were simple. For him a girl’s simplicity is her uniqueness. Wonderful reply Roman!

Now coming to the bad parts, what is WRONG with Suraiya? I cannot believe she asked Roman to marry her. Look at your age woman! Yuck! Poor Roman got the shock of his life when he heard this. Thank god! Meher came to his rescue and gave him shelter in her house. Obviously, she has an ulterior motive for doing this, but at least Roman got saved from Suraiya. Phew! Now I feel even worse for him. I really like one thing about him though, he has so many problems in his own life but he has always remained optimistic. Dado is also happy about Roman coming to stay at their house. He has won her over so quickly. Kudos to him for that! Dado is definitely not an easy nut to crack.

So Meesha has done it again. She has again lied about Zaini to Bano and Mayer. Zaini, in her attempt to show her ‘worth’ to Mayer, confirmed the lie. I cannot say I felt bad for her, her whole relationship with Mayer is based on a lie. She is pretending to be someone she is not. Mayer never liked her because she is pretty; he liked her because he thinks that she is his ‘mystery’ girl. I hope he gets to know that Meesha is the girl he is trying to find in Zaini… Another dialogue which I found adorable was when Meesha asked Roman, “Mayer ko mein cute kiun nahi laghti!” I don’t know about Mayer, but we definitely find you cute Meesha!

Roman is slowly falling for Meesha. He has not realized it yet but I think he will pretty soon. The precap seemed pretty interesting. Mayer and Meesha are definitely up to something. We also got to see a new entry in the show, Shah Baba. I am sure the girl he is trying to find is Meesha. He is somehow connected to her past, but how? Is Meesha in danger from this man? Is this why Dado has always kept Meesha sheltered? Who is the new man shown in the last scene? Only Saifullah and Dado knows about Meesha’s past. I am curious to know where Meesha has come from. I am eagerly waiting for the next episode now!

Mariam Shafiq