Coke Kahani Episode 5 – Family Reunion

Amazing episode! I am getting addicted to this show now. The director, writer and actors, all have done a brilliant job and you can clearly see this in the end product. The way the show is presented is different. The credit goes to Mehreen Jabbar, of course, for giving us a refreshing play.

Maya is back! She has come all the way from Florida to take Zoya back with her. Zoya hesitates but Maya is determined. She wants to leave immediately but destiny has its own plans. She slips and ends up getting a pretty bad sprain on her foot. The funny part was when Asfand offered to pick her up! She is twice your size, Asfand! How will you ever manage to pick her up? That scene was hilarious! She is not allowed to travel for 2 weeks now! Maya had plans to stay at Nusrat’s house (Rayaan’s parents) but is forced to stay at Asfand’s house because of her foot. Can things get any better for Zoya?

One could see the happiness on Asfand’s face when Maya came back. We got to see a new side of him. The serious Asfand is now laughing and joking, one can easily tell how happy he is to see Maya. He still loves Maya, and Maya also loves him back. She tries to pretend to be aloof and angry, but the way she looks at him speaks a different story altogether. The scene I found funny was when Asfand was drinking tea and he saw Maya looking at him through the window. He was so surprised that he spilled all his tea on himself. God! Asfand is so cute! Maya couldn’t help but smile and remember the same incident happening in the past.

Zoya also confesses to Asfand that her views about him were totally wrong. She always thought that he was a careless and selfish person and it was because of him that Maya left and went away to Florida, but after getting to know him, she knows now that he is not entirely at fault. She also thought that he lived a very carefree and luxurious life, but now she knows better. She also told Maya that she thinks Asfand is a very caring person and the reason why he does not share his problems is because he does not want to worry anyone. Zoya is starting to get to know Asfand better now. I love the new found bond between these two!

“Maya mujhe dekhte hee phisal gaee”, nice sense of humor Asfand! I couldn’t help but laugh at his dialogue when he said it to Mutmaeen Sahab. I also liked Nusrat’s dialogue, “Neeyat mein sachai aur awaaz mein dard ho to har cheez mumkin hai”. Nusrat believed that Maya would stay back if Asfand asks her. But will Asfand ever ask her to come back in his life? What happened between them in the past?
Zoya asked for 15 days from Asfand to try to patch things up between him and Maya. Asfand agreed, but will it be easy to remove the distance between these two? Will they ever be together again? Zoya shares her worries with Rayaan that this her last chance to get her parents to patch up, she is scared that her attempts would fail. Maya overhears this; will she fulfill Zoya’s wishes and make an attempt to make things better between her and Asfand?

The precap seems captivating. Rayaan, Saad and Zoya are trying to come up with ways to patch things up between Zoya’s parents. Will Zoya be successful? Tune into Coke Kahani next week to find out!


Mariam Shafiq

Fatima Awan

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