Zindagi Gulzar Hai – Little Miss Jihad.

I am a huge Umera Ahmed fan and follow her plays religiously; she is a class above the rest and gives us plays that are very inspiring.I feel that watching an Umera Ahmed play is more than just entertainment, it is a very educational experience as well. It is as if she thinks very hard before writing every single dialogue, the depth in her writing is unbeatable. And that is exactly the reason why I get so upset when I watch Umera Ahmed’s great writings affected by controversies when they go on air. When Shehr-e-Zaat went on air the scene of Falak performing ablution (wadhu) was put under scrutiny by many people and everyone was surprised that no one on the set knew that the way she was performing ablution was wrong. There were many other such careless mistakes or bloopers. For example Falak never wore a duppatta even after she turned towards religion. But all of that is done and dusted so let’s not talk about that.

Only two episodes of Zindagi Gulzar Hai have gone on air and without a doubt the play has a great deal going for it but I have to say with great sadness that the actors and unfortunately the director also has gone somewhat overboard when it comes to showing liberal people. Mehreen Raheel’s dressing is nothing new, sadly she does not consider the feelings of most of the people in Pakistan and dresses however she wishes. But what shocked me and many other people was the T-shirt that Ayesha Omer wore in the second episode, the T-Shirt had “Little Miss Jihad” written on it and it seemed like there was a bomb tied at the back of the scraf of the woman in the picture. And many people noticed and disliked it because the concept of jihad is very sacred to us and while we tolerate and somewhat accept all the modern wear in our dramas wholeheartedly but let us not make fun of our religion.

Everyone should have complete liberty to wear whatever they want to but the actors should think a great deal before wearing something that is bound to give rise to controversies. We all understand by now that Zaroon’s family is very modern but wearing such things just means that you are pressing the buttons of very emotional viewers who attach great respect to Umera Ahmed’s writings. Such bloopers (very careless mistakes) just leave a bad taste in the mouth and I can only wish that people who were involved with this project realize that they were wrong in letting Ayesha Omer wear this shirt. Even if she felt there was nothing wrong with it, there were many other people on the set who could point it out.

I really like everything about Zindagi Gulzar Hai till now and am hoping that we will not be seeing more of such things in the future because these are the things that can be easily avoided and can hurt people’s feelings. What do you people think? Am I being over emotional? Please correct me if I am wrong and share your feelings.


  • sunfas

    its absolutely right!!

  • Khadija

    agreed ..!

  • Munam

    Agreed…! Respect for religion…!

    • huma saeed

      i agree with u its realy hurting

  • midhat


  • humaira

    offcourse…and agreed on your valued point ……………………

  • Anila Sultan

    Right article and there is a need to catch mistake fast so as to avoid such huge mistakes in future.
    Whatever written in her shirt is absurd in all dimensions..!! Drama Makers !!do care, don't make fun of religion.

  • Xadee

    TRUE…I agree
    its jutified if u are emotional…
    and with due respect if umera ahmed can take Notice on a single sentence added by director in SHER E ZAAT,then she must take some notice on this also.
    Afterall,ReligIon is not a joke.

  • samia sardar

    absolutely right

  • zara

    yeah,it was wrong.one should take care of such things.

  • Imaan

    I appreciate the way u hv observed awl dis and then em glad to c ppl having regard for jihaad… We as muslims hv this responsibility not to let anyone change our sacred values may it b hijaab wadhu or jihaad..u r not being over emotional i cmpletely agree dat these mistakes n i dare say them " big mistakes" leave a wrong impression ov the much precious n beautifull concepts ov our religion..This attitude towards these sacred things show how shallow r we being with our religion.may Allah guide us to the right way. N may muslims get the status they deserve to have.

  • Tahreem

    im not watching the drama anymore.. this is the best i can do to show that religion matters to me a LOT more than mere TV shows

    • komal

      cmon…..being such a fanatic wont help…..

  • Mrs Asim

    by the way they showed FAlak doing wrong ablution just to point out the thing k to what level she was away from religion, n it was quite unantural to show her with dopatta too quickly, such changes naturaly come with time. I mostly dont agree what u said, I have seen boys in lahore wearing t shirts where there were comic phrases about jihad or usama …ab aisa toa hay nai k ye sb hota nahi hay or dikhaya jaraha hay. though I understand that they could have shown modren attitude in someother way equaly effectively…but u r exagerating it in fact.

    • sampak

      aslamoalikum mr asim actually bat ya ha ke am dino main jo log aisi shirts pehnty hain wo apni socity main ghoum rhy hoty hain or jo log tv per hoty hain wo aik socity ko repersent kerty hain or hamri socity main asi bat berdasht nahi ki ja sakti ha sir jo log asi shirts pehnty hain onhy smjhana cahiy na ke ya kehna cahiy ke sub pehnty hain no problem

      • Mrs Asim

        my point was not k aisa krna chahye rather i wanted to say k what they r showing is not against reality.though now Sulata sidiqi is saying that its unintentional,but i can accept k its unintentional . she wanted to show the negatives of elites n she showed it anyways. and if dramas should represent society,so it did its part,yes it represented our society q k ye horaha hay yahan!! n dont talk about bardasht..yehi toa sara ,masla hay hamara… !!

    • Proud Muslim

      media has a very strong impact on minds and it is reachable to every place even the remote areas of country . if you r showing something on tv esp dramas eventually ppl think as if its not a big deal wearing such things which in fact mocking ur own religion.in addition you are hurting lots of people sentiments.

      • Mrs Asim

        I think u forgot that Aisha's character is shown negative throghout the play yet… what people will get is only that yes our eliot class is taht bad.

    • ash

      but i should not b shown in dramas like this……….media get involve in this way…weasy jihad koi ngalt cheez nahi hai kay uss ka mazaq urraya jy, han ager app loogo ke geerat khatam ho gyee hai or willingly app surrender ker rahy hoo kaferoo kay agy ya kisi or kay aagy tho it upon ur thought , app jihad ka mazaq ura sakty hoo because now u dont have the will…but we have a will to live as a proud muslims…….i hate this idea to wear this shirt ……niqab , parda quran main hukam hai in k a…nahi kerna tho mazaq kiou bana rahy hoo, khud ko muslman kehna choor do phir jo karzi kerooo, freedom of speech kay naam pay tho agy he buht kuch ho raha hai….these ppl having double standrad. plzz ayesha omer tell them u are not muslim so u can do it.

      • Mrs Asim

        toa what u think what she is telling u with her bold pics on this very site? media is only showing the reality,n we have no tolerance to face it.

    • sayyam

      pehle dikhya jata ha phr hota ha. dresses models wear in movies, and dramas is the advertisement.

  • shajee

    i agreeee 🙂

  • Mrs Asim

    n now dont say that they r promoting such thing coz they have shown Aisha's character openly negative..n whatever she is doing is wrong it too much obvious in the play

  • cartoon

    u r rite…people must know the diffrence between expressing ur opinion and ridiculing others' …u hv the rite to expres ur opinion but u hv no rite to ridicule others'

  • Sadaf H

    Lighten up you guys

  • Seemi

    Making fun of religion is not ON. The writer made such a big issue on adding a few extra lines in SeZ, now she should create fuss over this as well because this is a bigger issue.
    May be UA doesn't want to have problems with Sultana Siddiqui so she is quite.

  • Nab

    iam agreee wid u SAUD.. modernism doesnot mean that u people forget to respect islam. and its features. Non muslims or believers think that jihad is some what she wears on her t-shirt ,so its the duty of (our) muslims to clear the image of jihad either she is modern or not offering prayer or not she shuold not represents the JIHAD in a manner in which does because its a sensitive issue ..

  • Farida K

    @ Saud: u r not wrong. We were watching this drama in our lounge & my mother 1st noticed it & pointed out. We were all horrified. I think the director, Sultana Siddiki is too old & senile so she did not notice, but someone else on set should have pointed it out. Shame Shame……

  • A Q

    saud great job bro.

  • Elegant Noshi

    agreed.. :/

  • Maha

    Although i think focusing on such issues is nitpicking i do agree that the tee shirt was in exceedingly poor taste given the religious issues and levels of intolerance that exist in Pakistan today. This sadly could be another excuse used by the extremist Right to highlight their issues (which i don't agree with by the way but many people sadly do)!

  • zamzam

    i agree.
    it left a very bad taste
    i m much disappointed of whole team involved in drama
    they shud have taken care of it . shame on the person who is responsible for this shameful act

  • samana

    its a huge mistake plz dont do it
    bad very bad
    shame on you who did this

  • Syed Zeeshan Haider

    What i understood from the T-shirt is that JIHAD is not compulsory for Children nor they should be the part …. Mostly the suicide bombers are of underage and most probably they have no idea of JIHAD original meaning. In Quran JIHAD with sword is JIHAD E ASHGHAR and JIHAD with NAFS is JIHAD E AKBAR but Muslims in Pakistan emphasis more on JIHAD E ASGHAR and do little about JIHAD E AKBAR….. by saying all this i dont mean that WRITER has done something wrong but only to tell u people that we need to educate ourselves and others on JIHAD….. and also we should condemn those who involve MADRASA children for their own will and might…. its wrong to display JIHAD like the one mentioned on a t-shirt but their is reality in it which we cant DENY ….

  • moona

    ofcourse…!! its totaly right..agreed

  • Sabuli

    Cent percent true..No matter what our values are at the priority…We condemn these kinds of acts

  • sadia


  • Javeria

    its aint a mistake. they are just showing that this is what we call elite class. they make fun of traditions and religion.

  • Ammad

    Is this pic real….?

    • Ali

      yes it is real…

  • zara

    I also noticed it right away and was taken aback but to think of it such a big director and production team where everything is detailed, they must have done it on purpose maybe..

    • Mrs Asim

      g bilkul,I think its too much obvious that they did it on purpose.

  • Jamila

    Sultana Siddiqui, the director has stated on her Facebook page that it was not deliberate and was an oversight. Please follow her page on what she wrote. I love the drama and I believe we should see the message in the overall drama and not fixate on a single negative image too much. There are already too many negative things in Pakistan.

    • muzammil

      plz can u submit her fb page link…………

    • emo148

      My dear jamila muslims are always laid down 2 knees just because of meer jafar & sadaq (like u)……………. there is always an invisible hand in all the societies that tries to misguide the whole society and people like u r at front to support them……………

  • uneza

    i second ur opinion!!!!
    these things must b checked strictly b4 it goes on air

  • Bilal Ahmed

    You are completely wrong, whatever is wrong in Shariah or simply whatever is wrong, it should be pointed out !!!

  • Sadia

    Agreed!! this shocked me when I saw the scene! This is not new but for Umera Ahmed's drama it is disrespect!

    • sidramustaqeem

      Umera Ahmad should convey her point of view on this issue now. And also on that wrong wadhoo. She is responsible now to take some bold action. Looking forward for Umera Ahmad's opinion

    • Atif

      I think she needs a jehadi

  • Maheen

    Absolutely agree. But perhaps Ayesha Omar is reflecting the "Kalay Angrez" a.k.a. "Brown Sahib" mentality of Pakistan's upper classes, who seek, for the most part, to lick the boots of the West and turn their backs on their own faith and culture. What makes this even more sad is that in Western countries, if someone was wearing this t-shirt in a school or other institution and a Muslim expressed offense about it, that person would be required to change. This same level of sensitivity is lost on these arrogant, elitist Pakistanis who call themselves Muslims and see nothing wrong with insulting the very faith Pakistan was established for.

  • xenab

    yu are absolutely right ! i didnt noticed it bt when yu pointed this out i m just shocked how could she wear such t-shirt ?
    well in first episode as well aisha umar's dressing was very bad one cannt watch it with family .. i dont knw her name the lady playing zaroon's friend she also dont dresses up well bt in upocoming episode as well as we say in promo aisha omer's dressing will be a bad and will make it a issue sodont think we could watch it with family again 🙁 thumbs up to writter of this article atleast yu raise up the issue !

    • sadaf

      mehreen raheel was wearing such an idecent dress my son asked me howcome in Pakistan girls wear these dresses. i never saw a single girl on streets wearin even near this kind ov dress even in defence area.
      portraying wrong image of Pakistan and muslims is very bad.in the novel this kind of dressing of samara wasnt described.even this drama seems to be lot more away from original novel

  • Zahra Mirza

    This is exactly what we liberal Muslims think that by making fun of our Sacred concepts will make us look COOL & AWESOME but it's pathetic unfortunately. Those who does the Hijab know what it's importance is & to target that particular audience using this TEE is sad. I know what my Hijab means to me & it can not be explained to anyone so it's uncalled for that in the name of the drama & taking it as a cover they can touch the sensitive issues whenever they want just to justify themselves. There was no need of this TEE & I couldn't resist noticing it too.

    As far as Wazoo part of Shehr e Zaat is concerned I guess Hina Bayat's Blouse was enough to tell what category they belonged to & if they showed that she didn't know how to perform an ablution they could've showed it later on as they moved a few years ahead where she had a 5 – 6 years old daughter. It's sad that they leave these things for the audience to figure out & ponder whereas they don't stay back in showing which is totally not needed.

  • Lubna

    Agreed !! Don,t make fun of religion

  • Maria khan

    I think it's the part of depiction of that class and character who makes fun of deen and deeni people as this character shows having no boundaries and too much freedom

    • mariyah

      i agreee….

  • Maha

    You see, we critisize others of not taking our religion seriously, or making fun of it. Thus, it is quite disheartening to see my own people do it. HUMTV, please make sure this does not happen in the future.

  • riya

    agreed, corrigendum needed, with surity tht this will nt going to happen again.

  • Khalil

    Agreed with u….but the thing is that why it happened????because we are suffering from these type of so called jihad…we dont know what is jihaad…every one know here that i happens in our country daily…lots of people die in this type of jihad, My first cousin martyr in Mosque during Namaz ….and you know he was a victim of Jihaad,…Why you people dont stand for religious terrorism… who give us justice????

    • Anila

      Khalil so sorry for your cousin. So many of us lost our beloved ones but what is happening is just terrorism not religious terrorism. We all r Muslims and just due to this terrorism we can't say that Jihaad is something wrong and start advertising it in a wrong way.

    • Shallu

      first study what is jihad… No innocent should be killed and juhad can be dont with the concent of authorities in the country….. the people u call terrirism jihad are illeterate or dont know anything about quran n jihad…..

    • Raafia

      excuse me mr. ..let me clearify this that wat mentioned above,the way ur cuzn got martyred,was not jihad of any kind. Remove this misunderstanding that it was some sort of jihadi group behind it. It was terror attack backed and planned by the terrorist agencies like mosad and raw,and both are non muslim agencies which hv nothing to do with islam. Jihad is always against those non muslims who attack Islam in any way. Why those so called islamic extremist attack those who r already following islam and offering namaz in masjid?? If they r against kafirs then why dont they attack bars and clubs? It is so obvious that ppl who attack masjids can never be muslims. They r foreign non muslim agents with beard. But ppl like u declare every terror attack as jihad. And everyone have beard a Mullah,Taliban or dehshatgard. huh

  • Engr. Bilal H Memon

    Well I disagree that Zaaroon's family is modern. Wearing such clothes and having nothing religious in that family is not MODERN!

  • nazo

    100% agreed…your review is exactly what i wanted to say..thanks for sharing!!

  • hareem

    100% agreed

  • soni


    • ali

      agree.well said

  • Shinylucky

    100% agreed…obsolutely right…!!

  • Sanya

    can someone tell me who is making these kind of t-shirts

  • ayesha

    jo bhi ho……….i just LOVED HER T-SHIRT!!!:D

    • Sash

      With that BOMB attached to the "little miss" saying that it is Jehad?
      That is very ignorant of you ….

    • FAJAR

      how can you say that??? disgusting
      are u non muslim or u have lost ur mind

    • Maria

      piss off ayesha, we look a sick person.

    • ali


    • Ghizala

      I find it quite sad that someone would love the message in that t-shirt, as a Muslim living in the west and having to constantly defend Islam and the concept of jihad I think it is highly iresponsible and insensitive of the people who are responsible for creating this drama to allow that abhorrent t-shirt. I teach non Muslims about the jihad and the true meaning of the word, how it isn't about strapping bombs to oneself or holy wars of any kind. I believe in moving forward and challenging traditions but certainly not at the expense of any ones faith! Shame on you who ally yourselves with small minded bigots of this world.

  • ikram

    i have many things to say about all comments but its not the point, i thought we are well educated and disciplined people which we are. This is very nice drama serial i did noticed the same thing that wearing such T-shirt is absolutely wrong and director shouldn't use such things in their serials which represent our culture and religion like that. they should respect our(same as their) religion and represent as a good example.

  • ibrahim khan

    y should v b scared of jihad so much? no one has to make it a big because there is jihad in islam

  • Huma

    You are right in your views but what I've felt is the director had tried to portray our elite society. This is what actually happens. Their kids would have never thought if this is something making fun of their relegion. I'm sure the director is not really so careless about it, its just an attempt to show how things are!!

    • Zeeshan Abbas

      but it should portray like. you know people over here adapt fashions and other things from dramas and other shows as trend or so. like what Turkish Dramas are going on these days, there should be a proper why to portray the things. what we are showing to our new generations those have not mature minds to understand all that..

    • Mrs Asim

      yes thats the point.

  • Zeeshan Abbas

    what ever who ever is writer or director of this play but they don't have some religious values or they don't know the true meanings of Islam and jihaad, Jihaad is one of the greatest Piler of Islam in type of Jihaad according to the Preechings of Rasool ALLAH SAWW . anyways what ever people comment , Islam and Jihaad will remain same with its greatness and its highest value in the whole Universe, May ALLAH put us all on right path.

  • Jasmine

    strongly Agree

  • Bilal

    Agreed ………………………don't make fun of your Religion

  • Pari

    i think her shirt may not be noticed when the episode was aired but, your article put it in notice of people 🙂 great great articl but, better is not to overemphasize such things in fact, you have to paste this issue to the authorities so, they will take care of it next time. see how people are talking abt jihad and other stuff but, how many of them really respect and follows

    • Anila

      U r right pari but they will not going to listen a single person's voice, a crowd can make them listen.

  • shayan

    agrred me ne jab drama dheka tha to nahe piont kiya tha mager ab sekha to you are right

  • saima

    This drama showing a women who is standing by her three daughters due to her education which is the first lesson in Quran that is IQRA and she is teaching the same thing …..it is Jihad.

    • Shallu

      bt her tee shirt shows a women with bomb and it is writted little mis jihad… its totaly wrong act.. jihad is sacred for all muslims

  • zara

    i totally agree with u.. umera ahmed k novels ka taqaddus barbad krke rkhdia hay.. shehre zat dekh k to bht he afsos hua tha.. infact men n bech s he chor dia.. and same two things i noted.. 1st.. mehreen raheels dressing secondly little miss jihad,.. what does it means.. what concept of jihad they want to be presented.. its so depressing.. its our own media and what they are prwsenting.. and isome times i thought why umera ahmed not take any action in which way her novels are presented :(((

  • zara

    m happy to see people condemn it.. really apreciating.. also to u too that u raised voice against it

  • sara

    sad… pakistanis just need an excuse to make a mountain outta molehill… v hv such less times tody dat v can actually sit back n relax coz most of d times dere is just chaos n tensions all around us.. even in those lil entertaining things pakistanis are finding troubles… let it b ppl.. grow up its just a shirt for God's sake.. dere r others issues that need to b addressed than just a harmless tee… a tee cant make or break Islam plzzz… get out of those small shell of urs

    • Shallu

      sara jihad is very sacred for us… n a muslim girl in drama is wearing a shirt on which woman is with bomb… it is an issue coz she is a public figure… n we lv islam and jihad…. so no muslim can tolerate such tees…
      entertainment doesnt mean that we ignore these things….

  • jia

    i thought only i noticed that lol..well thats sad that what kind of misconception is in aysha's mind about jihad!! vey sad

  • kewl aieman

    m agreed.. many ppl didnt notice that but ur article put it in notice.. thanks.. and yes ur views about SHERE ZAAT r right.. i was also in shocked dat y she's not wearing dupatta evn her grandma is not asking her 4 dupatta.. dat darama was just 4 the entertainment.. pls pls stop abusing with our religion. its our religion not fun.. pls donot show what ppl want jst show what is in our religion.. writers thinks deeply be4 writing they put there feelings with their words.. they collect knowledge then start writing but these actrs. producers r sahmeless.. they have no concern with their religion.. and thanks to the saud 4 putting it in our notice..

  • huma saeed

    i am totally disapointed with this shameful act

  • Shallu

    Media does anything for TRP…… nothing matters to them except high rating…. hum tv is nice channel but sometime does this type of mistakes which hurt feeling of many people… Jihad is sacred for all of ur…. Its jst a shirt but minor things have major impacts… what kids will think abt jihad?? A person with bomb on her back is a miss jihad… its wrong… Love and respect your religion…..

  • fatima qureshi

    Well yeah it is offensive for people but this is the bitter reality of some pakistani wannabe families. Though they are namely muslims, but they are of the view that terrorism is actually jihad. I myself have met such kinda people. So in this play, ayesha omer is doing nothing but representing such wannabes!

  • Fatima Qureshi

    And what a duppata has to do with one's faith? At first Falak's heart was polluted with love of this world but then her heart became pure with Allah's love. It was about how her heart became pure where physical appearance didnt matter. And atleast she was not wearing a mini skirt, she was dressed moderately!

    • Khurram

      If dopatta or hijab has nothing to do with faith then I guess a girl can wear mini skirt too That's what I understood from wat u said….

      • Fatima Qureshi

        Nop you got that wrong… A girl can't wear a mini skirt as it would look indecent, whereas falak's dressing looked very decent. She wore loose and long dresses!

        • fatima

          i think we are not the one to judge what is decent and what is not………… religion has described that for us, atleast try to follow that………….

          • Khurram

            well what is decent and what is not differs from culture to culture & person to person,, a mini skirt may be indecent for us but will not be for WEST, similarly not wearing dupatta is absolutely OK with people like u as we are living in urban centers of Pakistan,, but those families where girls carry Hijab will definitely think that not wearing a dupatta is indecency.. id agree to the writer that if falak had turned towards Islam she must have known that Parda is a must.. thats what our religion says and we have to follow that as u said in above comment that we should atleast try to follow that what religion has described… one thing more which i didnt like about Falak's character was the way she used to talk to her mother.. Our religion doesnt allow this even if Parents are wrong…..

          • sam

            I absolutely agree with you

      • ashy

        gud reply..agree to your point khurram. 🙂

      • midhat

        u r absolutely ri8 khurram..

        • Khurram

          I m glad that I hv been able to convey what I mean

          • Zahra MIrza

            I couldn't agree more to you Brother Khurram. & especially I can relate to where you've said 'a girl wearing a hijab would think not carrying a dupatta is indecency'. That is completely correct. I being a muhajjaba (one who wears hijab) knows what its importance is but I don't look down at those who don't carry a dupatta but feel pity that they don't know what they are getting themselves into. Some things in life can be left in the grey areas but Hijab is something which can not be negotiated. It is something that Allah Himself has prescribed for us so debating on it won't take us anywhere because it's out of question. As far as Falak's character is concerned, in the novel Umera Ahmed wrote in detail that Falak carried a dupatta after she turned towards Allah but in the drama obviously keeping the glamour & image of the industry & modern Muslims in mind they easily ignored it whereas it didn't do justice to the main motive of Falak's transformation because image & haya & parda is also the main aspect of a females life (if she chooses).

    • Raafia

      u said that her heart became pure with Allah's love, then how it is possible that when her heart converted towards the true path,the change doesnt appeared in her dressing. When u r totally chnged from inside, your appearnce changes as well…and if not then you r not fully changed. Besides that u can also read the original novel. You'll find the same thing, in the novel, when she got changed, she eventually started taking duppatta and started covering her head.

    • Sister in Islam

      my dear miss FATIMA it is a matter of duppatta which is compulsory in Islam. when one's heart is changed then he/she heart wants to do what ALLAH sw has commanded.each n every command of His.don't say things for ALLAH n Islam which you don't know.

  • CAPT Aftab

    what the HELL is going on Air
    Jihad is the Sixeth Piller of ISLAM
    Dont Make Fun With IT PLease

    • Saima

      There r 5 pillars in islam not 6 .. Though jihad is part of religion and does not necessarily mean fighting with guns and bombs it is also with ones inner satan..

      • Saba

        ^please research before commenting..if fighting meant no killing then our Prophet (pbuh) shouldn`t have had taken part in battles

        • Ramsha Syed

          It might or might not be the sixth pillar of Islam. But it surely isn't only limited to the concept of physical fighting. Jihad is a broad concept. It also encompasses the idea of fighting ur inner vices amongst other things

  • Khurram

    Well u can expect anything from Ayesha Omer as many people are aware how liberal she is after watching her beach pics, The director should have not allowed her After all Sultana Siddiqui is a senior director She needs to act in a more responsible way

  • shyza


  • shah

    i totally agree with saud! when i watched that i just thought the same!

  • Nazia


  • naima

    yup agree.dn make fun ov ur religion
    istly be ware ov all tha esentialx b4 puting thngz n dresingz lyk dat

  • grapefruit

    Agreed.i also messaged sultana sidiqui on her fb page.very disgusting it looked

  • Ali Azmat

    The actors don't wear their personal cloths but of characters they portray so, every aspect of the character is verified before putting it on air. The T-shirt "little miss jihad" was also put on by the actress to test our nerves and gauge our so-called tollarnce. The T-shirts are nothing but special suiside belts to soften our conscience in the name of moderation.

    • Sara

      True Ali

  • mona

    well saud,,, you are right,,,,,, but our actors and actress like ayesha are very liberal,, they have nothing to do with Islam…..i dont know a drama like ishq-e-mamnoon went high rates then you can imagine how we the public like openess,,,,on other hand we criticise our actors yet we like foreign dramas regardless what they are wearing,,,, we are corrupt,,,,, ayesha you wore t shirt i dont know its foreign brand or pakistani product?,,,, amazing,,,,that you wore it,,,we dont LIberal Pakistan that we forget our religious values and if we forget that there will be no difference between animal and human,,,we love our religion,, we dont want to become like westners majority of pakistani are like this only who live in high society 2% people might be modern here……………

  • ramsha

    you are right she is promoting a bad name of Islam it is a international drama what will America and other countries will say :S

  • soha

    well……people, where is da part of earth u all r living on…there is nothing new and unrealistic happening in this drama..there r number of families like zaroons in pakistan…girls are wearing clothes like mehreen raheel in our country , even more than this. all this is happening around us. there is nothing surprising about mehreen raheels n ayesha omer's dressing in this drama…….but yes ayesha should not be wearing little miss jihad..she should have known that how people in pakistan is into hobby of criticism.

    secondly , u all were talking about mini skirts,,girls do not wear skirts in public…..but pakistani girls are wearing mini skirts in late night parties, clubs and new year eve parties…even more than this…

    please all of u should stop criticizing aur pahly khod ISLAM follow karna sikho…

    • mona

      yes when things go public then it is public will decide,,, and yes there are families like this in pakistan but 2 or 3% not majority,,, always think in a broad way people who live in defence and people who live in rural areas for rural areas it is shame and for here in khi lhr isb it is fashion sab chalta hai,,,,,, sab nahi chalta kab samje gai llog,, aj bhi pakistan men ache naik shareef ba-parda khandaan abad hen,,, ju afsos men hen ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,media hi ye mini skirt culture lai hai,,, indian ho ya pakistani,, ya west,,, ye ju basement parties hoti hen na humare irdh girdh,, ye media ki hi dain hai,,,,,aur hum majority kyun kharab bane ju hen minority let them enjoy games of sat

  • viewerhumtv


  • Fatima Arif

    Oh Cumon guys! we all know its wrong to wear such kinda shirt specially in drama seriels!
    Buh they really dont care wot ppl gonna think , cox these things dont matter to them .. So its better we should stop poking nose cox it nvr Gonna make any revolution and change in them..! Cheers.

  • Guest

    Baat bilkul theek hai but falak ka andaaz itna matter nai krta jtna us ka dill matter krta hai ALLAH nay us ka dill dekhna hai us ki dressing nhi or jb us ka dill wahan lag jay ga dressing khud bakhud bad main theek ho jani thi
    and ayesha umer jo beach walli aisi pics khinchwa sakti hai us say app or kia umeed lga sakti ho ???????i think india say zyada fahash hmaray dramay ho chukay hain zyada fazul bhi but shehr_E_zaat was differen and a big hit

  • Bushra

    I totally agree with you. I don't understand that if we want to show some one is modern why we dress them in the most inappropriate way. We forget our religion , values and culture. Dramas are very popular and we should make it a means of improving our society not the other way around.

    • Adnan

      Bushra, I salute you. Very good thinking

  • isma

    agreed…..this is very genuine concern raised by this inividual.we all have much respect for the thoughts and writings of umera ahmed. such mistakes will distort the respect of her reading…umea plz take notice of it

  • sampak

    aslamoalikum i think so that a actor should be very careful about his or her dressing because he or she repersenting a socity. i read out some comments and i disagreed with some coments dopta is the major part of our dressing beacuse we are muslim wearther very religious or modrately religious. a women or a manshould cover her or his properly self.

  • mahia

    bht he afsos ki bat h…………… media or usk nomainde khd islam or apne country ko d grad kr rhe h
    inko tu jihad k sahe meaning bhe nhe pta honge

    • Sister in Islam

      ji bilkul JIHAD is not just fighting with swords,it is every act of a muslim to erradicate evils of the society.

  • Raano

    agreed 🙂

  • hiba


  • rani khan

    u r absoluyely right

  • ash

    if u are uslim u cannot mak efun of islamic teaching especially those who were teached in Quran-Pak……..if u make fun while u said u are muslim…..but dont want to wear hijab and dont believe in Jihad…..u lived with double standards….leave these double standards and become a good muslim..and leave to call urself muslim and dowhatever u wanna do.

  • Syed

    ok first of all, this is a drama serial from a big production house..costume designers and directors sit down and discuss what characters should wear, so this is done intentionally, second, maybe we all are going over board with this, this is just a t-shirt she's wearing not a big deal

    • sayyam

      yes, they are doing it intentionally because they are actually the enemy of islam. by advertising such things they are trying to teach us their way and controlling our mind. you do not have any idea how far showbiz has gone. for me being liberal in reality is actullay begairti. what else could be the meaning of these words and picture, atleast open your eyes and mind, iman ka kamzoor tareen darja ha k burai ko, atleast, dil ma bura jano.

  • Wonderwoman

    i agree saud but it is also sad to see some of our hijabi sisters wearing tight jeens with hijab and doing shamefull activities worse than aysha omers act

  • Sadia

    Agreed, Umera Ahmed should take notice of it , as the novels portray a very honored & respectful thoughts about religion but the Dramas are dis-respecting religion by making those mistakes,,, and this is exactly what umera doesn't want to write / show in her novel…

  • Silent Friend

    I am agree with your review.

  • sidramustaqeem

    100% Agreed. JazakAllahho khairan kaseera for highlighting these points. I also noticed that wadhoo performed by falak & that young girl. I was surprised why they need to demonstrate each and every step of wadhoo repeatedly in such detail. No doubt the shown sequence of washing in wadhoo was wrong. This irony behind little mis jihad no doubt has a reason. The same reason that was there in the last scene of shehar e zaat, when falak made EYES, LIPS of that mud toy. Need of the hour is that we have to open our eyes and mind while receiving any message and to condemn the wrong is really jihad. May the writer of the post be rewarded.

  • Kiran

    Agreed..Actually I read whole novel shehr.e.zaat. In the novel Umera Ahmed depicted something else as in that book falak was wearing shawl .. but in drama she evn didn't cover her head…There r lots of misconeptions abut Islam n some of which is promoted by our media… In Islam for a woman its very important to cover her hairs n those who say it doesn't matter r basically spreading misconception abut Islam… because if we truly Love ALLAH we shud obey him… How can we love him if we r not obeying his orders ?????

  • Mrs Asim

    cant accept*

  • a,l

    how lame can people be? stressing over on a stupid t-shirt

    • Rania

      its not a matter of "JUST LITTLE T-SHIRT" , its a matter of religion's impact

    • raremoon

      you know what…why dont u get out of here if u think its just a t shirt

  • Maria

    datz really a dumb t-shirt to wear, she's just another an western wannabe..just stick to salwar kameez..D grade actress

  • Sidra Hasan

    Samia also said,"Yamina and Haniya (Mata e jaan hai tu) are devrani-jethani also.She says,"Because their husbands are brothers.Ibad (husband of Haniya) and Zaroon (husband of Yamina (Sanam Saeed)) are sons of the same couple (Hina Khawaja and Javed Shaikh)" So true!!!!!!

  • sana

    Ohh common u have time to notice this stuff.. plzzz it was a play n why would she makes fun of her Religion??? be positive people..

    • Sidra Hasan

      Religion???She didn't make fun of religion.She just noticed it for fun.Come on stop being conservative and let's have fun also!!!

    • najma kosar

      saud is right .this is not negative thinking. being a muslim it is our duty to point out such bloopers.these small bloopers greatly initiates anti muslim propagendas

  • Bushra wakeel

    Hahah! 😀 lol (Y)

  • zani

    bilkul theek………………dresses select karnay waalu ko dehaaan rkhna chaiyee k kis tra ka dress hy……………. sharam o haya to wese e htm ho chki hy sb me se k ye dehaaan rakhen k larkiun ki dressing achi hni chayie km z km dresses p likhay huay sentences hi dekh lia kren…

  • zani

    i appreciate the who has written dis article

  • aimy

    while watching the drama on repeat i realized that this part of drama is edited,no one can see the tshirt now…..thank u hum tv

  • hina farooq

    u r right. she has no rights to abbuses islam

  • Asmi

    I totally agree with you!

    I was shocked to see her wearing that

  • sami

    sick mentality,if u r a girl or a guy both ways…y the hell were u looking at her T SHRT??:o

    • raremoon

      be honest, did u close ur eyes on that scene?lol..really?

  • A R. Kemal

    Aisi behooda aurton ko TV say nikal kar door phaink do, yeh badbakhat nangi to thin he ab Islam ka bhi mazaq ura rahi hain. Idiots

    • AAJ

      Well said Mr Kemal. I toally agree with you.

    • Anonymos

      I agree that the T-shirt wasn't acceptable and has caused much of a hype! But this is no way to condemn people!! If u r talking about the islamic values she is abusing, what are u doing? U r making use of foul language which too is not acceptable in Islam!!! If u r speaking for the religion, speak respectably through a proper channel!! And last but not the least if u r too frustrated with their dressing style and find it vulgar ! Simply dont watch the TV!!

      • mehar ibraheem

        very well said…. 100 % agreed………….

  • iman

    I agree that it shows the generally widespread mentally among elites in Pakistan, but that doesn't mean it's fair to put something like that on TV. Not everyone is going to understand it's part of her character… of course there will be backlash. This is too controversial to show only passively in the form of a t shirt. If they wanted to talk about her opinion on jihad and how it's apparently only suicide bombing, they should have actually had a real discussion about it, not show a random t shirt…

  • umar

    its totaly right

  • saba siddique

    i am agree with you,jihad has vry importance,scholars consider it 6th pillar of islam,umera ahmad should tk notice of that big issue

  • sara

    I think all of Pakistan needs to relax. Everyone focuses WAY too much about what other people are doing with their lives… like get out of your bubble and just pray for yourself. People often feel more "pure" about creating contraversies or pointing out argumentative points… Pakistani's have portrayed a very bad image throughout the world and it is honestly because of bickering over stupid and pointless things… like a tshirt. Seriously everyone, grow up and quit focussing on the negatives.

    • Tahreem

      I think it is the moral duty of every human being to respect the values, traditions and emotions of other people.. you must not do anything that could offend a particular group, especially when that group consists of 2 BILLION people around the globe.. I dont think this is a non-issue that is being exaggerated. No one has the right to mock Islam or any other religion for that matter. And the most hurtful point about this issue is that the people involved here are not non-Muslims but the very "followers" of Islam..

      Pakistanis have every right to protest and people responsible should apologize to the whole nation

    • raremoon

      Stop focusing on the negatives!WOW!!what a saying.

  • hamna

    100% agreed with you…

  • Faadi

    jaahil aurat ayesha umer :@

  • Nosheen

    kia bakwas he yar? itne ghor se to us ne khud ne apni shirt nhi dekhi hogi, jitni ghor se tumne dekh bhi li or itna lamba lecture bhi de diya, plz stop this rubish and don't creat scene here.

    • alishba

      lol so nyc of u … drama kerne a rai the ghor se sara make up hair style to dekh lia matchng b ker li bt shrt nai dekhi n wese b tmhn itna hamdardi hy na to dil mai rkho dun post it ….illmannered dun u ppl knw tat jihad is one of the pillar of our religion.em also an art stdnt frm NCA da same colg of ayesha bt i cnt fvour her .n i thnk no sensble persn will eva do

    • Shehreen

      I agree with you

    • hassan

      yha…….these ppl are gret muslims jo us ki shirt ko desprates ki tarhan drkh rhe the/

    • raremoon

      look,even i didnt notice the shirt, but it doesnt mean k jo dikhae na day wo theek hai.she shouldnt be wearing that shirt.

  • T.S.Bindra

    Umera Ahemd's novels and the dramas show a mirror to the society, as it is now. Comment on them critically but intelligently. Avoid being petty.

  • Mkhan

    For what it's worth, here's my view on the whole thing. Firstly all of you who think it was no biggy to portray Islam in such a way need to get a reality check. Not being critical, just making a point. It was a huge blooper on part of the production team and the actress so just admit it. Now moving on from that to those of you who have said some horrible things about the actress – you guys need to remember aysha has apologised and has stated she did not intentionally mean to cause any offence. Rather than overreacting on the whole situation let's just get over the episode and enjoy the rest of this amazing drama. You all know your loving it!!!

    • raremoon

      You covered up everything very nicely!

  • Ayza jawwad

    Religion ka mazzaq nahi hota. Ap jaisay chahain zindagi guzarain . Lakin mazhab ka mazaq bardasht nahi…

  • JIA

    exactly that was what i wanted to say..!! MODERN doesn't mean that u should make fun of u'r religion…!! Modern ban na hai na tu had main reh ker bunay..!! yeh log sochtay hain k jo log 5 waqt ki namaz pertay hain apnay ap ko cover rakhtay hain jihad waghaira main participate kertay hain wo log stone age main rehtay hain or bohoot cheap hain or jo log nungay hotay hain namazain nahi pertay disco dance parties waghaira main participate kertay hain wo shadeed modern hotay hain..!! LIKE IF U AGREE WITH ME…!!

  • :-p

    religion ka mazak kia hota hai religion ka mazak jo humarey molvi hazrat aur woh khudkush bombers urarahey hain apney khayal mai jihad karkey woh kia hai.humari qaum itni narrow mind kiun hai jab anhazur s.a.w. ki shaan mai americano nai ghustakhi wali film banahi to us k reaction mai jo strike hooohi thi us main jo tor phor hoohi aur poori duniya ne dekha woh kia tha.jo aksar shia suni k masjid mai bomb blasts karkey jihad kia jata hai woh kia humarey religion ka mazak nahi jo mumtaz qadri ya us jaisey aur wahshi darindey logon ki jaanien lerahey hain jihaad k naam per aur hamari jahil qaum un ko phoolon k haar phena rahi hai woh humarey mazhab ka mazak nahi bana rahey?

    • shabana

      i agree aaj kal jihad aisa hi horaha hai jaho aur jakar khud ko uralo kitnon k piyaarey is jihad ki wajha se un se alag hoohey aur huzur s.a.w ne jitni bhi jangien larien woh pehley kufaar ne shuru keen phir aap ne un se jang kari .huzur s.a.w. jo musiney insaaniyat they woh khuda ki makhluq ko kabhi takleef de saktey they kabhi takleef mai daal saktey they never.unhon ne to hinda tak ko maaf farmadiya tha.humien aur koi kaam nahi jo lakhon ghareeb humarey mulk mein bhook se mar rahey hain das aur pareshaaniyaan hain logon ko un ko solve karlien eik t-shirt ko itna bara issue banaliya k us ko excuses deney parahey hain maafi mangni parahi hai come on guys wake up.

  • maha

    ab is mai kya hai jst t.shirt hai ……….is mai it issue banany ki kya zrurat hai

  • Umer

    ayesha umer should change her name than she can be without cloths.

  • Humaira

    Agar modernism ko follow ker rahay hain tu respect keratin un lougon ke Jin ko hurt ker rahay hain stone ages Kay zamanay Kay lougon jaiseee hurkat na karain
    FYI For those who say its just a shirt it's not it's a statement or a message So what are you trying to convey

  • soul

    lakh lannat

    • pak guy

      kis per aap per lolllzz

  • :-p

    u all r retards :p this is 4 all u guys mentally retard ppllllllll!!!!!!!!

    • raremoon

      learned a new word huh..thats why ur reapeating it? lol.

  • Nisha Zafar

    people who r considering dis right r surely wrong.Shame on those people who make fun of ISLAM nd teachings of HOLY PROPHET(PBUH). in that pic there is a bomb on a grl wearing hijab.Remember that wives of HOLY PROPHET(PBUH) also used to wear hijab or dupatta. I don't wear hijab bt I still rspct those people who r wearing this. Do u agree with me????? like if u agree

    • naz

      y u ppl r mentally sick itni itni baaton ka batangar kiun banadetey ho tum log hijaab aur duppatta beech mai kaha se agaya yahan kon fun bana raha hai islam ka.I think aap logon ko yeh drama hi nahi dekhna chahey bycott kardien is drama se lolzz agar aitraaz hai to drama mat dekhna ainda okay

      • raremooon

        please..she is talking about what islam teaches us..so be careful in choosing ur words..did you just say that u people are MENTALLY SICK…beleive me, thats a very big thing to say to someone who is just mentiioning ALLAH and the PROPHET's PBUH name is his conversation.n mind you…ye choti choti baatein he insaan ko buht bara(gunah gar) bana daiti hein..so please think before u speak..i hope u understood my point.

  • Maheen fahad

    Agreed that the t shirt was nt appropiate. I dont understant that why modernism is symbolised only by clothing that is the less u wear the modern u ll look….even if she had worn fully covered dresses with jeans wasenough to show that she is liberal…..the way bro sis argue is also enuff to show that they r way tooo liberal….but this t shirt was a real big mistake on anyones part who was involved in making this drama…..a lot has been said here i m only adding a comment to show that ppl now a days dont sit quite n tolerate everything thats wrong….everyone who thinks something is wrong or an attack on religion should raise their voice n make a point so that these things shouldnt b taken lightly…

  • quratulain

    lakh lanat

  • sungat

    hang him basterd.

  • raremoon

    nice reply!