Bari Appa Episode 12 – Intensity Personified

Finally things & situations have started to come back to their place in Bari Appa. It was sweet to see the scene of Riffat & Shakeel & how they reconciled their differences. It was kind of relieving to see Shakeel admit that Zubaida Appa has always been at fault & this is what has driven Farman Bhai to another marriage. Indeed Riffat needed that sort of support & promise from Shakeel that he will not let her go & is pretty much happy with how things are unwinding for them both after Riffat has started earning. Now we can clearly see that after this incident everyone has started to understand the faults of Bari Appa & now she has lost her creditability & will lose her dominance as well because Shakeel himself mentions that now I have come to understand that Bari Appa has always been at fault.

The only character that fails to impress rather disappoints me the most is that of Farman. He is such a wuss I must say. He knew he had to get married & even became a father but when it came to take a stand for his legally wedded second wife & child, he took a back-track. Even now when Zubaida was out there forcing him to divorce his second wife, he stammered & looked like such a spineless person who had no guts to stand up to his act & be a man at least for once. He was begging her to drop the idea & if she does he will never meet his second family again. What sort of a man is he?

Zubaida has once again proved herself to be egoistic & someone who can not let anyone look down at her. She is always in a competition with Firdous & just to make her position awkward she took such a bold step of coming up with such a huge lie that too with her family. These traits of her character makes me dislike her because if you can’t be honest to your mother & the rest of your family then who are you going to be honest with? Even though at first place she wanted Farman to take divorce but now when the news of that affair broke out to her family she took the situation in her own hand & tried to show that she was the one behind this wedding, which was totally unnecessary & in the last moment Ghazanfar stepped in & supported Zubaida for her hideous lie.

One scene that was truly engaging was the dialogue between Firdous & Ghazanfar. At least Firdous has some guts to say what she has on her mind & whatever she said was true & commendable. I really do not like the idea how Ghazanfar looks down at her sometimes & compares her with Zubaida. Firdous might not be such an intelligent woman like Zubaida but at least I see her as someone who’s honest & does not plan things even if it involves her family. Zubaida should get in touch with her baby brother if she faces any hardships rather than running out to Ghazanfar because no matter what their past was, it’s completely over & now he is her younger sister’s husband. Firdous’s confession in front of Ghazanfar that Bari Appa detests her & has not forgiven her because she took away Ghazanfar from her was totally spot on. Indeed the competition & the animosity Zubaida has towards Firdous is obviously linked to her past with Ghazanfar. I actually do not fancy the idea of Ghazanfar running towards Zubaida whenever she is in need & taking such harsh words from her so easily. Whereas, he is the same person who snubs Firdous even when she is not at fault & only shares the happenings with her immediate family.

Anyhow, the drama even though has revealed all the aspects of the story is still going strong & has a lot of shocking twists to offer to its viewers. I like this drama a lot but I want Farman Bhai to man-up a little bit hopefully.

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Fatima Awan

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  • Zahra,main kl soch hi rahi thi k why anyone is not writing abt this play? m writing this comment before reading ur review (that m sure would be brilinat:) m happy that U wrot about it,coz I like this play very much, all r performing very well,characterization is perfect, n yes Zubaida's younger sis is doing really great,I like her character. twists r main feature of Samira Fazal's writings:)

  • and farmaan sahab neelam k paas jatay e mukar gaey and keh re hain k me ne unhe mana lia, what a lie!!!!

  • nice review Zahra!! Farman's character is disgusting! i really like Arjumand Raheem's (firdous) acting in this play.

      • me too!!! her dances…..hahahaha..they make me laugh and the scene when she crossed two fingers to tell about farman bhai's 2nd marriage was also interesting…

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