Mera Pehla Pyaar Episode 10 & 11 – Review

So I thought of combining episodes 10 and 11 because really episode 10 was all about Hira’s over dramatized ‘accident.’ Seriously the kid fell down while running and got a bruise on her forehead… it’s not like she God forbid was actually hit by a car or even got a concussion. She saw Maira and ran after her…that’s it. 28 out of 39 minutes of that episode revolved around the ‘accident.’ What I don’t understand is how Maira doesn’t ask to call Hira’s family immediately? Theek hai, she felt bad that Hira fell because she couldn’t hear her, she took Hira to the Dr’s and Hira got a band aid. So why did Maira, instead of calling Hira’s family, take her out for a shake and then take her back home? I realize the ultimate goal was for her and Taha to meet in these extenuating circumstances but seriously? She gets the day off of school so she can ‘rest?’ Dado goes off on Nano because Ayesha didn’t call when Hira ‘ki Ma ko uske paas hona chahiye tha?’ Khuda na khawsta she wasn’t in the hospital overnight or had surgery. Even Maira kept asking Taha for forgiveness because Hira was hurt. And Hira is a pretty intelligent kid; she could have asked to have her family called.  They could have met Maira at the hospital.

Anyways the ‘chance’ meeting of Maira and Taha finally happens. As nice as it was, I really think the ‘accident’ took that scene’s thunder away. That scene should have been something to remember, not over shadowed by a silly bruise. Unfortunately it was poorly directed and something that the audience had been waiting for for so long came and went with the blink of an eye.

The only other thing that happened in this episode was that Taha wanted to get Hira a mobile phone so that Ayesha can easily keep in touch with her…seriously? Ayesha calls Hira once every 2-3 weeks. Dado was absolutely right when she said no. A 9 year old has absolutely no need for a cell phone. I’m very glad that it was written this way because for some odd reason it has become a norm for kids as young as 8 having cell phones in Pakistan. Dado is right…do parents really think that theirs’ is the only call the kids will receive?

Anyways, the episode ends with the doorbell ringing and in episode 11 we find out that it is Maira with her son Bilal and I’m wondering why? Why would Maira take her 11 year old son to meet her college best friend? I again realize that they had to meet again with the kids, but this was not the way to do it. Bilal clearly was not happy to be there and Dado wasn’t helping insinuating that he was rude. The other unbelievable part was that when Hira takes Bilal to see the gold fish all of a sudden, Maira has a drastic hairstyle change. It’s not like she just put her hair or something, she had a fish braid…that takes a lot of time. Extremely unrealistic.

Anyways, Maira tells Taha how her brother and bhabi (from hell) forced her nikah with her Bhabi’s cousin Irfan (enter Ejaz Aslam) the day of the farewell party. Irfan was a verbally and physically abusive towards her. We also see in the flash back scenes that for some reason he didn’t think Bilal was his son. One day out of anger he divorces her. Luckily her brother had given her a flat that she has been living in ever since with her son. First of all Ejaz Aslam doesn’t at all suit the role of Irfan. He is too old and the botox and jet-black dyed hair plugs just make him look older. Unlike Faysal Qureshi, Ejaz Aslam unfortunately is not aging gracefully. They should have gotten someone like Imran Aslam to play that role. Second, Maira got married 12 years ago, Bilal is 11, but when Irfan divorces her he mentions that in the last 9 years she has never been thankful to him for anything. The math doesn’t add up.

Ziad is back…he shows up at Taha’s and Dado is not happy at all. He is still single but apparently now wants to settle down…conveniently enough, he meets Zara at Taha’s office. Waise not a bad couple.

The episode ends with Taha running into Maira at the mall and they end up having coffee, at which time Maira asks about Ayesha and finds out Taha too is divorced. How cute and convenient J

In all honesty episodes 10 and 11 could have been just one episode if the editing and direction was done properly. I have no idea why they chose to do this. Mera Pehla Pyar has consistently been a good play to watch so I hope this was just a ‘thing’ and not the beginning of the end because that would be really disappointing.

Sheeba Khan.

Fatima Awan

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