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Aik Nayee Cinderella Episode 12 – Surprising Twists

This week’s episode had shocking twists and turns. I did not expect all these events to occur and they came as a huge surprise. The change in Meesha’s behavior is astonishing. Previously, she was always compliant to her Dado’s orders and demand but now she had taken the biggest decision of her life without her consent. Dado is heartbroken and cannot understand the reason behind the changed attitude of Meesha. Meesha is thinking emotionally and has only one motive behind her decision; to prove to Roman that she is not as naive as he thinks and he cannot play with her feelings. She wants to gain back herself respect that she thinks is broken by Roman whom she trusted the most. Maya Ali was brilliant in this episode. The sudden transition from a lively, innocent girl to a serious girl, whose spirit has been broken, is very well played by her.
Bano is scheming to stop Meesha from marrying Mayer. She had laid down a condition in front of Mayer and Meesha; she wants Meesha to stay at their place so that she can change her ways and polish her so that she can be introduced in their society. Bano knows that Dado would never agree to this. I absolutely love the bonding between Meesha and her Dado. She knew she was wrong to hurt her Dado and take the most important decision of her life without her Dado’s consent and happiness. The emotional scene between Dado and Meesha when she comes back was heartwarming.
Meher was seen taunting Dado about Meesha’s decision to go and stay at Bano’s house and gloating that her daughters would never do such a thing. She was pointing finger at Meesha’s upbringing which broke Dado’s heart. The irony was that at that very moment her two daughters were not in the house. Aimee had run away with Farjad while Zaini was in the police station as she was caught drunk. This additional part about Zaini getting drunk was not at all needed in this episode. Aimee and Farjad scenes once again made me laugh. You cannot help but smile at Aimee’s sweetness and innocence. Warda Butt’s acting has made Aimees’ character even more special.
Mayer finally finds out what kind of treatment Meesha gets at her house and wants to get married to her immediately. This shocks both Bano and Meesha but Bano controls the situation and delays the wedding by keeping her condition. I was happy to see that Mayer was not in favour of her mother’s decision to change Meesha, he loves her just the way she is. We also saw Mayer giving a cold look to Roman when he saw him and Meesha together. Meesha’s refusal to acknowledge Roman as her friend hurt Roman’s feelings. I could not help but feel sad for him.
I cannot believe Surraiya would fall so low and blackmail Roman to stay with her. I was disgusted by her behavior and poor Roman gave in to her blackmail just to save Meesha’s dreams. Roman also tried to talk to Meesha but she was in no mood to hear him. He is puzzled by the sudden change in her behavior and wants to know the reason behind it. If only they would talk and clear things up all this confusion and misunderstanding would go away!
The preview for the next episode seems interesting. Meher and Meesha have shifted to Bano’s house and Bano is treating Meesha very harshly. It seems like Bano is up to something! What is her new plan and why has she made Roman the wedding planner for Meesha and Mayer’s wedding? When will Meesha’s past be revealed? I hope we get all the answers soon.

Mariam Shafiq

  • Woderful review to a wonderful episode.
    Yes the scenes between Dado & Meesha were very heart warming. The way Meesha runs to her dado had me in tears because I was very close to my dado as well & she has passed away.
    Aimy's tirade, I won't ride a donkey was hilarious. I just hope Farjad is a nice guy & treats Aimy with love & respect although he looks a little fishy.
    I'm glad the did not show or elaborate what Zaini was high on. They just left it to our imagination & I was fine with that.

  • V. Nice drama. I love it. Story is sweet, direction is perfect, acting is also good but the locations are just breathtaking.

  • I love this play. It is so much fun to watch young cast on our screens n they r carrying da entire show. They look young n fresh.

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