Mera Pehla Pyar Episode 7 – Review

So episode 7 of Mera Pehla Pyar begins with Taha (perhaps looking for) and finding a picture of Maira. He seems to be happy while looking at her. But I’m wondering if that picture has always been in that drawer, and if so, how did Ayesha not find it? I don’t see Ayesha staying quite about her husband readily having a picture of his ‘best friend’ in his side drawer…especially since she seemed to be somewhat insecure of Maira in the flashback scenes. Hmm…Taha is clearly happy though as we seem him coming back from a jog in the morning too. Even Hira makes a comment stating it had been a while since her baba had done that.

Moving on to Zara…if there are girls reading this review and watching this drama, please if there is one thing you take from this, it is to now lower your self-worth please! I know in the past I have wondered why the writers have put this character in the script, but I’m actually glad they did. Zara brings ‘friendship day’ flowers and card for Taha and surprises him with the fact that he is her best friend. I am astonished to see that she doesn’t realize he doesn’t even consider her a friend…to him she is just a co-worker. I actually felt sorry for her when Taha says ‘mein hairan hoon ke tum itni important baat ko mazaq mein le rahi ho’ and says that they should get to work. She was visibly hurt, but unfortunately she brought this on herself. Please ladies, don’t do this to your selves. Have confidence and respect yourself. Don’t lower yourselves for anyone. What further irritated me was that even after all of that, she later goes into his office and starts to bad mouth Ayesha. He has repeatedly told her he didn’t want to discuss his personal life, yet she is there yet again, bad mouthing his ex-wife. Whatever commercials Ayesha does and whatever she wears is her business, not Zara’s. The fact that she would bring up Taha’s ex-wife, bad mouth her and that too after he completely rejected her gesture is desperation beyond belief. So writers, thank you for Zara’s character…I’m really hoping it will be a learning lesson to all the girls out there.

Speaking of Ayesha, things don’t seem to be going so great with her co-worker or her boss. I think she will realize soon that she has made a humongous mistake, but that it is too late now. She also hasn’t seen Hira for 2 weeks. Where did all that ‘Ma ka pyar’ go? For Hira’s sake, I really hope Ayesha shapes up.

No matter the kind of mother Ayesha was, she had to have done something right since Hira adores her and misses her. And I’m really glad that this serial is written in a way that none of the family members bad mouth Ayesha after the divorce in front of Hira. Her grandfather sees how much she misses her mother and gives her so much hope that her mother is also missing her. Not just that, but the audience doesn’t see a spoiled or badtameez Hira. For a 9 year old, who has seen her parents fight a lot and then get a divorce, she is very put together, mannered, and very caring. I don’t know many kids here age who think that feeding their pet fish is more important than eating themselves. Forget kids, even some adults don’t think like that. All these positive aspects really make a difference for this serial’s popularity.

Also I love how much Hira cares for her father. She find Maira’s picture or as she puts it ‘hum ne apne target ko pehchan liya.” J Per unfortunately Maira Aunty is now married and her facebook display pic is not hers. So Dado has taken upon herself to find Maira her way. I’m really waiting to see how this plays out.  I also realize that people are comparing this to the Indian movie Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, but whereas there may be some similarity, this story is very very different. This actually makes sense and has the possibility of actually happening in the real world.  Not like in the movie where an 8 year old is being told the entire love story of her parents by her late mother in a 10 page letter.

Let me here discuss the Dada Dadi chemistry and its awesomeness! Clearly Dada abhi bare nahi hue hain J He went to get groceries and came back with Feroza’s bag also…how did he not know that sabzi shopping with Feroza would not make his wife too happy? These bursts of comical aspects right after some really heavy doses are very refreshing!

Now, as much as this episode was great, I just couldn’t see Faysal Qureshi and Nosheen Shah as college students. Really Shazia was the only one that was fitting in that character. FQ as an over-weight geek and Ayesha (quite bitter than also) didn’t work…at least for me. Aur wor Zaid Uncle bhi kaheen se University material nahi the. But besides this one thing, this was a great episode. Story seems to be moving forward and I find myself waiting to find out what happens next. Acting wise, everyone was great as usual. They all fit perfectly in their characters. This serial really is a puzzle that fits together seamlessly.

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Sheeba Khan.

Fatima Awan

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  • Very nice review Sheeba, Yea it is very unfair to compare this with kuch kuch hota hai both are totally different. I am just loving this drama, every one is acting so well specially dada dadi's chemistry is awesome. I will definitely be following it.

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