The Positives That Make Our Dramas HIT.

Lately most of us have discussed about the negativities that are being shown in our dramas & almost all the viewers condemn it, but it’s been a while that we’ve spoken about the positivity & those qualities that make us all fall in love with our dramas. It’s my little effort to recollect the memories & the positive feelings that we have about our dramas & what are exactly those things that make us end up being such a die heart fan of our Pakistani dramas.

I believe taking names of certain dramas would confine the main reason of this article because no matter what it’s an undoubted fact that Pakistani Drama Industry has produced thousands of dramas that are beyond perfection, so mentioning a certain drama wouldn’t help as we’d definitely be leaving a lot of dramas unnoticed plus I am talking about our dramas as a whole because if one drama has a good story the other has good dialogues, so let’s talk about our dramas in general.

1. The very first thing that I feel has always been a pillar in the popularity of Pakistani Dramas is a “SCRIPT”. All this while whenever we talk about even the olden golden dramas of Pakistan or even the new ones I feel those dramas always get a special attention of the viewers because of a good script. Everyone demands a perfect script & those dramas especially who have a good storyline/script no doubt end up being the favourite of the viewers.

2. Second in my list would be the “RELATE-ABLE CHARACTERS”. I feel this is another beauty of our Pakistani dramas especially that we always see the characters which are relate-able & quite original. We don’t have to see the lead actors in over-done make ups & top-notch wardrobes but it’s the originality and simplicity that does wonders & we end up liking any drama because I feel characters play another important role in making a drama connect to the viewers.

3. Third in my list would be “THE DIALOGUES . We have seen so many dramas over the years whose dialogues have always been appreciated because that’s the beauty of our mother tongue Urdu. We definitely haven’t seen hardcore Urdu being used in any of our dramas but it’s the simplicity & the easiness of conveying a certain message that gets clicked to the audience. Even at times such heavy feelings are conveyed with so much ease & smoothness which actually shows the versatility of our language.

4. Fourth in my list would be “THE REALITY” that our dramas are popular in getting across to the viewers. Any good drama that we see is always based on the reality & if not, it’s closer to reality as well. But I feel any drama that gets hit is definitely the one which the viewers see as real & not superficial because while watching a drama viewers tend to get so involved & at times feel pretty much in relation to a certain drama which I feel also plays an important part in the success.

5. Fifth & the last in my list would be “THE CAST”. The viewers are obviously keen to see their favourite actors perform on-screen & I feel that is also another reason of a success of any serial. A good cast definitely plays a vital role. The cast can also be referred to as a a good actor. The responsibility to project the beauty of any character lies solely on how the actors acts it out. If an actor can not act a certain character, he/she ends up spoiling the whole thing related to that particular character & I feel Pakistan has numerous great actors both males & females who have done & have been doing justice to the characters they are assigned with.

So, these are the factors in my list which I feel are the backbone of our dramas getting successful all these years. I hope I was able to point out the major aspects that make our dramas famous. If you all have any other suggestions that you feel play a part towards the success of our dramas, please feel free to share it with us because it’s been a while that we haven’t discussed about the positives & the good things about our dramas. I’d be looking forward to your comments. :)

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Zahra Mirza.


Zahra Mirza

Zahra Mirza got associated with in 2012. After moving to Australia, Pakistani content was a way of staying connected to the roots, language & Pakistani culture because it felt home. Eight years ago, review writing began as a hobby but has now turned into a passion.

    • Yes, I agree to some extent but then we have the scripts of Umera Ahmed that make the dramas super hit. Isn’t it? :)

      • yes agree with u , pakistani dramas script are really good, specially drama MAN JALI's script, characters n dialogue delivery were superb.

      • to an extent maybe……im biased beacuse i grew up watching better-scripted dramas based on ORIGINAL scripts……now 70% of dramas are novels lifted from digests and although im a regular digest reader i don't think every novel is fit to be dramatised…….you can see for yourself now that dramas with similar storylines are on-air at the same time and written by the novelist rather than a drama-writer

  • 6th point is direction. a director shud know how to present a good script. some of the well-directed dramas are, Bari aapa, ANC, Bilaqees kaur, Thakan, Dure shehwaar etc. i think still our drama direction is superior than indian dramas where women wake up with fancy saaree, makup and jewelery lolxx

    • Yes Sami, thanks for your input & yes direction plays a major part too & technically our directors have more sense than any other directors out there. & as far as sarees & make up is concerned I did cover it in my point where I mentioned about the REALITY of our dramas, we see real life characters not the real-life cartoons. :)

  • Very true, the script in our dramas, the dialogues are unbeatable by any other drams industry this is partly due to the eloquence in our language english dramsas/movies mein bilkul bhi ya phir bohat kam 'powerful jumley' bolay jaatay hain, this is a real asset to our drama sindustry and in my opinion the main reason why people have come to see the elegance of the way we capture the lives of the characters although we must be careful and maintain this to ensure growth and maintenance of our industry.

    • Thank you for your response & your thoughts. I completely agree to whatever you've said & indeed it's the beauty of our language which makes our dramas more appealing & etch in our hearts. :)

  • Our dramas were, still are and always will be the best. It's upto viewers now to appreciate them and hard working actors and all drama team.

  • In my point of view first we maintain our quality not quantity only hum tv gives super hit serials every year second we introduce new faces please like our audience are bore to watch all the repeated cast again and again exp in A & B production all the dramas are looking same to same no doubt script is good but cast i thing SAMI KHAN DOZENS plays are on air only in ARY & OTHER channels ohhhhhhhh thats people attracted to turkish plays

    • I agree that Hum Tv never fails to provide people with superb dramas that's why I follow the dramas of Hum Tv ONLY.

      As far as seeing the same cast is concerned, no doubt there are a few actors who can show up on all the channels but still have a great fan-following because of the versatility in their acting. It depends on the actor that how he presents himself.

      But isn't it sad that when I spoke about discussing the positives only few people came up with their thoughts & comments but when we speak of the negativity we see a long & never-ending thread of comments. It's sad but even though our dramas are the best our audience fails to appreciate the efforts.

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