Mera Pehla Pyar Episode 6 – Review

‘Eik kahani khatam to dooja kissa shuru hua…’ How many people have heard the song ‘Nagada Nagada’ from Jab We Met? Remember this particular line? I make this reference because the Taha Ayesha story has just ended in the last episode and Maira and Taha’s story begins at the end of this episode when he sees his ‘best friend’ from college at the red light (waise kaaaaaaafi filmy scene tha) J

The story starts out with Ayesha telling (a very annoying) Shanze about her divorce being finalized. Shanze gives Ayesha the fantastic idea of giving Taha custody of Hira so she can focus on her work. Even though there is a completely selfish reason for this, I had to agree since that is the best thing for Hira. As soon as Hira finds out about this she gets really happy and assumes that her mother has done this for her since she knows she can’t live without her father. Ahh, the age of utter innocence…If only she knew the truth, but I hope she never does. 

The next scene is of Taha recollecting memories of the past. Through these flashbacks it is the first time I came to know that him and Ayesha were actually happy once. For the first time, I didn’t detest Ayesha. I do wonder what happened though since they really seemed like a happy and functional family. What prompted Ayesha to give it all away for a career that means nothing in front of her family? Next we see Ayesha signing her film contract without actually reading the entire thing. Even the director tells her that usually people read the entire thing…red flag right there. Anyways, back to Taha’s office and enter Zara (I can’t decide who is more annoying…Shanze or Zara). She hears Taha has just gotten divorced and tries to console him by saying he is not alone. She is correct…he has parents and a daughter. I swear I thought she was actually happy when she found out about the divorce. 

When Hira goes home we see how tremendously happy her grandparents are. And with this scene I take away the ‘Hitler Dado’ title from Laila Zuberi. She shows in this episode a complete change in attitude. She not only lets Hira watch her music channel, but offers to make her snacks and watch it with her. Clearly she has realized that her strictness has already caused issues in her son’s life, now her granddaughter’s upbringing is at risk. You really see a very sweet and caring Dado and even Hira realizes and acknowledges that. Good thing since someone has to play a mother’s part in Hira’s life…for now at least. This is clearly evident when we see Hira waiting for a call back from her mom before she goes to sleep. Taha finally calls Ayesha and tells her to please talk to Hira so she can go to sleep. Ayesha’s reply…’tum bhool rahe mujhe order dene ka haq tum kho chuke ho…bara saal tum ne orders diye hain…” Again, are you bloody kidding me? She finally relents speaks to Hira. Oh Ayesha, if you need to be requested to speak to your own daughter, you still don’t get it!

Anyways, back to Taha’s office and back to Zara. She has shortlisted a few candidates for interview and hire and Taha is clearly not interested. He tells to hire anyone. She tells him to at least look at the CVs of the candidates and gives him their names. He tells her to hire Maira…without meeting her, without looking at her resume, he tells her to hire her. Any guesses as to who this Maira will turn out to be? When Taha is headed home, he sees his old friend Maira at the red light on the road. When he gets home he is in a completely different and happy mood. His mother obviously inquires and he tells her why. Mom asks Taha’s dad about Maira and it’s clear that he knows a lot more than he is saying. He knows that Maira got married and had moved to Lahore and now Taha’s mom’s mission is to get Maira back into his life. My question is, how is that possible since she is supposedly married. Hira too inquires about her Baba’s happy mood and upon hearing about ‘Maira Aunty,’ she too is intrigued. 

This episode was relatively slow paced. I think many scenes could have been done without and the story could have moved forward a little bit more, but all in all, not a bad episode. Acting wise, all the actors were great as always. Faisal Qureshi in a depressed Taha character wasn’t fun to watch, but they guy can act! Here I need to mention that I cannot imagine any other actors besides Sheheryar Zaidi and Laila Zuberi playin the role of Taha’s parents. All of them have fantastic chemistry and they seem to all be synched.

I hope we see more of Maira in the next episode. Till then…adios!


 Sheeba Khan.

Fatima Awan

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  • i agree but they shud keep trying. drama is not good but not bad either. a fresh concept (though a lil filmy) but better than some other "reality based" scripts like MJBM

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