Disappointing Newcomers

Until now I have discussed numerous actors in many different ways. We have had a chance to talk about promising newcomers, versatile actresses, characters I hold very close to my heart and actors who don’t age but today I would like to share my thoughts about those new artists who failed to impress me. Many of you may disagree with me and your opinion is more than welcome. I would like it if you could also support what you say with arguments and in that way you may be able to convince me too.

Unfortunately these newcomers have spoiled many superbly written scenes for me so I thought it was important to make a list of these very good looking but disappointing actors. I am not saying that all these actors lack talent but I seriously believe that they need some training and learning before they can finally make their mark. Acting, like any other skill is something that needs to be learned and unfortunately we do not have too many training academies for actors in our country. Therefore, in the past also we have seen many actors who may have seemed like total failures in the beginning but turned out to be brilliant actors after they got some exposure. So, there is definitely hope for these stars but for now they are ruining the drama watching experience for me. So here it goes:

shehryarShehryaar Munawar:

Believe it or not this gentleman was on top of my “Promising New Actors” list when Mere Dard Ko Jo Zuban Miley went on air, now that is what I call ironic! After watching him win our hearts as the cute and adorable Urooj, I was waiting anxiously to watch him set the screen on fire once he showed us just how good his dialogue delivery was. But it was not meant to be,when Shehryaar Munawar made his appearance in Tanhiyaan Nayee Silsilay I was shocked by his dialogue delivery and expressions as well. It is obviously up to the director to extract the best out of any actor but when the rest of the actors seem to be spot on with their acting; one finds it difficult to put the blame on the director. Or it could be that he needed a little more guidance than he was given. It seems like Shehryaar Munwar doesn’t know how to change his voice in order to evoke the right emotions and his expressions seem to be misleading too. I am hoping that Shehryar Munawar gets on track soon because he has the looks and the confidence it takes to be a star.

saraSara Khan:

Sara Khan’s first project Bari Apa has a stellar cast but that does not mean that I am merely disappointed in her acting because she is working with some very talented actors. Sara khan is playing Sharmeen in the play and although the character is one which should get the sympathy of the audience but Sara Khan has failed to deliver. She fails to give the right expressions and although her facial muscles are in action all the time but she is not into the character or the situation at all. There are times when Sara Khan did deliver but I must say that a newbie like her should have started off with a smaller project so that she could learn as she went along.


mustafaMustafa Changezi:

If one looks at Mustafa Changezi’s background he has a lot going for him. He has performed in theatre and has done modeling too; therefore he has ample exposure of the camera already. Mustafa Changezi plays Adeel in Bari Apa and although every time I sit down to watch a new episode I want to be convinced that he can act but the fact is that his dialogue delivery is beyond disappointing. All one can do is wonder what he is doing in a big project like Bari Apa. I think the first step towards becoming an actor is mastering dialogue delivery and the second is to perfect your expressions, unfortunately Mustafa Changezi lacks in both.


arijArij Fatima:

Arij Fatima has a very pretty face and she is a wonderful model. I saw her playing Milli in Sabz Paree Laal Kabooter , then she starred in Mahi Aye Ga and now she is playing the lead in Mar jaye Bhi Tu Kiya. Although Arij Fatima has not been as big of a disappointment as rest of the actors I mentioned on top but sometimes it seems like she acts more than she needs to and in my opinion there are many other more talented actresses like Maheen Rizvi who deserve to play the lead role on the serials being aired on leading TV channels. But I am quite certain that it won’t take Arij Fatima long to turn into a good actress.



shehzadShehzad sheikh:

Shehzad sheikh comes from a very talented family and I had very high expectations from this gentleman. When I heard he was playing the lead in Mi Raqsam I was quite sure that he must deserve that spot but I have to say that only after watching a few episodes of the play it became difficult for me to sit through an entire episode because the hero failed to impress. Shehzad sheikh is another actor who needs a little more guidance and training before he can play a lead in any play. I wish him a lot of success in the future but for now he has failed to impress me.

What do you think about all these actors, like I said before I know that many people like some of the actors in the list and will disagree with me, so feel free to share your opinion. Also, if there is a newcomer who hasn’t come upto your expectations please feel free to add to the list.

Fatima Awan.

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them in detail. An enthusiastic writer, thinker, and political scientist, constantly trying to look beyond the obvious. Full-time mom.

  • well after reading your article all i want to say is…munawar,shehzad and all of em are newcomers….when u r calling em newcomer then you should not keep high expectations with em since its their first or second tym…every actor or actress do perform average bcoz they are new in it…and shehzad sheikh's first drama "Dreamer's" was very good and it was a hit in today's youth…all i want to say is that being Pakistanis we should support em and encourage em …tell em what their mistakes are and inshAllah we will see their excellent performances….sab seekhne se he agay barhtay hain….

    • janaat thank you for sharing what you think about these newcomers. I think the criticism will help them grow as actors.

  • Yes I agree With U fatima Though I love Urooj( sheheryar) wen i saw him In his First play But slowly and gradually i came to know that its just the face , i still think he has a Lot Of talent but that truely Need a Great Pushup support By any director or even a co actor to guide him in better ways,this applies to Sharmeen(Sara khan) too!!!

    • Zeezee thank you for reading the article and commenting:) I think these actors should be trained off screen and come on screen later on. Or they should play small parts in which they can perfect their acting gradually rather than getting big roles right from the begining. Sometimes I feel like actors who cannot act that well are only cast in plays because they don't ask for a big amount of money.

  • nice article fatima, i am agree with you specially when you talk abt sara khan and mustafa changeeze, who cast them in these characters ,they dont know how and when to perform ,no expression even sara khan weeps its look like asthamatic patient is coughing LOL….
    ,same is the case with shehzad sheikh,not ompressive …. i wanted to add one more name ,girl in drama MAYA On ary with the name of komal i think,(just saw few episode) playing leading role but no quick expression, always confusing expession on her face,they ve to work hard to improve their performance……thanks

  • well nice review but i still have hopes from shehryar. after watching MDKJZM, TNS and ZGH i have concluded that he does not act that bad. actually the problem is only with dialogue delivery in TNS not in ZGH. and that is may be because he is trying to talk in pushto accent and fails in doing so. otherwise as far as my knowledge is concerned, ZGH was shot before TNS. if this information is correct then his performance in the latter should be an improved one. but its the other way round because of accent that he fails to adopt in TNS. however, in ZGH he has done a better job…… lets give him another chance to do his 'best' next time.
    btw is he son of munnawar saeed?
    girl playing sharmeen is a total failure no doubt in my opinion.
    also the guy playing mayer in ENC failed to impress me. may be because meesha and roman are doing way better than him.

    • Yes Aish i said in the article too that a few more years and I am sure these actors will do just fine. yes I also think that Sheharyaar was much better in ZGH but his dialogue delivery seems too fabricated, it does not come naturally.

  • i agree with you as far as shehzad, sara and mustafa are concerned but shehryar and Arij shouldn't have been in this list. they have not disappointed at all. there is alot they still have to learn but that doesn't mean u'll call them disappointing.

  • I agree & at times I feel Sharmeen & Adeel's acting in Bari Appa is really plain & expressionless. Shehryaar Munawwar looks fine in Zindagi Gulzar Hai & we yet have to see him actually act in Kahi Unkahi, may be after that we'll be able to put in our comments about his acting.

    • Zahra Shehryaar has to be the weakest link in TNS, so we have seen his acting already but let's hope he delivers in KUK since he will be playing the lead.

  • v true ufffffffffff this gal SARA KHAN shez is quite boring and a missfit among awl those seniors in drama BARI AAPA. Issko ko acting ki alif bay ka b nahe pata……Her way of speaking, the way she represent aissay acting karti hai jaise koi zaberdasti krawa raha hai…..

  • Shehryar Munawar in TNS really is ajeeb. His dialogue delivery, his voice is not the way it should be. His lines in The coffee shop scene in which he and alishba yusef went were not the way they should've been. He was too soft and then his expressions were also not quite right. He needs to improve a bit!

  • Fatima i agree with u about all.
    but,don't know what is the problem with the dialogue delivery and expressions of zarak(TNS)..as osama(ZGH) and sherry(KAHI UN KAHI) seems ohk to me..is that because he wants to show this pushto accent?Bt still he sounds annoying sometime even when all other actors are doing their best in TNS.

  • agreed in mai se kisi ko bhi bolna nhn ata n i was thinking k shehryar munawar ko tou mute wala role he karna chaheye and arij she is untolerable

  • Well observed Fatima! I too don't like Sharmeen you know the way she speaks annoys me. She speaks like a ghost. She is not more than just a secondary character. The lead roles are of Zubeda, Farman, Ghazanfar and Firdos. Not Riffat, Sharmeen etc.

    • Absolutely agree with you sidra, but we have many young actresses who act just as well as the older lot like Syra Yusef and Annie Jaffrey.

  • I agree with u except about this girl Arij,coz I never watched her on screen, but m quite sure that most of these actors would prove themselve very good actors in near future. after all they r but new comers:)

  • well in Tanhaiyaan, Shehryar is playing a pakhtun guy so i thought may be he is trying to create that pathan accent as his dialogue delivery seemed to be artificial but his dialogue delivery even in ZGH hai is same and is not impressive.. as far as Arij Fatima is concerned, i liked him in Mahi Aaye Ga but i havent seen her present drama on hum tv i.e. marr jayne bhi to kya, doesnt seem impressive drama

  • some r born actors like most of our seniors. all listed here they just need some polishing and classes of our acting academies like samina peerzada, abid ali, saba hameed, qavi khan etc.

  • V nice article Fatima. I nevr fail to read ur writng. I'm agree vd u smhw. Sharmeen and adeel hv nt impresd me yet. Thy both r expressionless.Bt arij shud had nt be in the lst.she z doing gud job.rest of da two guys r also doing their gud.n in future v cn hope bst out of dm.
    Anothr newcomer(i think) playing role of sania in Aks has nt impressd me.

    • Thank you for your appreciation & your input Mrs. Asif. I am not watching Aks but people who are watching it would I am sure give you their feedback:) keep reading & commenting.

  • I am so glad that you come forward and criticize their weaknesses. Criticism is not a bad thing and Shehryar Munawar has to understand this thing. I wrtoe the same thing on his official facebook page, and he delete me and ban me from his page.

    • Oh that is not very nice. Constructive criticism always helps everyone as long as the tone is not harsh & the intentions are good. We wish Shehryaar Munawar all the best, may he grow into a very polished actor.

  • well as far as shehzad sheikh is concerned he just has a matter of adaptability as he said ina recent interview that he has studied acting abroad where the acting is a little less intense in terms of expression and dialogue delivery compared to pakistan but i honestly think his sister Momal Sheikh is more disappointing as an actress if u remember her role in the ARY drama aitraf……..and in my opinion i think even syra yousuf, ainy jaffri and mehwish hayat have a lot to learn considering they r far senior than the afore-mentioned actors in terms of experience…..but overall this review was accurate to a great extent :)

  • i dnt agree wid tjis articl…..
    sehrayar munawar is v nice actor n all other actors also need a chance 2 show their abilities……
    well shahrayar is gr8

    • agree with reviewer.
      plus i wanna add something.
      actually , sara (sharmeen) needs only to be F****d sternly.

      infact she would enjoy riding my big animal instead of showing those F******g expression.

  • Fatima jee how you will define Mahira Khan acting. See if you do justice in commenting her as oppose to her lovers.


    • Ok don't throw stones at me but Mahira's khan is bad actress with good luck ….. Exaggerated expressions with bad vocal cords….lol

      • wesay Pakistan may talent to bhut hay per jo kush shakal hay he or she always got chance. There is a long list of actors and actresses they don't know acting but we are still seeing them of and on and some of them are more than 5 years old also.
        Koi parhnay liknay ya talent say to mutassir kum hi hota hay laikin baat phir wohee common in Pakistan…….

        Hai Allah kitna cute hay…….Oyee kitna handsome/dashing hay. Haye kitni pyari hay…….. wagaira wagaira (Fifit fift wala). Character to baad may he samnay ata hay……

        To phir see beautiful faces without talent with huge safarish and backup also called reference pawa.

        • one big and only truth i have ever heard here…exactly its onlyy nd onlyy what ur looks are….!! ppl love yew jxt bcx o ur looks……ur looks matter the most….if u r pretty u r helll lucky odawixe…….:/ bitter truth.

    • Meaw Mahira Khan is not a newcomer like these stars, she has been around for a very long time. But I must say that she is not a personal favorite,personally I would prefer Sanam Baloch or Sanam Saeed any day of the week.

    • Mahira is very good at acting. It is her expressions that make two of her serials hittest. She is an actress whose acting can be categorized with Khalida Ryasat and Roohi Bano. She is not pretty but so far acting is concerned she is very expressive. Sanam Saeed has a blank faced actress with not any expressions on her face like Babar Ali has always been. There are several scenes in every play when only expressions tell us the dialogues . And Mahira has won the war of expressions among all the present actresses Remember the scene in Shehr-i-Zaat when she watched Tabinda for the first time, only her expressions told her mental state. Can sanam saeed show such expressions , never. Sanam Bloach is also good at expressions.

  • Nice article Fatima I always love your articles. I was shocked to see SM name on top of the list but you are right and have explained it very well. I had so much expectations from him but he failed to impress me in TNS as well especially he is wearing so much make up lets hope he acts well in kahi un kahi. I do like Iraj she acted very well in mahi ayega and hazaroon saal.

  • Totally agree with your list. I wish you had added Eisa from BA as well, although he is better than the other two in the play, but still not up to the mark of so many new comers in our plays these days.

  • Spot on Fatima with Sharmeen character and that Mustafa guy …they both sound like burger family trying their hands on Urdu language….LOL aisay chaba chaba k urdu boltay hain jasiey Urdu pay azeem ehsaan kar rahay hon….or may be it's a trend in younger people who knows ? At least I don't…. :)

    • Badtameez the director himself told us on the other forum that this is indeed how these kids speak and they are not putting up an accent but my main problem is not with the accents but with the acting.

  • good article… waqaee in actrs ko dekh ker uljhan hoti hy.. aur i think if m not wrong, mjhy lagta hy k shehryar is trying to copy hirthik roshan, mjhy iska face cut kuch hirthik ki tarak lgta hy is iye shayad ye uski tara bolnay ki koshish karta hy , lekin jo b hy ye style bilkul b suit nhi karta…

  • Perfeact list and analysis ……. Hope Shaharyar will be able to improve himself for time beings bcoz he was good in MDKJZM………….but all other are not convincing.

    • Yes Uzma Shehryaar has what it takes to be a star and I am eagerly waiting to be pleasently surprised by his acting.

  • well written n just wanted to add that my son has studied from newyork film academy i live in virginia but sorry to say that shehzad sheikh is lying that he has studied from newyork film academy its a complete lie

  • thank you for the , Ms. Awan. although its not easy reading this, but at the same time i do remember i topped your previous list (called most promising actors). either way, i love how i can get two different kinds of extremes out of you, I've always said id rather be loved or hated than just getting by … ahha so thank you for that.
    its good to see that you provide me with constant feedback. and i must add that i do end up reading your articles whenever i get the time. i haven't been too happy with my performances in these projects either. trust me , it annoys me more than it annoys you ! = ) all i can say is that I'm learning ..
    I'm working on a project which should hopefully come out in may … that should hopefully answer some of your concerns…
    keep up the good work Ms.Awan .

    • Thank you so much for having such a big heart. Yes absolutely I mentioned it myself that you topped my list of the most promising actors because you have what it takes to be a mega star and I am sure with a little more hard work, few years down the road you will be topping all lists:)
      I will eagerly wait for your next project.
      Thank you again.

  • Please add to your list the girl plays Maya's role in na kaho tum meri nahin ho……her acting is so irritating…..i know its a negative role, she have to act like a vamp mean bimbo but she act irritating…..it makes u to fast forward her scenes…….

  • Dear Fatima Awan,

    Hi ! :) Hope all is well. I need to speak to you. If you see this, please contact me on FB. You'll find me easily. Thanks.

    It's urgent.

    Syed Yorguc.

  • I think none of the listed newcomers are given enough chances to prove themselves. Even Fawad was working in the industry since 2007, but could got fame after a long list of plays. How can you expect these new comers to influence in small characters.

  • i disagree with u for sheryaar n arij,, as they both r doing good job in their lead roles now,,, let the new comers prove themselves instead of being prejudiced.

  • i agree with u about shehriyar acting his acting is v poor in zindagi gulzar hai but in kahi an kahi he is going well may b n iraj is v beautiful actress but not she is same asshehriyar in acting n expressions. but i disagree with u for shezad sheikh his acting was v fine in dreams , anny ki ayegi barat but in mi raqsam he was little bit down.

  • I don't know about others but Shehzad's acting was poor in a recent drama. I couldn't believe he was the hero.He is a handsome guy n may be a good actor too but couldn't impress in Miraqsam at all- neither by his looks nor by his acting.Sheheryar comparatively is a better actor, with much better dialogue delivery.

  • shehryar and shehzad r my most fav new comers both look fab nd they act so well too infact shehzad in Mi Raqsam made me cry in the last episode his looks and acting is fab others need sm time to b better nd sharmeen is the worst in expressions

    • hundred % agree..
      please get us rid of this Sharmeen girl. she never know her expressions and her dialogue delivery
      Fatima , i dont agree with you on sheheryar. The directors and producers simply wasting his talent coz they are not getting the stuff out of his insight. so disagree on sheheryar sorry.

  • i recently started to visit your site n i really liked it and i totally agree with u about all these actors but i guess Arij is best among all of them and i see a spark in Sheharyar Munawar.. he ll grow into a better actor soon because his acting in MDKJZM is proof of the fact that he can act. n yes i also think that there is something about him which reminds me of Hritik Roshan….mgar ye sab ek taraf..did u guys see the friend of shermeen in the previous episode of bari aapa??? OMG what was wrong with the director…i mean thek hy k 5 min ka unimportant sa role tha us bandi ka but yar for God's sake ap ek itna ala drama bna rhy ho thora sa better actor nahi pakar skty thy…ghalat se b ghalat english n age ki b kafi xiada lagri thi wo band..pta nahi bubbly nam tha uska may b..lolz

    • Welcome to reviewit Maleeha. I hope you will be visiting more regularly now:) lol you are soooo right about Sharmeen's aunty friend with wrong English, talk about compromising on quality!

  • main ne sb ko nai dekha but tanhaiyan mein jo lerka hai he is cute but i agree with u that his expressions was not like dat wat i expected in dis superb drama.

  • 110% agree with u of this list and specially about Bari Aapa's girl she needs to quit acting and about shehryar he needs some good stuff to show his ability and have to improve his dialogue delivery.

  • i agree about Shehriar. No doubt he is a very gud luking guy but as an actor i guess he really need to improve. He was awesome in his first serial mere dard ko jo zuban mile and I think it was the hardest role he has played till now but he did excellent job and that is the reason he got so many serials after that. I'm sure he will work hard and improve.

  • really and xactly sara khan (sharmeen ) need much much perfection in dialogues dilivery and xpressions and on the other hand behind shehzaad sheikh is a very big name of her dad so thats why………………… may be

  • arij has a nice face but less in expression and dialogue delivery and same is wid shahryar and baqi kay sub are just time waste and money waste ….baqi best wishes to all these newcomer they are here to learn and then achieve as our senior artist are ….they must not loose heart and stop acting but they must work hard and prove themselves and show worlD NOTTING IS IMPOSSIBLE …..

  • i agree to the rest but i dont think u r ryte about sheryar munawar. He is a very talented actor.

  • The art of communication is knowing whom to say it to, how to say it, and saying it at the right time…that is you, my dear Fatima! Yes, I completely agree with this list, but i think the one who has the most potential to grow is Shehreyar Munawar. Even though he hasn't done anything phenomenal after "Mere Dard….miley" but he definitely has potential. Especially in certain scenes of zindagi gulzar hai, he does a good job with his facial expressions. If he can focus on improving his strengths and not pay attention too much on his weaknesses, he can be the next big thing in the Drama Industry. Once, he can master his strengths, then he can work on how to deliver dialogue. Sherry: my recommendation to you is that you're good at your facial expressions but you can be even better if you get some tips from Saba Qamar(the expert in facial expressions)!

  • Totally agreed!!! Mustafa Changezi playing in Drama Hamnasheen. he is total disaster. dialogue delivery and expression is all over the place. They need to study hard and work on their feelings, expressions, gestures,

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