Ek Nayee Cinderella Episode 8 – Love Triangle

Ek Nayee Cinderella Episode 8 – Love Triangle

The whole episode was full of surprises. We got to see more of Meesha and Mayer scenes and less of Roman Meesha scenes. I was kind of missing Roman in this episode. I absolutely love Farhan Khwaja’s acting. If I didn’t know better I would have thought he was an experienced actor instead of a newcomer.

The episode started off with Mayer and Meesha’s conversation. He was upset and shared his feelings with Meesha. He voiced his feeling by saying these dialogues ‘jiski mujhe talash hai usse paker bhi mein khodeta hoon’ and Meesha gave a pretty good reply ‘hosakta hai jis ko tum ne paya uski tumhe talash na ho aur jiski talash ho usko paya na ho’. These dialogues had a double meaning. Meesha wants him to know that Zaini is not the girl he is looking for. She wants him to open his eyes and acknowledge her real ‘mystery’ girl.

Mayer is fascinated by Meesha because she is the first girl who is ignoring him. When he called her a friend, she clearly told him that she does not consider him her friend yet. He is getting attracted to her innocence and simplicity. Mayer was slowly getting interested in Meesha but Zaini again came in the picture.

Mayer is really starting to piss me off. After everything that Zaini did, he still forgave her. Does he have any self respect or not? And poor Meesha had started to think that Mayer is finally taking some interest in her. Even Roman felt bad for her when Mayer came to Meesha’s house to drop Zaini. The poor girl was thinking that he had come there to meet her. Poor Meesha!

I loved the way Roman consoled her. That is how a true friend should be. He told her that she had done wrong with Zaini by lying about her character to Mayer and Bano and that is why bad things are happening to her. If you think badly for someone, the same will happen to you. So true, I hope Meesha does not repeat her mistake again. Roman again agrees to help her and wants her to pretend that she does not care that Zaini and Mayer are together. And yes! His advice did work. Mayer was again boggled by Meesha’s behavior. Mayer was with Zaini physically but his mind was thinking about Meesha all the time. Way to go Meesha!

Another thing which I disliked was when Mayer used Meesha to make Zaini jealous. Poor Meesha was surprised by his changed behavior and the sudden turn of events. Mayer praised Meesha in front of Zaini to make her jealous. Meesha is so naive, I love her dialogues. I remember this line that Mayer said to her and she gave the cutest reply:
Kiya ho tum meesha? Jadugarni?
Jee nahi, jadugarni itni haseen hoti hai.
I couldn’t help but laugh at her innocence.

Roman has totally fallen for Meesha but he has no intention of telling her. I loved the scene when he was reading a book with Meesha’s picture in it. He really likes her a lot and I like the fact that his love for her is so selfless. He is making every attempt to help Meesha win over Mayer without thinking about himself. I also liked Ammie Roman scene. It was as usual a treat to watch.
Now coming to the serious parts of the episode, we know now that Shah Baba is related to Meesha. He has sent a man to find Meesha. I have a feeling this man would be Ammie’s ‘dream guy’. I hope she also finds happiness.

Overall it was a good episode, I am curious to know what Mayer really thinks about Meesha. Does he feel anything for her or his attention is just a facade to make Zaini jealous? Will he every like Meesha? Will Meesha ever appreciate Roman? Can’t wait for the next episode now!

Mariam Shafiq

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  • well no offence but from the number of comments u have received, it seems like there are only 1-2 others who liked the drama like u.. i m not following this drama but even if i watch a scene from one episode and watch another scene from 4-5 episodes later, the story seems to stand.. no grip in story and script..

    • agar ap ko drama pasand nahi hai to yahan comment bhi kyoon karahe hain, sirf ek do scenes dekhne se kaun drama judge karsakta hai.

  • mair ko zaini ki apology genuine lagi thi, isi liye maaf kiya. Zaini mair ki mom se bhi apologize karne ko tayyar thi. buhat ala episode tha, romantic scenes bohat zabardast picturise kiye hue the aur acting level bhi buhat acha tha khaas torr pe meesha, mair aur roman ka. sirf faizan hi nahi, ye donon (meesha aur mair) bhi experienced lagte hain!

  • I absolutely love this drama. It looks like a movie, it is so beautiful. All the actors are great & doing such a fine job. The story is simple yet sweet. We are watching this with family & loving it.

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