Kahi Unkahi Episode 16 – Interesting.

Ohkay so this was the role of Shahzeb for which was was seen every now & then in the drama. He was to be used as a puppet by his own sister. Drama has made some interesting developments but seem nothing less than a bollywood movie. All these scheming & plottings still seems unreal to me even though we have seen a lot of such happenings in numerous Pakistani dramas.

Zeeshan could’ve used the blackmailing to improve his career line or to get a promotion but he proved himself to be Anam’s brother first. His blackmailing was right & he dealt with Ansar exactly how he had been dealing with Zeeshan previously. I want to see more of Ansar & Mariam’s scenes because I think it’s a high time Mariam should start realizing that there is some serious issue with her husband because we don’t see him spending time with her & Mariam is too busy in her devar’s life than hers, which seems a bit out of the place, because newly wedded girls spend most of the time with their husbands in stead of involving themselves in the family flicks. Ansar; after his conversation with Zeeshan, shed off his tension at Mariam saying that she supported Sherry for what he did with Anam. I mean excuse me? When was Ansar even seen interested in what his wife was doing, or when did he even spend time with her, for which he came to such a conclusion. Ansar’s character is a big disappointment in this drama & Mariam’s attitude towards her husband is more than that.

Anam & Ayza’s plan hit the bullseye & they both succeeded in maligning the feelings Sherry had for Zoya. I couldn’t stop wondering why couldn’t Zoya open her mouth once & for all so that she could clarify her image? I guess this would go to Shahzeb once again & he will let Sherry know of the reality. Anam is acting like nothing but a loser. Where did her ego & all that dignity vanish, for which she was proud of? A guy who has dumped her in front of his & her whole family, she is still seen crawling towards him & trying to win him over once again? If she was a girl with an ounce of dignity, she wouldn’t have even paid heed to him for all that he has done.

Mr. Kamal finally got rid of Zoya who was nothing less than a fish-bone in his throat through out these years. I was happy to see her father supporting her even though Sherry spilled what he saw at Shahzeb’s place. It would’ve been much better if Zoya had said what actually happened but I am tired of seeing her panting in stead of uttering a word at such situations. She is someone who always takes a stand where she sees something wrong is happening but why was she quiet all this while, that too when the unfair was happening to her own-self?

The preview of the next episode seems al-right  nothing promising or something worth waiting for because we all can somehow predict what is going to happen. One good thing that might happen would be Shahzeb getting aware of the game Anam played with Zoya involving his sister. Let’s see where it goes now.

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Fatima Awan

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  • no i dont agree that much with your review as i think it was the highlight of the show and the scenes were directed with perfection.considering similar scenes i think that the. scene was quite real in terms of the one shown in humsafar or others.the whole scene was well thought of and executed properly.for me it was one of the best episodes of the drama as it made the story progress

    • Thank you for your input Minahil but why is it that whenever anyone wants to differ, they comment? When you agree I don't see your comments on any of the reviews. Anyhow, I myself, am a big fan of this drama & like I said already that the episode had a lot of interesting developments. Thank you, hope to see more of you. :)

  • well everyone is complaining about zoya's reaction.I think Zoyee was in great shock about whatever happened with her at zinya's place when she didnt find her and sherry and anum came there unexpectedly, she was unable to speak a single word to defend her. i think her reaction was justified and natural Why would she defend herself when she has done nothing! i think she was unaware that she had been trapped. my love and sympathies are with Zoyee!
    love her character!

    • Mr. Khan, I agree to your opinions, but why I complained about her reaction was because she is always seen speaking up whenever she sees something unfair is happening. I guess she had a lot of time to revive her senses after she left Shahzeb's house. Nothing happened too quickly so that she couldn't understand what has happened. At least, she should've said a word, to agree or not to agree would've left to be on Sherry's family then.

  • the biggest fault in this play is its writer, the story itself is really nice ,direction is mostly very good, acting is not bad,but the script itself is poor. characterization is pathetic .though concept and theme is really good. it seems u r a bit disapointed this time :)

    • No Mrs. Asim, I am not disappointed, I am just furious at why didn't Zoya speak up. Rest, I do not find sooooo many flaws in the drama that you've pointed out. I think the actors are doing justice to each & every character & all the characters have something to offer. :)

      • ok thats great , u r optimistic than MASHALLAH:)m a student of literature so m more keen about technical details may be:).

        • I totally disagree , i think the drama is superb and masses are loving how the story is written and portrayed on the screen. The aim is to enjoy and to provide pure entertainment to the audience and i think they are well connected with the characters. The characterization is the best part of this particular script. a common viewer wants to enjoy good entertainment rather than technical details and cumbersome dialogues. As per my understanding the trend in Pakistani drama industry is changing towards pure entertainment and drama which is not a bad thing, Success of Turkish content in Pakistan is the best example. So far we are loving positive change.

          • @ Mrs. Asim: I can understand, every one has a specific eye while watching a drama. I do pay attention to details as well, like you must've noticed that I always comment on Mrs. Kamal's unreasonable dialogues which do not go with the chronicles of the drama. So, I agree to your perspective of watching this drama too.

            & @ Ironeagle: I agree to you too, I too think that the characterization is really strong & each & every character offers something of it's own. I do not find any issues with the characters, just some dialogues & at times how the scenes unfold. But over all I enjoy watching this drama as it has NO rona dhona or it doesn't have a heavy-hearted story.

  • This week’s episode mainly revolved around how Anum takes her revenge. The brainchild of hers about getting Shahzaib and Zoya toghteher was not new. Since whenever a woman needs to be moved out of the way, the best thing is to get her with someone who loves her or portrays to do so. Khirad of Humsafar and Saba for Meri Zaat e Zara are perfect examples. What I liked about this that unlike the above two dramas, Shahzaib and Zoya were only seen standing together. Not Khirad/Khizar track, you know what I mean.

    The way Zoya kept quiet about it I think angered anyone. Why women don’t say anything when they are innocent???? But maybe the shock was too much for her.

    Seeing is believeing and Sherry accepted it. Ansar knew about it and use it to get rid of Zoya. But I’m really disappointed in Ansar and more in Mr. Kamal to agreeing to such an idea that was totally playing with Sherry’s feelings..

    Mariam and Mrs. Kamal character should have more to do then just standing quiet and then criticizing over split milk.

    I agree with Mrs. Asim about the weak story line. But the thing that hooks me to this drama is that it is simple and not that saas-bahu or the “naik aurat par tuhmat” type and the talaq issues etc..

    Sorry for such a long comment but couldn’t resist 

    PS. On a lighter note, has anyone observed how Shereyar’s hairstyles changes in simultaneous scenes. For eg when he sees Zoya he has long hair but when he is in his room, hair all cut short. Lol! Makes you realize the difference in times between two scenes… Appreciate their hard work, I must say!!

    • Thank you for your detailed comment. Yes, I have always been saying that what clicks to me the most about this drama is the light-hearted issue which can be dealt with. It doesn't leave a bitter taste in your mouth or makes you depressed. It's just more like a dharmik love story with lots of twists & turns.

      I so agree to you about Mrs. Kamal & Mariam, I mean they should leave a mark & say something about the issue rather than just crying & later wiping away the tears. & yes, Zoya should've atleast said something in her defence because c'mon we're past that era where the girl used to tolerate each & everything or even a false accusation.

      • & oh about Sherry's hairstyles, lol, I'm glad someone else noticed too. I have noticed it a lot of times but didn't mention because it didn't seem important, but now that you've had your say on it, I really find it funny. :) Even when he went for a shopping with Zoya, he had his short hair but when in the very next scene he had a fist fight with Zeeshan, his hair were long…

  • good review zahra!

    i love this serial alot. They have a lot of twists and turns to offer with a simple and common story line. Thats what i love about kahi ankahi!!!

    • Thank you so much Samra. :) I appreciate your kind words. I do enjoy the easy peasy story of this serial. At least, for a change, it's good to see a simple love story. :)