Nadia Jamil’s written Drama to excite the Pakistani Audience!

Every news seems a rumor on social media sites especially when the authentic sources remain silent over a matter. Whether it be a real one or the just  hype been created by the fans, it has been heard that Nadia Jamil is writing a drama which would bring back the most exciting couples back on-screen once again.  Although the name of the drama is still not shared with the audience, this drama will  be directed by Haissam Hussain, starring Fawad Khan, Mahira Khan, Sanam Baloch and Humayun Saeed. Humayun is said to be the co-producer of this venture. The shooting is expected to start in July this year.


While I was going through the social media platforms, I found that this time Fawad would share the screen with Sanam Baloch, bringing back the jodi of Dastan, while Mahira would be paired with Humayun Saeed (they were seen together in Drama-Niyat)

The Story is still not disclosed and the audience seems excited about the project.

Lets see what does this drama brings for these celebrities this year!


Nida Zaidi

  • Haniya batool

    am very Exited abou this project <3 <3

  • lala

    fawad and sanam surely are going to rock the screen

  • Haniya

    pehly keh dea is dram ka name abhi audiance sy shae nhi kia jae ga r phir shAre bhi kr lea hahaha ( neyat ) Gud lykin jo bhi hy hamien ye dram dekhny ke leay kitan wait8 karna pary ga

    • Khurram

      niyat is an old drama in which mahira and humayun appeared, read again

  • aqsa

    fawad or mahira sath hony chahye

  • Khurram

    has nadia jamil written any drama before?

  • :)))

    Can't wait to see Fawad and Sanam together again

  • JENA


  • Hammu

    Oh darn! Haisam Hussain has this disease of casting the same person in every drama.He should join A&B productions! Not excited!

    • J.k.

      How is it your problem then?

  • usman

    fawad and sanam the best couple ever

  • ghazala

    fawad and mahira should be together then will be the drama more intresting seriously

  • Hassaan

    O my god! Seriously waiting for this one. And I wish Nadia Jamil would also be in this drama. Long time haven't seen her.

  • Pk1

    ommmg i just cant wait to see ma fav. sanam and fawad together, they have the best inline chemistry..mahira doesnt suit fawad IN MY OPINION….

    • chilli.milli363

      me agree wid u….

    • omais123

      yeaah true sanam and fawad perfect couple <3

  • shah

    Sirf CAST he ho gi..Story K pata nahi…I dont think Nadia Jamil is a good writer.

  • alizey husain

    beautifull cast or intresting ye ho ga k oll tim favrt super star and as piller of our dramas the one and only man humyon saeed aj ke young genration,s favrt including me the great acter the fawad afzal khan ak sath appear hon ge,or do most handsome men ak sath nazar ayyn ge,,really waiting 4 this drama,,

  • Fariha

    It's not a serial but a special play on Mother's Day
    Forget the name

  • jannatrahim

    fawad and mahira is the best couple ever Enter text right here!

  • XXX




  • iram

    fawwwwwwwwwwad and mahirrrrrrrrrrrrrra

  • rdivine

    Fawad and sanam, forever! <3

  • ayesh

    Would have been better if it was Fawad-Mahira anyway lets c:)

  • ss110

    Sanam is gonna overshedow Mahira in acting department, she is gem of an actor

  • palwasha

    That is really a great news for us,
    looking forward for the real action of the drama,
    I am very much exited for the tremendous performance of Fawad and Sanam,
    Because they were historic in Dastaan.

    • MAH

      agree to u palwasha

  • Shaz

    Sanam and Fawad? Oh yes! My favourite onscreen jodi. Very happy to hear this news 🙂

  • RiEA

    Mahira can't act to save her life! She seriously sucks at acting! I don't even kno why ppl love her so much! Humsafar was just a good story and that's the only reason why she even got fame from it. All she is doing is riding the Humsafar fame!

    • mahrukh

      yes RiEA i agree wid u …!! she is a new commer and need some polishing n also she is not decent…humsafar was not a good story it was far frm reality but the chemistry was good and was jxt bcx of fawad!!!!

  • My favourite too

  • zoya

    sanam and fawad best jodi ever

  • zoya

    sanam or fawad ki jodi honi chahye is seriel men.

  • barbie

    sanam and fawad cutest jodi ever.

  • barbie

    fawad or sanam ke jodi hony chahye because sanam and fawad best jodi in dastaan and akbari asghari.

  • barbie

    sanam or fawad and mahira or humayun ke jodi honi chahye

  • meesha

    like to c fawad and mahira together

  • sahar

    fawad and mahira best couple i ever seen.

  • khanniha

    jana malik ko late drame men to better hota

    • barbie

      kis ke jaga

  • shoaib

    mahira ki jagha par jana malik hote drame men maza hota wohi wohi face drame 1 jase lag rahen hai

    • barbie

      faces nhi ye dekhna chahye ke acting kis ke achi he.

      • nadia

        acting bhe wohe lag rhe hain naa tume kiya pata

  • sabah

    fawad khan and sanam makes a good couple but i also want to see fawad khan and aiza khan together in any serial.

    • sana

      fawad our jana malik ki ache couple lagten

      • seema

        i agree with you yaa

      • barbie

        fawad ke saath jana malik ke jodi bilkul ache nhi lagti because fawad and sanam best jodi ever.

      • anne

        plzz improve ur taste

  • huma

    mahira ki jaga par jana malik ko lete to maza ata

    • barbie

      i dont think so kyon ke is seriel men two best jodi ko la rhy hen,.

  • saria

    jana malik ko lena chaye tha waqie i agree

    • nena

      i agree with you yes jana malik

      • sonam

        I agree with you yes jana

  • aamna


  • barbie

    dono judi boht achi hen fawad and sanam togather and humayun and mahira togather best.i am sooooo excited

  • Sarah

    No ways i want to fawad and mahira together again.
    Mahira doesn't look good with humayun saeed 🙁

  • Sarah


  • Maria

    Fawad and mahira best jodi ever please change your decision

    • barbie

      no sanam and fawad best jodi ever

    • Aleena

      i agree mahira and fawad look great together

    • Waqas

      Sanam Best Suits FAWAD … excellent decision.
      Kuch pyar ka pagal pan also failed because Fawad's couple changed from sanam in the middle
      real competition will be between Humayun and Fawad

      • barbie


  • Aisha

    Fawad and mahira <3
    Makes perfect chemistry <3

  • Anum

    Sanam doesn't look good with fawad
    Mahira should be paired with fawad <3
    The best onscreen jodi ever <3
    And sanam should be paired with humayun

    • sarah

      Sanam and fawad look great together not mahira with fawad

  • naima

    maira ki jaga agar syra hoti to good

    • Simra Anjum

      i think u r right……………..

  • amna

    Good to see. It is a perfect contrast.

  • rida fatima

    sanam is not suitable for fawad mahira is best ,super for fawad

    • annie

      shut up………! you sanam is best for fawad khan

      • asmara

        i like fawad very much

    • barbie

      Sanam and Fawad best jodi ever.OK



    • barbiebarbie

      Mahira is not suitable for Fawad SANAM IS

  • alizey

    sanam should be with humayun and fawad and mahira always be the same jodi in this drama 😀

    • barbiebarbie

      NO I dont agree with you Sanam should be with fawad

  • haseeb

    fawad i lov u

  • angle

    sanam nd fawad are best couple forever

  • sofia

    fawad and sanam is a best onscreen couple mahira acting is boring she must not taken in daramas

    • MAHAM


  • i lov u fawad u and khirad are the best jodi evr may allah bless u.

  • ridz doll

    mahira ko fawad ke sath ana chaye no……………………………….sanam>best couple ever

  • Fatima

    Fawad and Sanam have beautiful chemistry.

    Mahira can not act to save her life. Sanam Baloch will overshadow Mahira, maybe Mahira should star in a show with Fawad all by herself where there's no one to steal her thunder.

    • MAHAM


  • Mah

    exited for the project due to its story and sanam baloch…. fawad n sanam made a perfect couple. there chemistry in dastaan was the most exciting part. hope to see them again.

  • MAH

    excited abt the project.
    wana see sanam n fawad on screen. thyeir chemistry is amazing n flawless.

  • Lala Rukh

    Fawad and Sanam appearance is just suberb, their real acting made me cry many times in Dastaan, excellent performance…. Love both of them, would love to see them together once again!!

  • Lala Rukh

    What are teh possible dates for this up coming project? Any one know about it??

  • javaria

    fawad and mahira jori is bst plz fawad or mahira ko jori rkho they r bst they r bst couple

  • roghia

    mahira n fawad

  • fizzy

    fawad and sanam baloch nter text right here!

  • lilly

    fawad khan and sanam baloch cutest and lovely couple ever.good chemistry

  • laiba

    fawad look best with sanam

  • saadi

    i think sanam and fawad best couple

  • unknown

    nida can u plz tell me whether this news is cnfrm or not??????

  • Ani

    Sanam baloch and fawad are the best on screen couple. Definitely they should do a beautiful serial together just like dastaan but a happy ending indeed. Looking forward for sanam and fawad a serials.

  • Aisha

    I just hope fawad does opposite lead with sanam otherwise I hope they come in another show as a lead pair. Dying to watch their beautiful chemistry just like in dastaan. Such a beautiful on screen couple! <3