Kaash Aisa Ho Episode 4 – Tragedy Strikes!

Another beautiful episode! This show is attracting me like a magnet because of its different concept and brilliant depiction. The director Sohail Javed has done a very good job and Mohib and Saba’s performance is worth an applause! They fit perfectly in Shayan and Irfa’s shoes. Whoever casted them did a wonderful job! And last but not the least; Maha Malik’s script is brilliant and unique!

We saw a tragic incident in this episode, the loss of an important person in both Shayan and Irfa’s life. Shayan’s mothers’ death shook both their lives and they sought comfort in each other. But unfortunately, the world never ceases to talk and people objected about Shayan and Irfa staying together in one house. And since Irfa’s wedding was just a few days away she decided to shift to a hostel.

Shayan realized how important Irfa is in his life when he left her at the hostel. He tried to stop her from going but Irfa refused. His dialogue about how sad and upset he was after she left his house showed how much he cares about her. His words ‘Itni takleef to mujhe Ammi ko dafnane mein nahi huwi jitni tumhe chor ke aani mein huwi’ shows his dependence on her. I still do not understand why he is still not agreeing to get married to her. He cares a lot about her and is attached to her the most but still all he cares about is the external beauty! He is not happy to see her with her fiancé and tries to convince her not to get married to someone who is not compatible to her. I loved the scene when her bubble burst and she straight forwardly told him that she loves him a lot but cannot beg for his love as she still has her self respect intact and prefers to get married to someone who would appreciate her. Way to go Irfa!

The death of Shayan’s mother has made Shayan look at life from a different perspective. His attitude towards life has changed and he is no longer seen as a care free person. Shayan even sold his precious paintings to a renowned artist who would forge it and put his own signature and sell the paintings. Shayan was strictly against this but made an exception for Irfa so that he can get the money for Irfa’s wedding.

What a turn of events! As soon as Mahjabeen and her mother saw that Shayan’s paintings are being sold at a very good price, they decided to trap him once again. Apparently, the guy who sent the Dubai proposal turned out to be a fraud and Mahjabeen is trying to win over Shayan again. How pathetic! Shayan is so afraid of his loneliness that he is actually considering getting married to Mahjabeen. Even Irfa tells him to accept the proposal as she knows he cannot live in isolation. Irfa knows him in and out and is aware of the fact that he needs a companion whom he can talk to and someone who can take care of him.

The most hilarious scene of the episode was when Irfa’s fiancé came to meet her. Poor guy kept on asking her to go out with him at least once but he only got Irfa’s straight forward refusal. I could not help but pity him!

On the whole, it was a very enjoyable episode. I hope this show does not lose its fast pace and we get to see more development in the story. Will Shayan finally agree to marry Irfa?

Keep watching to find out!

Mariam Shafiq.

Fatima Awan

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