My Thoughts On Hum TV’s Nominations For Viewer’s Choice Awards

All of you must know by now that this year Hum TV has decided to have its own award function, the nominations for the viewer’s choice award have been made public. Nida already mentioned in her post that out of 32 categories, seven are for the viewer’s to decide who will bag an award. Since my primary interest is in dramas only so I want to share with all of you how I felt about the nominations for viewer’s choice related to the drama industry. First of all lets discuss the nominations for best drama. The nominations are

Best Drama



Mere Qatil Mere Dildaar

Yahan Pyar Nahi Hai

Roshan Sitara

Bari Apa

Why are plays like Roshan Sitara and Mere Qatil Mere Dildar there and not Hamsafar, Durr-e-Shehwar or Bilquees Kaur? Hamsafar may have been criticized by the critics for its cliché storyline and the stereotyped characters but there is no denying the fact that it was one of the most popular dramas of its time. Hamsafar was not only popular in Pakistan but also in other countries where people watch Pakistani dramas.
Durr-e-Shehwar had amazing dialogues, the direction was flawless, the underlying message was in line with our social norms and the acting was top notch, but it almost seems like Durr-e-Shehwar has been left out on purpose, although I see no reason for it except that two of Umera Ahmed’s plays have been nominated already so they did not want to nominate a third one. Bilquess Kaur is another play that deserved to be nominated much more than a drama like Roshan Sitara in particular that was a complete flop because the storyline totally went haywire.

Now take a look at these nominations

Best Actor Female

Mehwish Hayat For Mere Qatil Mere Dildaar

Saba Qamar For Maat

Mahira Khan For Shehrzaat

Sania Saaed For Zard Mausam

Sanam Baloch For Roshan Sitara

Savera Nadeem For Bari Apa

I was definitely expecting that Bushra Ansari would be nominated for Bilquees Kaur but like Durr-e-Shehwar, Bilquees Kaur has also been left out of the nominations although both the plays were incredibly popular among public and these are after all nominations for viewer’s choice! Sanam Baloch has been nominated for Roshan Sitara and not Durr-e-Shehwar, which is somewhat unfair because had she been nominated for Durr-e-Shehwar she had a far greater chance of winning this award. I am not entirely happy with Mehwish Hayat’s nomination too because I think Syra Yusef’s and Sadia Imam’s performances were far more powerful in Bilquees Kaur.

Here is the next category

Best Actor Male

Ahsan Khan For Mere Qatil Mere Dildaar

Adnan Siddiqui For Mere Qatil Mere Dildaar

Noman Ejaz For Bari Apa

Mikaal Zulfiqar For Shehrzaat

Imran Aslam For Sanjha

Faisal Rehmaan For Zard Mausam

Ahsan Khan for Mere Qatil Mere Dildar and not Bilquees Kaur? Mikaal Zulfiqar for Shehr-e-Zaat and not Durr-e-Shehwar? So is Durr-e-Shehwar not going to be nominated in any category and neither is Bilquees Kaur? I am sure many of the viewer’s would have much rather chosen their favorites out of these two plays than any other play.

The last drama related category in Viewer’s Choice is

Best On-screen Couple

Fawad Khan & Mahira Khan For Humsafar

Mikaal Zulfiqar & Mahira Khan For Shehrzaat

Ahsan Khan & Mehwish Hayat For Mere Qatil Mere Dildaar

I may sound like a die hard Durr-e-Shehwar fan but in my opinion Mikaal Zulfiqar and Sanam Baloch deserved to be in this category too. And I would much rather have the option of voting for Ahsan Khan and Syra Yusef for Bilquees Kaur rather than Ahsan Khan and Mehwish Hayat.

These were just some random thoughts about the nominations. What do you people think about these nominations? I think Durr-e-Shehwar, Bilquees Kaur and Hamsafar deserved a little more recognition.

Fatima Awan.

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them in detail. An enthusiastic writer, thinker, and political scientist, constantly trying to look beyond the obvious. Full-time mom.

  • Oh yes Fatima,you got everything right.Roshan Sitara was a dum play.You get to see dramas like that every now and then.What surprises me is not a single nom for Mata e jaan either.Okay people did not like it much.But what about the brilliant acting by the main leads ? And totally agree with you about Dur e shahwar.It was a very spectacular play.They totally got snubbed.And Mehwish and Ahsan ? Seriously ? They weren't even together at the end of the show.Sarwat Gilani and Adeel Hussain should have been on the list too.Very sad :(

    • You are so right about the Ahsan Khan and Mehwish Khan jodi, yes Sarwat Gillani and Adeel Hussein deserved to be nominated too.

  • really Fatima this makes to me no sense after all all the three darmas (DeS,BK,HUMSAFAR) were the hits and popular among the people rather than RS,ufffffffff a big fazool drama ever n mere qatil mere dildar also not deserves so much nominies as it was only an average drama serial not an extra ordinary so performances were also just an average i thnk its a huge blunder by HUM:-(

      • Exactcly Fatima…agar aap humtv awards ko visit karo toh comments mein u gonna find me ( Aiman Paracha) and people like me thinking to make a page on fb against these nominations..atleast wahan per sub ek jagah ho ker protest ker sake ge wats say???

        • Very good idea Aiman… Let me talk to the owner and maybe we can make such a page:) if you will allow us since it is your idea.

          • well fatima actully its not my idea infact hum award page per mjhe ek bandi ( BQ stubborn) ne dia tha..infact jab aap comments kholo to logo keh comments perhna "Hajira Kaleem" ka comment mein BQ ko batana what can u do phir sub mil ker karenge kuch…aur usse thora neeche mera comment bhi hoga to aap batana zaroor k aap agree kerte ho mere baat se ya nahi jo mene nomination mein changes keh liye kahi he……

          • " Not to worry HUMSAFAR FANS … HUM TV has something special for HUMSAFAR… "-Humtv Facebook page.
            Now i m thinking what abt Durre Shehwar and rest of unfair nominations??

          • Changes what i think shld b made in nominations:
            **Best actor=Fawad for humsafar (excluding noman ijaz for Bari Aapa cuz bari aapa jst ended in 2013).
            **Best actress = *Mahira for humsafar ( not for shehr e zaat bcuz as khirad she was flawless but as falak still their were some flaws) ,
            *Sanam baloch for Durreshehwar (not for roshan sitara) ,
            *Bushra ansari for Bilquees kuar (excluding saba qamar for Yahan pyar nahin hai ….buss ek nomination kaafi he saba keh liye i.e saba for maat )
            *Naveen Waqar for Humsafr..she deserve it..(Excluding Savera Nadeem for Bari Aapa bcuz BA ended in 2013 to iski nomination awards mein banti hi nahi).
            **Best drama = Humsafar , Durreshehwar and Bilquees Kuar(excluding Roshan Sitara , Mere Qatil Mere Dildar and Yahan pyar nahi hai)bcuz DS , BK &Humsafar r far more better then these 3….
            **Best couple = *Meekal and Sanam Baloch for Durre Shehwar (excluding meekal and mahira for SZ…..1st of all drama was all abt mahira, there was no chemistry b/w falak and salman in drama so how can b their couple in bst couple nomination???) ,
            * Ahsan and Syra for Bilquees Kuar .
            *Sarwat and Adeel for Mata e Jaan (kam se kam 5 nomination to hoon bst couple keh liye)."

          • Totally agree with you Aiman . I was also wondering why Bari Apa has been nominated since it ended just last week.

  • so disappointed about this all listing from hum tv:( who are these viewrs by the way,who selected all these names? agree with u on all counts.

    • Mrs. Asim Hum TV has given the viewer's these options so that they can choose from them and some of the most loved plays are missing.

          • Lolx Mrs Asim..a million dollar question " who are these viewers who selected all these names" mjhe bhi janna he iska ans…..

          • hahaha…mjhe yakeen nahi aata keh yeh list humtv ki taraf se aai he…r these same people who hve being running humtv from past 8 years??? or may b sm1 has hijacked humtv bcuz i hve heard USA se bhi ghayab ho gaya he humtv or ab yeh nominations…Allah mere….. jab se nomination dekhi he unhi k baare mein soche ja rahi hoon keh akhir hum kia karen kaise in ko change kerwain……..

  • story and dialogues particularly from durreshehwar were best!!! :(
    and sanam baloach as durreshehwar too!!! even nadia jamil and samina perzada were great in durreshehwar…

  • well if we have to ignore durreshawar then i prefer saba qamar in maat though i like sawera's acting too she was good in bari apa but great in qaid e tanhai

  • Can't believe ,,,, truely Dure shewar was flawless and one of the great show carrying a good message for the marrying girl about how to settle down after getting married. I'm so disappointed that FAWAD KHAN has not been nominated for HUMSAFAR, why Norman ejaz for BARI AAPA,,,, I'm his dye hard fan but truely he has not done anything in his character to be nominated.. Bilqees kaur ,,, ????? Resham for SANJHA has not been nominated either this is not right ……something is fishy,,,,,,,,politics is taking place in drama industry as well

  • Very well written. I'm totally in shock & disappointed in Hum tv & whoever made this list. We're they high on anything?
    Where the hell is Humsafar, DeS , & BK?
    3 of the best plays by Hum tv last year. None of their plays this year are of any comparison to those 3 from last year , in my opinion.
    DISGUSTED in whoever made this crap of a list!

  • I am totally disappointed… What the hell is wrong with Hum Tv?? I hate Roshan Sitara! Humsafar, Durr e Shehwar and Bilqees Kaur deserved to be in this list!! Fawad Khan should have been nominated in the best actor list for Humsafar! Ahsan and Syra looked way more cute as a couple in Bilqees Kaur than Ahsan and Mehwish in MQMD and Adeel and Sarwat looked cute too! Where is Bushra Ansari and Samina Pirzada? OMG!! :/ They totally ignored Humsafar, Bilqees Kaur and Durr e Shehwar! Very Disappointing!! :(

  • Fatima I could not agree more. Everything you said was absolutely valid. I am nauseated to think that MQMD which I happily watched could gain presedence over HUmsafar …I am waiting to see if this is official then we will see…..

  • this a totall dissappointment………..fawad khan not nominated for humsafar TOTALLY UNFAIR……..
    humsafar not nominated for best drama :(
    hum tv u shocked me today!!

  • You are totally right in all regards!
    I think excluding Humsafar is such an obvious blunder that Hum tv will will have to give some justification for it. It might be to do with the Sarmad Khoosat-Umera-Momina rift at the end of SeZ? Momina' so miffed with SK that she doesn't want to nominate HS, or maybe SK didn't give her permission to.

    • If they ignore Hamsafar completely that can be the only reason and they won't be able to escape public's wrath!

    • But if it was because of sarmad then shehr e zaat wouldn't be nominated either. I have a feeling there will be jury/critics awards to acknowledge best dramas such as humsafar durr e shehwar

  • NAVEEN WAQAR has totally ignored. There could have been a category for best negative/ supporting rule in this award. Like NAVEEN from HUMSAFAR ,RESHAM from SANJHA, .RS , MQMD were not up to the mark..Humsafar took short place in this award. And why MAATE JAAAN HAI TU is not included even in single nomination.

  • I dont think so keh yeh nominations real hain bcuz ager hote to hum tv ne apne facebook fanpage ya website ya phir even channel per officially announce to kia hota na….kahin per bhi in nominations ka zikar nahi siwayi aapki "" ki website keh… koi parishan na ho hum tv wale itne bewakoof bhi nahi keh humsafar aur durre-shehwar ko iss terhan ignore karenge…esp Humsafar..Fawad and Mahira shld b their in the list for best actor and actress nomination bcuz shayad mahira wese itni achi actress na ho but thats also fact that she has done a more then fab job as khirad….

    • Aiman that is not true, these nominations are also there on TV Kahani and every other drama blog, plz google Hum TV nominations and come back and tell me what you find:)

      • Well i actually googled it and u knw what "" was on the top ..lolx…..well actually mein doosre drama blogs and webs ko itna follow nahi kerti buss "" and dramasonline ko kerti hoon and facebook per pak dramas k pages wagera…..aur facebook per mjhe kahin zikar nahi mila in nominations ka…even humtv k official fan page per bhi nahi jo aaj kal kafi active he…iss liye kaha keh sirf aapki web per perha he in nominations ka zikar….and i seriously doubt on authenticity on these nominations bcuz Humtv k fanpage,web,tv channel kahin per bhi inka zikar nahi……aur jahan takk drama blogs wagera ki baat he toh kal takk yah rumour bhi chal rahi thi keh "Ayesha Omar" has left acting" jo i think aaj ya kal unho ne deny kerdi he…infact kuch aarse pehle Mahira Khan ki divorce bhi ho gai thi inn hi webs per…lolxxx

          • Oh God mene abhi dekhi nominations hum tv k FB page per…mene to pehle hi keh dia tha aapko agar yeh final nominations hain to awards ka to Allah hi hafiz he phir…Viewers choice awards my foot…..where is humsafar , durreshehwar in best drama nominations……and sanam for roshan sitara not for DS , DS ab kia roshan sitara se bhi gaya guzra he kia??? and Fawad bhi bst actor mein nahi…i mean seriously humsafar is greatly ignored..and i think its bcuz of clash b/w hum tv and sarmad khoosat…bt still…. bilquees kuar is also one of the dramas greatly ignored…i mean….i hve seriously lost words…r these really VIEWERS CHOICE AWARDS?????? hum tv plzz ans…….iss se achi nominations to LUX STYLE AWARDS ki hoti hain and award bhi sahi bande ko mil jata he…….i m gonna boycott these awards agar hum tv walon ne nominations change nahi ki to…isse to acha he keh yeh award dene ki zehmat bhi na karen agar apne PASANDIDA logo ko hi dena he Viewers Choice keh name per……m sorry bt go to hell humtv awards for such biased nominations.

          • I think viewer's should have been given a chance to choose from their favorites but not!! This is unfair competition, mixing the good with the average and ignoring the best!!

    • Aiman the voting starts tomorrow so we will find out soon enough. I am eagerly waiting for it too. Express tribune reported today that voting will be done from Feb 20th to March 5th. Thank you so much for being a regular on our pages:)

      • Ya i knw keh voting starts tomorrow according to ET….i think nominations bhi kal hi shayad Hum Tv reveal kare ga…warna agar yeh nominations hain to phir awards ka to Allah hi hafiz he cuz yeh really unfair he keh Humsafar ko side line ker dia aur bari aapa jo mid feb-2013 mein end howa he usko le lia….

      • Aimen you maybe right TV kahani has taken off the nominations…. Maybe the Hum TV people were testing the public before coming out with anything final.

        • And 1 more thing i wanna say…keh award show mein senior actress and junior keh liye alag alag category honi chahiye bcuz agar Bushra ansari for bilqees quar, samina peerzada for durre shehwar/shehrezaat , savera nadeem for bari aapa , sania saeed for zard mausam , sanam for dureshehwar , mahira for humsafar/shehrezaat , mehwish for MQMD , Saba for maat , amina for maat…yeh sub best actress ki categry mein ek sath nahi sama sakti…..inme seh koi ek bhi nominate nahi howa to it will be unfair…ya phir awards nominations iss type keh hone chahiye like best nani , villin etc takeh subko fair chance mile….wats say???

    • Aimen! i guess you don;t have hum tv at your home, and you are just connected to tv via facebook,, otherwise you hadn't posted this post.. on Friday first announcement of nominations was made

      • yeh post kafi din pehle ki he maam i think poora 1 week ho gaya he is post ko..and tab takk nominations nahi announce howe the…mene bhi kal yani saturday ko dekhi tv or net per…..

  • @fatima…Alishba's ek nazar meri taraf was on geo thats why it wasnt nominated… rest i agree with everything you said

    • Oh right, my bad. Thank you for pointing it out. I think that Syra Yusef and Sadia Imam's performances in Bilquees Kaur also deserve some acknowledgement.

      • i'm so sure about Syra since we've had better performance than her but Sadia Imam deserces nomination in supporting role category…
        and i think Alishbe deserved a nomination for Mere dard ko jo zubaan mile…though the serial was a flop but so was Roshan

        • Yes Usman Alishba was great in MDKZM and come to think of it Mohib Mirza deserves a nomination too for ZM OR MDKJZM.

  • u r so right. these ppl are crazy, roshan sitrara was teriable except for the ost. i think roshan sitara is a total disaster for sanam's career. nd Fatima is it true that there is a drama named kankar by umera ahmed casting sanam baloch coming up. is this true?

  • Fatima, where can we vote? Like which website, I'd be glad if you'd let me know. & as far as the nominations are concerned, I guess Sarwet Gillani deserves a place in the best actress slot because her acting in Mata-e-jaan was flawless & she single-handedly carried the whole drama on her shoulders.

    • Zahra Hum TV people said the voting will start today but no information about where to vote yet. In fact although these nominations were all over the web before but now it seems like they have been removed from many pages …… I am wondering if this was a publicity stunt or maybe a way to gauge public opinion. Well lets just hope whenever the nominations are made public we see all our favorite stars and dramas listed in them. Yes I agree with You Sarwat Gillani eserves to be nominated too.

      • Ohhh accha. & may be these nominations weren't disclosed by HUM TV itself & the rumour must have stirred up by someone else? You never know. But whenever the voting opens, do let me know too. For me the best actress award should be given to Savera Nadeem for Bari Appa or Sarwet Gillani for Mata-e-jaan, I hope Mahira doesn't win it because her dramas were mostly over-hyped but based on the acting, others deserve it more than her FOR SURE.

        • Zahra the latest news is that they are coming up with new nominations now, already late. They are not very well organized, definitely expected better from Hum TV. The Hum TV vice President did say in her interview to Express Tribune that the voting will start on the 20th. TV Kahani is also saying that these nominations were given to them by Hum Tv officials. Sure, i will let you and everyone else know whenever the nominations are final and made public!

  • yes u r right fatima … even i have the same opinion after reading the nominations … may b there some politics included in it

  • yaar this is not good Fawad khan is not nominated for best actor actually who is better than him
    and humsafar is not nominated for best drama
    this is not good

  • this is sooooooo unfair where the hell is humsafar???…. AND FAWAD?? AND why Mahira is selected for her performance in shehr e zaat why not HUMSAFAR? she did a better job in humsafar and btw roshan sitara was a total flop n mere qatil mere dildar was an average drama humsafar was a blockbuster hit they did unjustice with humsafar fans and Fawad Khan.

  • Agar Hamsafar nominate ho jata to phir sarey awards Humsafar ko miltey. Hamsafar ko already select ker diya giya hai Pakistan Classic Drama's ki list main. Shayad is liyae Hamsafar ko is nomination se dour kiya giya hai.

  • Durr e Shehwar – where are the nominations for that? And why isn't Sanam Baloch nominated for it? Sorry but awards are a joke. I wouldn't be surprised if it goes to Mahira Khan, despite better performances such as Sania Saeed in Zard Mausam. And why are people complaining over Humsafar? It's not the best serial ever made in Pakistan so get over it.

    • Shaz may b humsafar is not best drama ever made in Pak but people love it…agar mahira ko mila to waki mein aapko surprise nahi hona chahiye bcuz people love mahira…kion keh yeh awards VIEWERS CHOICE AWARDS hain to yahan viewers ki CHOICE hi chalni chahiye and people prefer watching mahira khan over sania thats a fact..nothing against sania..i admire her a har star ki apni following hoti he aur mahira ki fan base sania saeed ki fan base se agar ziada hoi to award mahira ko ja sakta he… agar yeh sirf viewers ki choice per dainge awards…..

  • terrible nominations and more than that this review is utterly disappointing,, sorry Reviewer! you should be kinda impartial which you are not! like you are pointing out roshan sitara and mere qatil… but not Zard mosam…i guess these awards are just experiment… if humsafar, balqees kaur and dur-e-shehwar are ignored, so mataa e jan n mere dard ko jo zuban are too!
    you are pointing out absence of sanam for dur e shehwar, syra n sadia for bilqees kaur… but are not considering absence of bushra ansari for bilqees kaur n samna peerzada for shehr e zaat n dur e shehwar

    • Fermal I did mention Bushra Ansari's performance in BK and totally agree with you, Samina Peerzada, She was brilliant in DeS too.

    • Fermal mjhe bhi Samina Peerzada ka khayal aaya tha bt she was not lead in any of the dramas u mentioned… SH lead was mahira and in DS lead was Sanam…Samina best supporting actress ki category mein aa sakti hain lekin best actress mein nahi i think….

    • plz nominate dureshevaar and humsafr as a best dramas an also nominet sarmad khosat 4 best director for 2012,dnt ignore his work.and samina perzada and sanam bloch,nadia jameel and noman ijaz,they are icon the acting so plz dnt ignore ther prformance, and one request plz upload drama talkhiyan.that is superb play.and stop uploading manahil or khalil,and many others tarkish dramas,

  • what type of injustice z that…
    whhy fawad z nt nominated in best actor male?
    and why humsafar the best dramaa ever had not been nominated?
    and the other terrible actors n ridiculous dramas like bari appa why have been it nominated?
    fawad z the best actor ever he must be in the list ofbest actor male and humsafar also..
    dont worry fawad we r here with u and we luve u♥♥♥

  • Well done Fatima,v well i watchd nominations n ws shocked for being roshan sitara in the list.and absence of humsafar nd DS. Y hv not these two been nominatd.totally unfair.Rest of the list is again missing ahsan&syra +arifa&junaid for on-screen couples.i thnk it mst b demo of hum tv awards.

  • If I had a say:

    best drama: Tie between Sher e Zaat and Durre Shehwar
    Best actor: Meekal Zulfiqar in Durre Shehwar
    Best couple: Khirad and Ashar, although Durre Shehwar and Mansoor were excellent in terms of showing how a Pakistani couple from decades ago used to interact.
    Best villain character (if there ever was that category): Sara from Humsafar and Safiya from Durre Shehwar
    Best actressES: Samina Peerzada (Sher e Zaat), Sanam Baloch and her Saas (Durre Shehwar), Mahira Khan and Atiqa Odho (Humsafar)
    2nd best actor: Fawad Khan in Humsafar, Qavi Khan in Durre Shehwar,

    Just my two cents, but given the popularity of this blog, I'm hoping the folks at HUM TV figure out we are less than pleased with their choices.

  • Can't believe they ignored Hamsafar and Durreshahwar like they were nothing, I think they were both flawless.
    Roshan Sitara was nothing but a big flop and big waste of time, hence nobody watched it. Mere qatil was in OK category….Best male actor gotta be either Fawad for Hamsafar or Mikael for DS or Qawi khan for DS.
    Best Female actor gotta be either Samina perzada for DS or Sanam Balooch for DS.
    Best Couple should be either Khird and Ashar in Hamsafar or Mansoor and DS in Durreshahwar.

    Totally disappointed in this kind of unreasonable nominations.

    • Sarah I am so glad someone else also feels that Qavi Khan and Samina Peerzada were a great on screen couple too, definitely better than Ahsan and Mehwish, who had the most terrible ending.

    • I think humsafar was missed out due to being old but why not dur e shewar???? one of the best drama so far.. Mere qatil mere dildaar chiichora drama and so was ROSHAN Sitara

  • I agree Fatima that Humsafar, Durr-e-shahwar and bilquis Kaur have been ignored. I think Humsafar was a huge hit amongst the viewers and thats why it wouldnt have been nominaed as it would have won the award hands down like now we know for sure whose the winner for best couple. But very strange about Durr-e-Shahwar! :( And they nominated saba Qamar for Maat I agree she did a fantastic job and did justice with her role but what about Amina Shaikh? She was great too, although was too good to be true but the drama stood out because of the two sisters. And what about Mata-e-Jaan? What about negative roles as junaid Khan in Mata-e-Jaan or supporting role of Sanam saeed? maybe now I am exaggerating in nominations but thats the way one encourage these actors! Fatima u are awesome! :)

    • Aww thank you Natty. You are right about Hamsafar but doesn't a play which was such a mega hit deserve such recognition. After all this is about viewer's choice, the critics can exclude Hamsafar out if that pleases them. I am sure many many people wanted to vote for Hamsafar. Even when Durr e Shehwar was on air for some odd reason hum TV did not promote it that much. There was no launch show etc like Momina Duraid pointed out this was the first venture with another production house so they did not want them to feel like MD productions was taking all the credit but there is absolutely no reason for DeS not being nominated now.

  • Guys I found out that there is something special for humsafar at hum awards on the hum tv facebook. That was obvious they couldn't just ignore but I wish there is something for durr e shehwar as well.

  • the biggest disapointment for me was Fawad not being nominated for best actor and bilquees kaur and durre shehwar in best drama.. this sucks!! hum tv has something in store for humsafar they obv couldn't ignore it like that

  • oh ho….lagta hai sub ko romaaal la ker daina ho ga…Sub ro rahey hain….omg…this is called the impact of media in our life.

  • mere qatil mere dildaar holds no competition in front of durr-e-shahwar…DS was such a phenomenal show…the acting and directing are unmatchable…

    makes me think if the names were just drawn out of a hat… mention of HUMSAFAR either….really weird HUM TV…i say no one should vote in..

  • I am surprised why you guys are missing an important thing…Humsafar drama was started in 2011 and awards would be for year 2012.Thats why they cant nominate Humsafar.

  • The awards nominations are respected to what year drama started,not when it ended…….like bari aapa ended in 2013 but its still in nominations because it started in 2012.I hope now you guys can understand how award system works..)

    • Mrs Khan when Hamsafar was not nominated in the Lux Style Awards last year , the reason they gave was that it ended in 2012 therefore it could not be nominated this year. That is usually how it is.

    • mrs khan if that was the case then why did they even nominate humsafar in the best onscreen couple category? its just unfair that humsafar wasnt nominated in any other category at all i guess they r all just too insecure since humsafar was going to sweep all awards

  • why they doing this. where's durr e shahwar. Great play and deserve to be in a nominated list. Sanam should be nominated for durr e shahwar.

  • Well like everyone i was shocked too wen i saw the nominations on hum tv.Wat if on nominating humsafar it wud hav won all the awards… does not mean that it should be excluded from the doubt it was a classic nd fawad mahira were great.fawad shud hav been nominated for best actor coz there is no comparison to him.i think in retaliation we shud not vote in these awards because nominations are not of viewers choice.i also agree on DS and bilquees kaur….they were such good plays.they shud have been nominated.and bushra ansari 's acting was perfect andso natural that she shud have been nominated for best actress.and as far as the point is concerned that humsafar started in 2011 then they cud have arranged these awards for 2011 nd can hum tv miss such a classic drama from its awards.hum tv u hv really hurt and disappointed us.i hope there is something in store for humsafar in these awards.Gudluck HUMSAFAR!!!

    • plz nominate dureshevaar and humsafr as a best dramas an also nominet sarmad khosat 4 best director for 2012,dnt ignore his work.and samina perzada and sanam bloch,nadia jameel and noman ijaz,they are icon the acting so plz dnt ignore ther prformance, and one request plz upload drama talkhiyan.that is superb play.and stop uploading manahil or khalil,and many others tarkish dramas,

  • where is humsafar ??????????????????????????????it was best serial……..and fawad khan has not nominated is too much bad……………………. foolish people nominated foolish serials

  • I do believe that Fawad Khan should have been nominated for Humsafar instead of Mikaal for Shehr e Zaat :( And humsafar should atleast hv been nominated!! Im nt from Pakistan bt if i hv statred watching and appreciating Pakistani drama it is because of Humsafar…

  • totally agreed…humsafar was an all time hit…leaving the showstoppers out of the show?
    n yes roshan sitara was a below average play…below par acting by maumer rana…was a boring play…doesnt deserve any nomination…n i also agree on durr e shahwar n bilqees kaur…bushras acting was would have outclassed everyone else !! even i m surprised that both these plays didnt get any nomination at all !!

  • where iz fawad khan????/ in male actor n categopry…..agr fawad khan category me nae aya to we will not see the awards…..:( n ye dramas ki categry me humsafar or durre shahwar n or b hum k itne ache ache dramas en wo kyun nae en…ye bakwas dramas categry me daal die..:/

  • why fawad is nat nominated ??????????????????????????he deserve nomination……………………….i dnt like nomination.there was no comparison of fawad n HUMSAFAR…………………………………………………………………………………………………………

    • no doubt in oll ne acters fawad khan is owesom and brilliant expressions and very touching acting,so he deserve nomination,

  • Fawad and mahira best couple
    Best actress mahira for shehr-e-zaat
    Shehr-e-zaat best drama
    Noman ejaz bari apa

  • How can they have an award show wid out giving any award to Ashar or Humsafar…humsafar's OSt as the best one…..they said tht the nominations were per viewer's choice and were made by the public..then where the hell is Ahsar for humsafar..Mahira for humsafar…humsafar's OSt..and HUMSAFAR itself!!!
    I may sound like a BIG humsafar fan..but the fact is tht HUMSAFAR had been THE MOST popular drama of Pakistan Drama got the most TRP and the highest ratings…..but no award…? this was really very disappointing..awards sahi tarha se nahi choose kiay gaye..I mean most of the people who got the awards did not actually deserve them….

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