Mere Pass Tum Ho Special Episode – Some Thoughts

Since I genuinely look forward to our discussions every Saturday on this particular thread therefore I decided to watch the Mere Pass Tum Ho special episode (show) although I usually don’t watch such shows. So here I am sharing some random thoughts about Mere Pass Tum Ho in general and the ‘special episode’ in particular. We have all been waiting for the ending of Mere Pass Tum Ho impatiently, the producers did not only decide to add an extra episode to the serial but also delayed the ending. I must say that this was a really intelligent move from a monetary/business point of view but one which frustrated most of the viewers.

Mere Pass Tum Ho Special Episode - Some Thoughts

The fact however remains that this hype is backed by massive viewership therefore despite the fact that most of us do not agree with some of the marketing strategies and tactics used by the producers to ensure that viewers tune in to the show when it goes on air, most of us are equally excited to watch this last episode. The question is that whether this last episode will live up to the hype? From making the viewers wait to airing the last episode in the cinemas, the producers have left no stone unturned to ensure that they have the viewers’ attention. Such marketing strategies have also upset those viewers who believe that the drama is not worth the hype!

Mere Pass Tum Ho Special Episode - Some Thoughts

Tonight’s show however turned out to be another wise decision by the producers. Instead of showing flashbacks, another filler episode or a repeat episode, the producers managed to put together a show which was both insightful in some ways and entertaining.

Will Danish Die?

When Ahmed Ali Butt asked everyone present at the show how they wanted this drama to end, no one mentioned that someone will die therefore I have a feeling that someone might die in the end. Everyone was all for a happy ending – perhaps because there isn’t going to be one. Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar in an interview however said that there will be a tragic ending. No one once said that Danish will die in the end. It is impossible to predict how Mere Pass Tum Ho will end but it was great watching everyone involved sharing their opinion on one platform.

Mere Pass Tum Ho Special Episode - Some Thoughts

What Are Your Expectations?

It was interesting watching the host Ahmed Ali Butt sharing all those viral memes and asking all those questions which people have been asking. The question about sparkling water showed how good his research was! I love Ahmed Ali But as a host, he is not only witty but he is always well prepared. I would love to hear from everyone here what their expectations are from the ending. I have no clue what is coming our way but this ending definitely reminds me of the way all of us looked forward to Dillagi’s ending. The situation in this drama however is far more complicated.

Mere Pass Tum Ho Special Episode - Some Thoughts

Is Mere Pass Tum Ho Worth The Hype?

Whether Mere Pass Tum Ho is worth the hype or not is debatable but the attention this drama got is definitely unmatched. It would also be unfair to say that Mere Pass Tum Ho was just another story about betrayal because for the first time the viewers got to see a man’s perspective in such detail – what a man goes through when he is hurt and betrayed. The team Mere Pass Tum Ho definitely succeeded in getting that message across. Like every other drama written by Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar this one too had quite a few dialogues which the viewers loved and others which were considered regressive by viewers who do not agree with the writer’s philosophy. Nadeem Baig deserves all the praise and definitely an award for the magic woven by him on-screen. Even when the first few episodes of Mere Pass Tum Ho did not work for me at all, I always noticed and appreciated the beautifully rendered details which created the right atmosphere for every situation. It was good to see Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar showering Nadeem Baig with all the praise because he surely deserves it.

Mere Pass Tum Ho Special Episode - Some Thoughts

The stellar performances by Humayun Saeed and Adnan Siddiqui in particular added to the overall appeal of this drama. Last but not the least the writer managed to make a somewhat familiar story extremely powerful. Technically too this drama had no glaring flaws. There were times when the story was lethargic and repetitive but for the most part Mere Pass Tum Ho managed to entertain the viewers with quite a few unexpected twists and turns. Some of the emotional scenes will stay with us for a really long time. I am hoping to see an ending which will truly make Mere Pass Tum Ho memorable.

Final Remarks

I must say that after a really long time I am truly looking forward to the last episode of a drama. Although initially I felt that the idea of a special show might just add to the hype and nothing else but this show was actually like spending two hours with the people who entertained us for so many weeks. The good thing about this show was that everyone was included in it and only those actors were missing who couldn’t make it to the show. Shees is a witty child, he actually left Ahmed Ali Butt speechless.

Mere Pass Tum Ho Special Episode - Some Thoughts

I must say however that Humayun Saeed has been brilliant as Danish but he seemed quite distant in this interview although he is the producer as well. Ayeza Khan looked stunning and I enjoyed her remarks and presence in the show. But this is definitely not the first time that she is playing a negative/grey character, she recently played three such characters in Yaariyan, Tau Dil Ka Kya Hua and even in Mohabbat Tumse Nafrat Ho. It is funny how everyone was cautious while talking to Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar but even then Ahmed Butt managed to ask him quite a few interesting questions. Nadeem Baig is a gem for sure.

Mere Pass Tum Ho Special Episode - Some Thoughts

Am I the only one who feels that the producers are trying really hard to sell us the ‘Hania/Danish’ couple. Hira Mani and Humayun Saeed also shared screen space in a commercial and somehow the on-screen chemistry is just not there. Am I the only one who feels that way? Apart from the fact that Hania and Danish just did not get enough screen time together, the actors too do not have great on-screen chemistry.

Mere Pass Tum Ho Special Episode - Some Thoughts

Share your thoughts especially about the ending and how excited you are about the last episode? Did you enjoy this special show?

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them in detail. An enthusiastic writer, thinker, and political scientist, constantly trying to look beyond the obvious. Full-time mom.

  • Fatima thank you so much for this. I was thinking maybe you were not going to post anything this Saturday. While watching this show I was hoping that you will be watching it too and you will write something so that we too can say what we feel. You did us a big favor. Love your thoughts. Everything you said is honest as usual. I like your approach towards reviewing. You don’t come under public pressure and your expression is reader friendly. Most importantly you don’t repeat the same points again and again.

    You know I was thinking the exact same thing that no one said that Danish will die, maybe because he will. I was also so angry about this show and that last episode was not airing but what a show this was. Your observations about Humayun Saeed I agree with 100 percent. It was like it was his bed time and not Roomi’s hahaha. He looked bored. It was a good show. Hira Mani is overrated in my opinion. I did not like her acting in this drama.

    Thank you once again. Everything you wrote under the heading is mere pass tum ho worth the hype is a reflection of your amazing reviewing skills. Keep writing. More power to you. I will miss this drama and your reviews. I have butterflies in my stomach already for the last episode. Too much excitement.

    • You’re most welcome Seher. I really truly appreciate all the love, I try my best and I am glad the readers like what I write. Hena, I think so too. But I feel the last episode might live up to the hype after all, let’s see. I am glad we are on the same page Seher. Seriously this on-screen jodi is not working for me, maybe in another drama…seems like they will be working again, my guess.

      Awww thank you so much. Feel the same way about everyone’s feedback, I look forward to it. MPTH’s threads have been my favorite this year, so many different opinions.

      Keep reading and commenting.

      • You really think they will be seen again in a project? Humayun Saeed does more films than dramas. If your prediction is right then Hira Mani maybe seen in a film soon. You are most welcome. It is my pleasure and I will always come back to read your reviews. You have two fans in our house, me and my husband.

  • Fatima you know what, you wrote everything which I was discussing with my sister while watching this show. We were so unhappy that the last episode had been delayed but watched this show just to kill boredom. But you are right the producers are smart people, they know how to entertain us. We enjoyed watching this special episode. Ayeza Khan was looking gorgeous. She made a small but good appearance. You are right Fatima, I don’t like Humayun and Hania together, the chemistry is missing. You pointed out the good and bad points accurately. Mere Pass Tum Ho experience would have been incomplete without your awesome reviews. The comments on reviewit and your reviews have been my favorite.

    • Wow! Really. What a coincidence. I agree with you, small but good appearance is so right Ayesha. Thanks a ton, your appreciation and feedback means so much to me. Please keep visiting reviewit and keep on adding to the discussions.

  • While I was watching this special show, I feared that we might not be able to see ur take on this.. but thankfully u proved me wrong. Whatever u said in this article from the hype generate by MPTH to the outclass direction of Nadeem Baig, from the clever marketing tactics by the channel to the forceful chemistry btw Humayun and Hira is beyond a speck of doubt absolutely true.

    Now coming towards my theory: Humayun revealed in a special interview that they have shot 3 endings of MPTH, and they are still deciding to air which one. There can be any sort of ending ranging from a happy to a sad one or even a grey one as Nadeen Baig said. But let’s get this clear for one: Danish will in now way marry Hania. He might forgive Mehwish and perhaps meet her once as in the promo, but he won’t accept her again. Danish, facing pressure from all sides, will commit suicide or perhaps will develop some sort of cancer given that he is seen smoking frequently!! Rumi will probably go back to his mom and she Mehwish will continue regretting her mistakes whenever she sees the innocent face of Rumi.

    • Ibrahim honestly I was not sure either if I was going to write something about this show or not but it was actually quite nice. Also, I love interacting with everyone on Saturday, couldn’t miss out on that ;) I am so glad we agree Ibrahim.

      That’s really interesting, I don’t watch a lot of interviews therefore I did not know that. Suicide is likely since it has happened more than once in KRQ dramas. Let’s see how it ends. Enjoyed reading your comment, keep reading and commenting.

    • Lol i highly doubt suicide will take place. Original ending had 2 murders but they may choose a happy ending now to please some viewers who cant fathom danish’s death

  • I loved the review Fatima and quite enjoyed the show!!
    Ahmad ali butt was great!! Ayeza was looking extremely gorgeous! The starting of the show with that dialogue was also interesting.
    I loved that MPTH made in India meme😂😂
    I really don’t know how is it going to end but this is what I have in my mind:
    Danish goes to meet Mehiwsh and there something happens that he is take to hospital (maybe a heart attack bcz he said k tumhain nai mil sakta ab on that phone conversation and remembering the pain he hadto go through in that flat).
    In hospital he is in critical condition but when he comes to senses he asks the doctors to meet Mehwish,to which they say he can’t but he is adamant so they send Mehwish in. and when she enters the room crying:
    Danish: Wahin Khari ho jae Mehwish. esay jesay mujrim katehray main khara hota hai. Tum dar gai na. Acha btao jab Shahwar Ahmed k saath jaa rahi thi to rastay main kahin nai laga tumhain k tum ghalat kar rahi ho? Kahin bhi sharam nai aai tumhain? Tum ne sirf uski dolat dekhi meri aankhon main likha apna naam nai dekha? Ye bhi na dekha k main ne tumhaare saamne hathyaar daal diyay thay. Tum to haar maan kar haar janay walay mard ko apnay pairon talay rond k chali gai. TAB TUMHAIN LAGA THA KAY MAIN TUMHAIN DESERVE NAHIN KARTA, AB MUJE LAGA K TUM MUJHE DESERVE NAI KARTI AUR SACH TO YE HAI MEHWISH K JP PACHTAWAY KO DALEEL SAMAJHRAY HAIN WOH MUHABBAT KO DESERVE NAI KARTAY. Kesa laga surprise ? Dekho aurprise surprise main jaan de raha hoin apni main. Ab agar mere jaanay kay baad te dukh tumhain tarpaye to tarap k logon ko btana k jo dukh tum ne saari zindagi jheelna hai wo us dukh se kam hai jo main ne us pal jheela tha jab tum gai thi.Tum ne jo mere saath kiya wo main tumhain maaf kar k jaa raha hoon lekin jaatay huey soch rha hoon k tumhain is baat ki maafi kon fey gaa k tumhaari wajah se main muhabbat say nafrat karta raha hoon. And Danish breathes his last. Mehwish is crying standing at door guiltstriken saying No!!! NOO!!

    • Thank you so much Pakistan Po. Oh yes! Those dialogues in the beginning set the mood for sure. Haha those memes were hilarious. Ahmed Ali Butt is my favorite host.

      Oh wow!!! Chaa gaye aap tu. Kya ending likhi hei mei tu prh ke hi emotional ho gaye. Are these dialogues your own ya promos se liye hei?

      • My pleasure:)
        Hahaha Thank u. Nai, apnay kahan xD . Actually, Geo is uploading MTSNH (God!! I still lovee it) again in HD now, and I recently watched the last episode again so these were the dialogues from its last episode that stayed with me.

        • LOL!! Wohi meinay kaha shayad KRQ ke dramas dekh dekh ke ap khud hi likhne lg gaye shayad hehe. Oh wow! That drama had some amazing dialogues. I am totally into MPTH right now, yeh end ho ga tu I will move on in life hahaha

      • I think Rumi will die which will lead to Danish dying out of heartbreak and this will be two deaths as a result of Mehwish’s selfish decisions and act. Mehwish might remain single and all broken for the rest of her life. Shahwar might get divorce and end up as a pauper on streets.😂

    • Wait I was just going through the replies and didn’t read that you said “this is what I had in mind” God I teared up but I must say I love this ending. Even though I do want a happy ending for Danish but this is actually what mehwish deserves really but bravo. Jaise Fatima ny kaha chaa gy aap to or dialogue bhi kmal hain.

      • Oh, I just read your other comment that these dialogues aren’t yours but still well done. Greatly put together.

    • Lol, kya likha hai, I really thought I was reading real dialogues from this drama, all sound like that only. and this monotony has actually irritated me in the drama in the second half, everyone starts talking like that only.

  • Ahahhaha. I came to check out what’s happening here as there was no last episode on-aired today. But to my surprise i got such a beautiful article about the special event of MPTH. Gosh i missed it. But your review helped me to follow it. Very very witty article. Hope for the khatarnaak anjaam.

    • Oh! You didn’t watch it, Mbs save kr liye ap ne LOL!! Seriously, you should watch it, it was quite entertaining. Thanks a ton bro for always being so supportive, really appreciate it.

        • Moreover, aapi fatima mera dukh samajh gayi mbs ka 😭😭. ALLAH TAA’LA aapko ajjar dega aapi for consoling me

          • Yes, it has been announced by ary digital, they will not upload it on YouTube. However, it will be uploaded on ARY ZAP even before on airing on ary digital. Pata nahin kya issue hai inka itney views mil rahey they YouTube pey khush nahin hain

  • Nice review Fatima! I’m really dreading a tragic ending, but looking at the promos, it looks like a hospital in the background and they show Mehwish, Roomi and Salman and his wife so I’m guessing it’s Danish :/

  • I didn’t get one thing about this drama is mehvish is never guilty about her illicit relationship with shahwar rather she’s always trying to get back danish in her life somehow and the people who are supporting her are not even thinking that she’s such pathetic woman who even agreed to commit adultery for money and status.

    • That’s because she still hasn’t learned that relationships are sacred, she still wants everything on her terms and conditions – don’t feel sorry for her!

  • Danish nahi mehvish mar jayenge ..
    Shehwar ghussai mai pagal hokar mehvish kai flat jayega aur waha danish bhi jayega mehvish ne melnai ..
    Shehwar danish ko goli maaraiga ..mehvish usko bachanai k leyai samnai aayengee ..
    Mehvish mar jayenge ..
    Shehwar ko phaansi ..
    Danish aur teacher shadi karlaingai ..

  • Well my instincts days its Danish who will pay the price for love.. he is being pestered by everyone to forgive mehwish..and the way he says goodbye to romi as if it he was seeing him for the last time😥.. idk but here my heart is defo sinking cos I dont want nothing to happen to Danish.. bewafai mehwai mehwish ne ki wafa Danish mar ke nibhayega😥

  • Yes! I completely agree with you; they are trying really hard to sell Danish and Hania chemistry which is making not any impression on viewers.
    but you know sometimes chemistry between this type of relationships is exaggerated to attach viewers more to the original couple. Mostly in Hollywood movies they use the same tactics.(e.g. twister movie)

  • Fantastic comments on the show Fatima. Bahut umda drama will miss this particular play on saturdays slot Mahwish is gorgeous no doubt any could have fallen for her but interesting thing we missed at all …kya Danish uss waqt bhi aahen bharta roz jeeta aur roz mrta agar Mehwish ek aam si shakal ki aurat hoti it was her beauty that fascinated him most warna bhool janey ka hunar seekhnay ki haargiz zaroora naa parrti aur na hi sabhi naqsh mitaney ki :)

    • Thank you so much MR. Same here, will miss it a lot but at the same time soooo waiting to see the ending. Pyar tu pyar hota hei janab jis waja se bhi ho.

    • No idea but someone else also mentioned here earlier that there was some kind of a connection…why would they leave that for the last episode, I doubt it.

  • Fatima, I agree with you that humayun-hira don’t make a gr8 couple. As there is no love from Danish’s side and for sure he is still in love with mehwish, its difficult to imagine him with anyone else. Also the character of Hania should have been cute, but it turned out to be annoying, specially her scenes with kid’s whose dialogues also added to the irritation. Im definitely looking forward to the last episode to know what happens, but im also one of those who feels that the drama got highly overrated, it was engaging for sure and entertaining too, but far from being a masterpiece. I think makers tract in handling mehwish’s character after maham’s entry, nothing is convinving about her actions. Acting was good by everyone , but not award worthy. I don’t understand wats so special abt Adnan’s role, he is a total typecast, he has played this role so many times, cheating on wife and extra marital affairs…he has been doing that since ages. Im an indian and watching dramas since last 1 yr only, still I know he has played similar character with slight variations in mere qatil mere dildar, maat, jaanam, now in mpth, and yeh mera dil too…etc

    I liked humayun’s performance in first half, didn’t like much in second half, also not liking the overhyped dialogues. All these hyped dialogues cannot even beat that one dialogue from dillagi – who hisaab ka usool hota hoga, 2 min se el nikalo to ek bachta hai, mohabbat ke usool kuch aur hai, yahan d2 mein se 1 nikalo, to 1 bhi nahin bachta……. I love dillagi dialogues. Ayeza has acted very well, I have not seen her in villainous roles before, so it was new for me.

    Anyways everyone is saying that the ending will make u teary eyed, I have not cried in any scene of this serial till now, so I doubt it will get that emotional. yes pyarey Afzal from the same team was v emotional, and way better than this serial .

    • Interesting thoughts Tiger. You know how it works, some dramas just don’t work for you so I totally get what you mean. I actually did not like Humayun’s performance in the first few episodes but when Mehwish left and that confrontation in the office before that, HS nailed it and have been loving his performance ever since. Dillagi was amazing but personally I loved some of the MPTH dialogues, some of the conversations will stay with me for a long time. On the weekends when the family gets together, this is all we talk about so for me it has been a really amazing ride but yes definitely not perfect but overall I am so happy I decided to watch and review this one. You’re right about Adnan Siddiqui, he has played similar roles before but I feel his screen presence as Shehwar has been impressive throughout.

  • Hello Fatima, you have done justice to a drama serial which was in no way easy to review. You stayed neutral and wise while discussing your opinions. Coming to this special episode same thoughts as you. I did not expect it to be so entertaining. Like you pointed out in your article that this drama has its flaws but there have been so many unforgettable emotional scenes we can never forget. I am waiting for the last episode but wondering who are those people who would rather watch it in cinemas. I like watching dramas in the comfort of my home. Last episode review please post as early because we will be itching to read your review and share our views.


    • Hello Hassan, thank you so much, I really enjoyed reviewing this one the feedback has been amazing for which I am really thankful to all my readers. Yes! Absolutely! I felt Danish’s pain and understood Mehwish’s frame of mind every step of the way, that is a real success. LOL!! I heard a lot of tickets have been sold so I guess there are many such viewers out there. I just hope the last episode is just as powerful as some of the episodes we have seen in these 22 weeks.

      Keep reading and commenting.

  • I do not know if this is the time and place to write about the episode which I have loved immensely. It is the episode where Danish comes to term with his loss as it is also the time when Mehwish leaves him. It was a great episode both from the writing and directing aspect. All the principal actors were just perfect. I loved this episode the most- as it was the most layered one. I will remember this episode for what it is, it brings to light the strength of Danish in his loss. All through this episode I felt that maybe Mehwish will not walk out of Danish’s life though she does. This waiting till Mehwish walks out of the house and Danish returns to his room to see the child sleeping unaware of his mother’s snapping of the ties makes one cry with Danish. Perhaps that is the only time Danish has cried …and so has the audience with him.

  • Think the final promo spoilt the ending, clearly shows Danish on the receiving end. I hope I’m wrong though, Im rooting for Mehwish in this, not so many words but it’s obvious she regrets what she had done. I agree with your, Danish and Hina just don’t go together I find it hard to see.

  • Mehwish will most likely die- i heard the ending was recently shot and changed- previously danish was predicted to die but viewers are showing distaste towards a sad ending so mehwish will be killed while protecting danish and then danish and hania will marry. Danish and hania have no chemistry and it just doesnt fit- hoping even if he doesnt forgive mehwish or mehwish doesnt die- he does not marry hania. Theres just no chemistry there.

  • There is no chemistry between hania and danish. And there is not much shown about them for us to be rooting for them as well. Just suddenly hania fell in love with him out of nowhere. I just feel danish still didn’t heal from the heartbreak he got from mehwish so this engagement didn’t feel right.

    I really don’t think the ending will live up to the hype because at the end it will be hard to make all the fangroups happy

  • Ayeza Khan is looking so gorgeous during the talk show. I just couldn’t take my eyes off her. Sad she left half way

  • I just watched this show. I was too angry that they delayed the last episode. Why are they being so greedy. Let us enjoy the last episode in peace.

  • Is it true, the last episode will not be aired on YouTube? You have to download the ARYzaap ap? Really?!

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