Serial Killer Review

Written By : Umera Ahmed
Directed By : Fahad Noor
Produced By : Misbah Shafique
Channel: Green TV
Schedule: Wednesday & Thursday at 9:00pm

Serial Killer is the newest addition to the latest trend in Pakistani television of showing crime stories. This genre brings a refreshing change to traditional Pakistani dramas, signaling a willingness among producers to explore new territories. While some of these recent crime series may not have met expectations, the overall experimentation in this realm is commendable. Serial Killer is a promising example, that each new series surpasses its predecessor in quality. While all the other crime series we have watched till now revolved around a single murder case, Serial Killer takes a distinctive approach by weaving a narrative around a serial killer. This shift significantly broadens the scope of the story, offering viewers a more expansive and intricate plot to unravel. Also, it is truly delightful witnessing female characters in Pakistani dramas challenging stereotypes. These characters offer a fresh identity to the skilled actresses embodying these roles.

Serial Killer transcends the conventional crime and investigation plotlines by placing a strong emphasis on the human element of the characters. This deliberate focus on character depth adds a unique dimension to the series, ensuring that it resonates with the viewers. Saba Qamar’s stellar performance stands out brilliantly in the series. Her apt portrayal of SP Sarah Sikandar, a committed police official grappling with a haunting past adds layers to her character and makes it easier for the viewers to relate to the human aspect of the character. Furthermore, it is also good to see Daniyal Raheel’s return to the screen, portraying a character that provides a welcome departure from the typical male leads seen in Pakistani dramas. Shahzain embodies all the fine qualities that viewers seek in a leading man.

Umera Ahmed’s script brilliantly captures the mystery aspect of this crime series. The narrative holds significant strengths, standing out from recent crime series by showcasing the writer’s imaginative prowess to the fullest, providing viewers with much to anticipate. What sets this drama apart is its ability to keep the audience guessing about the perpetrator. Also, the writer wisely avoids excessive reliance on dark details, maintaining a serious yet light-hearted tone throughout the series. The script adeptly sheds light on the casual attitude of the police officers, a recurring but unfortunate reality. In doing so, the writer exposes the flaws within the system that often enable perpetrators to escape justice. While similar portrayals have been seen in recent crime series and Jhok Sarkar, Umera Ahmed’s perspective stands out due to her nuanced approach. Unlike others, she delves into the small details, providing viewers with insights into where the system falters. The narrative not only paints the broader picture but also meticulously focuses on the intricate aspects of the issue.

Serial Killer Review

The director Fahad Noor deserves credit as well, who carefully crafted each scene with precision, enhancing the overall viewing experience of the series. From the locations to the camera work, every aspect contributes to a superior feel in each scene. Except for the dim lighting in Sarah’s office and some other police station offices, everything else is executed flawlessly. There are moments when the subdued lighting raises questions about how Sarah manages to focus with such limited light. Because of this dim lighting throughout, a few of the scenes shot outside with proper daylight are a relief!

Saba Qamar is well-known for her exceptional body of work and yet again she delivers a standout performance in Serial Killer, arguably one of her finest. The project aligns perfectly with her acting prowess, showcasing her in a role that allows for significant character exploration. Saba Qamar effortlessly creates on-screen chemistry with her co-stars, breathing life into their characters as well. Her portrayal of Sarah Sikandar’s character is commendable. She has done justice to Sarah’s internal struggles and her pursuit of perfection to compensate for past losses. The beautiful depiction of her relationship with her nana adds another layer, making her character’s journey a captivating and enjoyable watch. One of my favorite parts of this track is Sarah’s profound connection with those she holds dear. These connections serve as a captivating focal point, adding depth and emotional resonance to the track. Daniyal Raheel and Saba Qamar’s on-screen chemistry makes their track the highlight of this track.

Ahmed Randhawa skillfully embodies his role as Inspector Sarfraz, elevating it to a significant supporting character that stands out. Another noteworthy supporting character is DSP Mehboob, portrayed exceptionally by Fahad Hashmi, showcasing his considerable talent. Also, it is a true delight to witness the talented Faiza Gillani receiving multiple opportunities to showcase her acting skills in various current dramas. In this particular series, she adeptly brings Barbara’s character to life on screen. Shahnawaz Zaidi is also the perfect choice for playing a role that is likable on so many levels. The actor playing Eman’s role deserves praise for his outstanding performance.

Serial Killer maintains impeccable sound quality, utilizes background scores effectively, delivers outstanding performances, and exhibits precise camerawork. However, there is a noticeable drawback when it comes to lighting, which occasionally becomes strenuous on the eyes. The story unfolds at a steady and measured pace, providing the storyline with a seamless and smooth flow. Also, the plot is rich in substance, and what stands out is the absence of any overt or forced attempts to captivate the viewers. The absence of desperate measures to grab attention speaks to the confidence in the narrative’s inherent strength, allowing it to unfold naturally and keep the viewers hooked through its substance rather than the regular commercial tactics.

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  • Ye Green Ent k plays main lighting ka issue kuch ziada naheen? Achay khasay dramay ka berra garaq hojata hai. Serial killer hook kartee huyee story bhee irritate karne lagtee hai.

  • I really enjoyed this drama but cried in the last episode. Only Umera Ahmed could have written such a harrowing serial killer journey. Every character in the drama is interesting but the killer reveal was not surprising. Other than that, it is a flawless beautiful engaging Pakistani product one can be proud of. I would love to see more serial killer based dramas from pakistani media.