Akhara Review – Emotional Ride

Writer: Shahid Dogar
Director: Anjum Shahzad
Production: Multiverse Entertainment
Schedule: Wednesday & Thursday at 8:00 pm on Green TV

I must confess, that Akhara’s teasers failed to evoke the usual excitement typically associated with upcoming dramas that truly capture the audience’s attention. I was also skeptical particularly given Green TV’s mixed track record with experimental ventures. However, when I decided to finally watch Akhara after 8 episodes had already aired I was pleasantly surprised! From the onset, Akhara refuses to adhere to the conventions of mainstream drama. Instead, it boldly embarks on unfamiliar paths and primarily succeeds at it.

Akhara has a brilliantly written script, quite a few compelling characters, and for the most part, an authentic portrayal of a world we are not too familiar with. Akhara stands out as a prime example of storytelling with heart, it draws you in effortlessly. At its core, Akhara is a tale of vengeance that delves into the complexities of human relationships and emotions. The inclusion of romance in Akhara is a stroke of genius by the writer, executed with intelligence and intrigue. The romantic elements are seamlessly integrated, offering some light moments amidst the drama’s intense themes of vengeance and human emotion.

Akhara Review - Emotional Ride

Most of the characters in Akhara are intricately crafted, each possessing well-defined traits that contribute to the richness of the narrative. The relationships of all the characters in Hakim’s household are established with clarity, allowing viewers to understand the dynamics between them effortlessly. The writer has managed to avoid traditional character stereotypes, opting instead to present dynamic relationships that defy expectations. This departure from the norm adds depth and complexity to this particular track. However, when it comes to Sitara and Rustem’s track in particular, there is room for confusion, especially after Sitara’s reactions in the recent episodes. It is easy to understand why Sitara feels the way she does about Rustem but at the same time, this track has not been covered as convincingly as the other tracks.

Most of the cast members of Akhara undoubtedly elevate the drama to new heights, with each actor seamlessly embodying their respective roles with remarkable authenticity. While Kashif Hussain’s portrayal of Rustam may not resonate as strongly and Sonya Hussyn might not be the perfect fit, the rest of the ensemble cast is impeccably chosen, perfectly fitting their characters like a glove. Particularly refreshing is witnessing Waseem Abbas in a role devoid of artificiality, showcasing his versatility and talent without a hairpiece!

Waseem Abbas’s portrayal in Akhara is a nostalgic nod to his previous iconic roles, reaffirming his status as a seasoned and exceptional actor. As the dedicated father navigating the complexities of family legacy and the sacrifices that came with it, he breathes life into Hakim’s character with depth and sincerity. His journey of character development is nothing short of remarkable, and Waseem Abbas’ exceptional performance adds layers of emotional resonance to an already compelling narrative. In every scene, he effortlessly commands attention, leaving a lasting mark on viewers’ hearts and minds.

Feroze Khan’s portrayal in Akhara is undeniably powerful, despite occasional fluctuations in his accent. His depiction of Dilsher’s multifaceted personality is captivating, particularly in conveying the character’s simmering anger and unwavering stubbornness. Also, Feroze Khan skillfully brings to life Dilsher’s sensitive side with equal conviction, adding depth to his performance, and ultimately making for a compelling viewing experience.

Akhara Review - Emotional Ride

Srha Asghar delivers a standout performance in Akhara, forming an instant connection with the viewers effortlessly. Her remarkable performance makes Hajra’s character memorable, making it easy for viewers to empathize and fall in love with her portrayal. Srha’s authentic portrayal of Hajra’s character has added significant impact to this track, elevating it and making it more memorable for viewers.

Unfortunately, so far Sonya Hussyn’s talent remains underutilized in the drama. Her acting potential and her character’s portrayal fall short of expectations. Despite Sonya Hussyn’s inherent ability as a performer, her on-screen persona seems mismatched, with styling choices leaving much to be desired. Additionally, the dynamic between Shahzad Nawaz and his on-screen daughter lacks believability, detracting from the overall authenticity of their relationship. Just like in ‘Mein’ Shahzad Nawaz’s persona is way above that of his on-screen daughter. While Sitara’s character may be intended to exude sophistication, the execution on screen lacks in that department, highlighting a gap between the character on paper and its portrayal.

In his portrayal of Sultan, Faraz Farooqui delivers a performance brimming with sincerity. Despite Sultan’s early exit from the screens, his tragic demise and its aftermath serve as the central narrative arc. The strength of this storyline lies in the profound bond Sultan shared with each member of his family, a dynamic capably depicted on screen. Faraz Farooqui’s performance in this role undoubtedly marks a significant milestone in his career. I hope that we get to see him in more dramas that allow him to showcase his acting skills.

The two major fight scenes were some of the most important scenes in the drama so far. However, the handling of these scenes fell short of expectations. These scenes lacked the gripping impact necessary to fully engage the viewers. Shamoon Abbasi’s entry scene on the other hand stood out as a good example of how fight sequences should be executed. His entry scene not only took me by surprise but also set a high standard for the portrayal of physical conflict. Enhancing the choreography and execution of fight scenes could further elevate the drama’s overall impact and engagement.

Akhara Review - Emotional Ride

Yasra Rizvi’s character was introduced most interestingly as well. She is another one of the actors in the drama who is well suited for the role she is playing. It is always good to see actresses playing unconventional roles in dramas.

The stage is set for the ultimate fight and right now Dilsher does not know that Rustem is Chaudhry’s son. I can’t wait to find out how the story progresses once he finds out that truth because that will change everything!

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